21 Exciting Baby Shower Games For Couples 2023

Expecting a baby comes with so many thrilling feelings. We want to extend this excitement to everything and everyone around us and sometimes we go the extra mile to express our excitement by throwing a baby shower.

Many people believe that the party is all about the unborn baby which is true to an extent but we can’t rule out the relevance of the expectant couple in the life of the baby.

Having a list of baby shower games for couples added to the fun is fair enough credit for their roles in the baby’s life.

Coed baby shower, What Does It Mean?

The word Coed means Co-Educational. It is a baby shower with games that include both men and women in attendance.

In the past when the topic of a baby shower was brought up, all attention was focused on only the baby and expectant mother but presently, a lot of couples opt for a Coed baby shower to make the party more interesting for everyone.

A Coed baby shower does not only have men in attendance but it also involves games that include the men.

Baby Shower Games For Couples

Planning a baby shower that includes both parents means having a Coed baby shower. Here, not only the mom-to-be and her friends are present but also the dad-to-be and his friends.

Formerly, a baby shower was hosted with only the mother-to-be and a few of her female friends present without necessarily involving the father-to-be or other men.

But in recent years, many couples share in the joy of becoming parents soon, and together, they try to carry each other along with the happenings leading to the birth of the child.

Below are some of the awesome baby shower games for couples and how they’re played.

1. Change the Baby Coed Baby Shower Game

This is a fun and engaging game that covers both the parents and guests.

Items needed For the Game

  • A doll
  • Shirt
  • Skirt
  • Dress
  • Pins
  • Diapers

How to Play The Game

The guests are divided into two groups, group mum and group dad. In each group, one of every member’s hands is tied to the other leaving them with only one free hand each.

For instance, the left hand of one member is tied to the right hand of another member until only one free hand is left for each member.

The members are expected to change the diaper of the doll using their free hands. The first group of the guest to complete the task wins the prize.

2. Parent Trivia Coed baby shower game

This game involves the guests in attendance to prove how much they know about the parents to be.

Items needed For the Game

  • A pen
  • Questionnaire

How to Play The Game

Ask both parents to excuse the room, and then hand out the questionnaire and pen to each guest.

The members are expected to write down the correct answers to the questions what they know about the couple.

Once the guests are done answering the questions invite the parents back into the room. Call out the correct answers, the guests with the highest number of correct answers win the game.

Examples of random questions that could be asked are:

  • How or where did the couple meet?
  • How long they’ve been together?
  • Their wedding anniversary date
  • What color of dress the mom to be is putting on
  • Is the father-to-be putting on a wristwatch?
  • Is the mother-to-be putting on nail polish?

3. Blow And Pop Baby Bump Coed Baby Shower Game

This game involves popping inflated balloons and the team to finish first wins.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Balloons

How to Play The Game

Divide the group into teams of 4-5 members, and then hand each member a balloon to inflate.

Once every member has inflated their balloons, ask them to put them under their shirts. A member is supposed to devise a means to pop the balloon.

Each member follows suit and the team to first finish popping their balloons wins.

4. My Water Broke Coed Baby Shower Game

This is an imitation of a woman whose water just broke. It is somewhat like the drinking game but not exactly.

Items Needed For The Game   

  • Ice trays
  • Miniature plastic babies.

How to Play The Game

Before the party starts, drop the miniature plastic babies in an ice tray. Then fill it with water and refrigerate.

Drop the frozen plastic babies in the cups of all the guests and add their drinks. Whoever has his frozen plastic melted first screams “my water just broke” and is automatically the winner.

5. Don’t Say Baby Coed Baby Shower Game

This game has only one rule, to not say the word baby while opening the gifts.

Imagine having a baby shower without saying the word “baby” quite difficult to imagine but this is what makes this game very fun and unique.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Diaper pins

How to Play The Game

Hand each guest a diaper pin, and then instruct them to hook it on their clothes.

The rule is that, while unveiling the gifts, no one mentions the word “baby”. The guest who does fail and has his pin taken by the gist who caught him.

At the end of the game, the guest with the most number of pins wins the prize.

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6. Baby Gift Bingo Coed Baby Shower Game

This game is played by the guests guessing the gifts received by the couple, if a guest should get five correct answers, he wins.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Blank cards or written bingo cards
  • Pens

How to Play The Game

This game can be played in two ways and each way is as fun as the other.

The first way is by handing out a pen and blank or written bingo card to every guest.

The guests are required to guess the gifts the parents will receive and write them down while the couple opens each gift.

