Baby Suddenly Hates Stroller (7 Helpful Tips)

It is often unclear why your baby that once loved the stroller now suddenly hates it.

Perhaps they prefer to move about instead of being tied down. Maybe they want some closure.

Are you wondering why your baby suddenly hates stroller? Hopefully, this will be a phase (like most other things), and it will pass.

Here’s what’s behind it, plus tips and tricks to help you get through it.

Why Your Baby Suddenly Hates Stroller

Toddlers are just beginning to learn how to control their bodies. At this age, toddlers want to be free, explore and learn about the world.

There are several reasons why your baby suddenly hates stroller, bouncer seat, or car seat:

1. Baby is overstimulated

After being shielded from the world for nine months, the hustle and bustle of real-life can be overwhelming for some babies.

Babies might become upset and cry if they get too much noise, movement, or visual stimulation, such as hopping around in a jumper or sitting in the stroller or car seat.

2. Baby is naturally fussy

Another potential factor is the personality of the child. Baby fussiness is just part of the unique temperament of every newborn.

Your baby may just not like strollers or might be frightened by the sudden routine changes that often come with them.

3. Baby is uncomfortable

For example, your baby might not like the straps that keep him in a stroller, or he might not want to be constrained.

Sometimes, you can do nothing about that – stroller seats are designed to keep babies safe, not fulfill their mercurial whims.

Always ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage and that all straps and fasteners are firmly fastened without scratching the baby’s delicate skin.

4. Your Baby is bored

If your baby loves being held during waking hours, moving him to a stroller or car seat where he can no longer feel the constant contact of your body might make him feel lonely, which can be upsetting.

5. The baby is premature or colicky

Most premature babies and some colicky babies tend to be more sensitive to light, noise, and movement, which may cause them to dislike strollers, bouncers, and car seats.

6. Baby has motion sickness

A baby may suddenly hate the stroller because he is feeling car sick. Generally, motion sickness affects toddlers and older children more than babies, but some babies still experience it.

Baby Suddenly Hates Stroller: When will it stop?

Eventually, your baby will likely outgrow most of his crying, including being fussy in a stroller, bouncer, or car seat.

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Babies cry the most during the first three months of life; colicky babies typically outgrow this phase by three to four months.

However, some kids may never like being strapped in, so try not to be too discouraged if your baby is one of them.

However, it is not the case if it’s a bouncer or swings. If your baby dislikes them, you should stop using them.

But strollers and car seats are essential for most parents when taking their baby out of the house or during travels.

Therefore, you have no choice but to strap him in whenever the need arises, no matter how much he hates them.

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Tips To Help Soothe Your Baby in the Stroller

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help soothe your baby and adapt him to strollers and car seats to take him on the go safely.

1. Settle him first

Avoid putting your baby into a stroller or any baby moving gear when he’s already fussing or crying. 

When you plop him in, the child will only become angrier (and louder!) so wait until the baby is calm and happy before trying again.

2. Create a Routine

It is fair to give your baby fair warning that stroller time is upon them.

Transitioning can sometimes set babies or toddlers off, so make sure the baby knows what will happen. This can help the baby to be mentally prepared.

Let them know about stroller safety during outdoor activities.

3. Distract him

Put your baby on his back on a play mat, a blanket on the floor, or in his crib before strapping him into a stroller or a car seat (you should always put your baby to sleep on his back to prevent sudden infant death syndrome). 

Then offer him something to keep him distracted. You can provide a mobile, toys or white noise or music to listen to.

Once the baby is nice and calm, you can try putting him into his seat or stroller.

4. Change the ride

Still wondering why your baby suddenly hates stroller? Maybe it’s the height. You can borrow a friend’s jogging stroller to see if the different angle or height will help soothe your baby. 

Toddlers who hate strollers may be delighted with a wagon – some of them have extra-long handles for adults to pull more quickly, or you can lever the handle to push the wagon instead of removing it.

A pushbike or tricycle without pedals can also be a good option for a slower or shorter walk, such as a park. 

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Many recreational centers and malls have specialized strollers you can borrow or rent. 

Another alternative is a stroller board, such as a buggy board, glider, or ride-on board, which attaches behind the stroller’s wheels so your toddler can stand up and hold onto the handle.

5. Use kind words

It might sound a bit airy-fairy, but empathizing with your child can be pretty helpful. 

When it’s time to use the stroller, you can say something like, “Hey, I know you don’t want to sit in it. I know you want to walk. We need to walk to daycare, so you need to get in the stroller.

Toddlers don’t understand the concept of time, so instead of saying you’ll arrive in ten minutes, there is a more brilliant way to do it.

You can say something like, “point out something they can see, like, “When we get to that white statue, you can get out and walk.”

6. Check the stroller

Always check and make sure your baby stroller is installed correctly.

If the stroller is not installed correctly, it could make your baby uncomfortable. This might be one of the reasons why your baby suddenly hates stroller. 

Some cities have stroller/car seat checkpoints that can help ensure the seats are installed correctly.

I recommend you master how to install your baby stroller before placing your baby in it. 

7. Check the Angle of the Sun

You may not notice the sun beaming down on your baby when jogging or walking. Sadly you can’t avoid the sun, so what do you do? 

Get a stroller with a vast canopy that you can pull to the tray if necessary. Bring sun hats and baby sunglasses (if he will wear them).

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I hope this article has provided in-depth knowledge to answer why your baby suddenly hates stroller.

Your baby’s uncomfortable with sitting in a stroller has been discussed above.

If you’re concerned about your baby not liking his stroller, don’t panic. Time will tell.

During the first three months of a baby’s life, he will generally cry and show his discomfort, and once he approaches the fourth month, he will become accustomed to tolerating things that cause him pain and discomfort at one time.

If your baby gets to the fourth month and is still uncomfortable with his stroller, having tried the above tips, it is time to ditch the stroller.