The second way is to have each guest list out the items they think the couple received and as they open the gifts, the guests tick the gifts according to the number of guesses they got correctly.

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The guest with up to five correct answers wins the game.

7. Don’t Drop The Baby Coed Baby Shower Game

This game is best suited for couples or any two people. This can get a little sloppy but it is a great game to include if you’re planning a large coed party.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Water-filled balloons 

How to Play The Game

Ask your guest to form a pair, either as a couple or as individuals, and pass one water-filled balloon to each pair.

The pair will alternately toss the balloon. The game will be won by the last pair to have the balloon with them.

8. Guess Who Coed Baby Shower Game

It will be an interesting idea to play an IRL throwback of the guests at your baby shower party.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Childhood pictures of all the guests coming to the shower
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Posterboard

How to Play The Game

When inviting guests, request that they send you a childhood photo of themselves before the shower.

Give each image a number and arrange the photos on the poster board. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen and ask them to write down who they think the baby is.

The guest who provides the most correct answers will be crowned champion.

9. Baby Drink Coed Baby Shower Game

If you have a huge list of guests, then there must be a game that includes drinking.

Items Needed For The Game

  • Baby bottles filled with drinks
  • Music

How to Play The Game

Instruct the guests to sit in a circle, and as the music begins to play, begin passing the baby bottles filled with various drinks (beer, wine, or vodka).

Begin with three different starting points, and when the music stops, the person holding the bottle must drink it.

To add to the fun, seal one bottle and record the amount of effort the person expends in opening the bottle.

10. Spilling Secrets Coed Baby Shower Game

The coed baby shower games should not embarrass anyone, but how about embarrassing the guest of honor?

Items Needed For the Game

  • Paper
  • Pen

How to Play the Game

Before playing, ask the mom-to-be and dad-to-be separately 20-25 questions about themselves (For example: Do you know the sex of the baby? Would you like twins? What’s your biggest birth fear? Who will be the pro at changing diapers?).

Then write down their responses and then present them to the guests.

For each question, have the couple guess the answer given by their partner. Ask the guest if they think the answer is correct, and then reveal the answer.

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11. Guess the Size of the Baby Bump Coed Baby Shower Game

Isn’t it fun to ask the father-to-be to guess the true size of the baby bump?

Items Needed For the Game

  • Air-filled balloons

How to Play the Game

Instruct the guest to create a fictitious pregnant belly out of a balloon or other craft supplies.

Blindfold the father-to-be and ask him to feel the belly to judge the mother-to-be’s belly.

12. Feed the Baby Coed Baby Shower Game

It is a difficult task to feed the baby. Allow the guests to try it out in the most amusing way possible at the party.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Large bib
  • Apple sauce in a jar
  • Spoons

How to Play the Game

Assemble a team of two people and give each person a large bib. Each team will receive an applesauce jar and two spoons.

Both members of the pair will be blindfolded. The pair will have to feed each other applesauce at the same time.

The fastest duo to finish the entire jar of applesauce without spilling any will win.

13. Battle of the Sex Coed Baby Shower Game

Is it true that mom knows it all, or that fathers have also researched how to care for a new baby? Include this game in your party to find out.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Paper
  • Pen

How to Play the Game

Before the party, the host will need to do some research. The study will focus on baby-related trivia questions.

Make a list of such questions and ask each prospective parent separately, with an answer ready.

Form two groups, give each group a piece of paper and a pen and begin asking questions. The trophy will be awarded to the team that answers the most correct question.

14. Tick the Timer Coed Baby Shower Game

It can be a little snoozy and boring to watch the couple unwrap their gifts. Allow all guests to enjoy the gift-wrapping session with this coed baby shower game.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Timer

How to Play the Game

Set the timer for 15 minutes or less and start it as soon as the guests arrive. The guest who brings the gift to the mother-to-be when the timer stops win prizes.

The rule of the game is that either of the parents-to-be should be holding the gift at that time.

Now the parents-to-be must unwrap that specific present at the same time.

15. Baby Perfect Picture Coed Baby Shower Game

Can you draw a picture of a nursing bra or a breast pump? Have you considered drawing a diaper rash? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? This will be hilarious and amusing.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Card stock (shape like a playing card)
  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk

How to Play the Game

Before the shower, write phrases or funny words about the baby and the mother on each card. Use your imagination when coming up with words or phrases.

Things like sleepless nights, diaper blowouts, messy poop, and leaky boobs will make the game more enjoyable.

Divide the guests into two teams, with one member from each team selecting a card and drawing the corresponding picture.

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A point will be awarded to the team that correctly identifies the image in the allotted time. The team with the most points at the end of the game will be crowned champion.

16. What’s in Your Phone Coed Baby Shower Game

Finally, fiddling with your phone at a baby shower will earn you points rather than scorn.
Items Needed For the Game

  • Smartphone’s
  • Checklists
  • Pens

How to Play the Game

Guests are given a checklist of what’s in their phones, which includes baby-themed items such as: Do you have a song with the word “baby” in the title on iTunes?

Is this baby shower on your schedule? Do you have a picture of one of the soon-to-be parents on your phone?

A point is awarded each time a guest has a match on his or her phone. The winner is the guest who has the most points at the end of the game.

17. Stroller Race Coed Baby Shower Game

It’s a lot of fun to watch the guests race to get the baby from one location to another safely.

This game is perfect for those looking for an action-packed and entertaining baby shower game.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Two umbrella strollers
  • Two baby dolls
  • Household or any objects for obstacles

How to Play the Game

Collect household items such as a ladder, hose, furniture, or even toys to use as obstacles in the race.

Create the racetrack. It should be large enough to accommodate two stroller pushers at the same time. Before the race, place a baby doll in each stroller.

Have one person count the points and points will be deducted for crashing the stroller, running outside the racetrack, or causing the baby to fall off.

Then the player who completes the race in the shortest amount of time wins the game.

18. Guess the Name Coed Baby Shower Game

Whether all of the guests are parents or not, guessing the baby’s useful items can be fun.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Diaper bag
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Baby essential things

How to Play the Game

Arrange the guests in a circle and provide them with paper and pens. Fill the diaper bag with useful items for a baby, such as a bib, a nipple, or a diaper, as well as a variety of other items.

Pass the bag to the guest, who must touch and feel the contents of the bag before writing them down on paper.

The person who writes the most correct answers in two minutes wins the game.

19. Baby in the Cake Coed Baby Shower Game

You’ve probably seen something similar in marriages. Here’s it’s all about who’s next in line to get the baby.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Cupcakes
  • Plastic baby miniature
  • Cake decoration items

How to Play the Game

Before the shower, bake a batch of cupcakes and place the miniatures in a mold at random. Bring the unadorned cake and provide the frosting and other decorations.

Once the decoration is complete, ask the mother-to-be to select her favorite and then distribute the remainder to the guests. Whoever finds the pregnant cupcake is the next in line to get her own!

20. Diaper Relay Coed Baby Shower Game

It can be fun watching men rush in the race of changing the diaper. Ask all the men at the party to take part in this game.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Diaper
  • Baby Doll

How to Play the Game      

Arrange several diapering stations and place the swaddled baby at each one. Form a group or team of three to four people, each of whom will be blindfolded.

As soon as the host says “go,” the team must remove the current diaper and replace it as quickly as possible. The group that completes the process first wins.

21. Baby Bump Twister Coed Baby Shower Game

This is also one best baby shower games for couples.

Items Needed For the Game

  • Twister
  • Balloons

How to Play the Game   

Remember the game Twister? It’s exactly like that, except everyone has to put their left foot on green and their right hand on yellow with a balloon stuffed under their shirt. It’s almost as if everyone is pregnant.

How To Make A Coed Baby Shower Fun

The thing that makes any game interesting is the prize and since a Coed baby shower involves lots of interesting games, the best way to spice things up is to attach a prize to every game played.

This will not only make it fun but competitive and interesting.

Other FAQ’s

Are invitees who couldn’t make it to the baby shower obliged to give gifts?

No, it is not a must that your guest offer you a gift. However, some may send their gift to the home of the host, who can have it ready for the baby shower.

But this is not a must. A shower invitation is an invitation to a party, not a demand for presents or gifts. It would be awesome for the invitee who wasn’t present at the party to wait until the baby is born, before sending her gift.

When should the parents-to-be send thank-you notes?

This is usually within two to three weeks after the baby shower—unless, of course, the child’s birth intervenes.

As a result, it’s fine to hold on until after the hectic postpartum period is over. It’s a nice gesture to appreciate your hosts with a special token, too.

If you have some spare cash, a bouquet, a batch of cookies, or a small piece of cute jewelry would make an amazing baby shower hostess gift!

Wind Up

Planning a baby shower for couples can be as fun as the traditional baby shower party that had all the attention showered on just the mother and the baby.

A Coed baby shower is more fun if the games are interactive and carry everyone along.

If you’re planning to have your baby’s father be very involved in your baby’s life, it is best to start early with something as easy and fun as hosting a baby shower game for couples also known as a Coed baby shower.