Best Formula To Keep Baby Fuller Longer (3 Best Hungry Baby Formulas)

Newborns go through many growth spurts; that’s why most eat a lot. Do you have an eater in your home? Are you thinking of the best formula to keep fuller longer?

As a nursing mommy whose baby eats a lot, you might feel the pressure to increase your daily intake to ensure you have healthy nutrients to produce enough milk for the baby.

However, sometimes the mother might be unable to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding and may consider transitioning to hungry baby formula.

This article will share the best formula to keep baby fuller longer to help you make that transition. We believe these formulas will keep help your baby to feel more satisfied.

What Does A Eater Or Hungry Baby Mean?

An eater or hungry baby is subjective as one who usually ingests too much daily milk or frequently cries due to too much hunger when the ingested volumes are not up to their satisfaction.

Babies who were fed too many meal volumes or were introduced to infant cereals or solid foods are prone to excessive weight gain.

This is one of the risks associated with overfeeding or starting solid foods too early, thus leading to an increased risk of obesity later in the child’s life.

Reports have shown that infants are over nine times more likely to be obese and 31 times extremely obese during childhood if they experience excessive weight gain between birth and one year.

Having known these facts, as a concerned parent, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your child’s long-term health.

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When To Use Hungry Baby Formula

What Happens If Baby Drinks Too Much Milk

You may have become used to a specific signal that indicates that your baby is hungry. But when an infant is always hungry, it can be pretty challenging to know the signs. For newborns and young babies, physical signs are a way to understand that the baby is hungry.

Your baby may move their limbs, be alert or awake at an odd hour, and make cooing, whimpering and other sounds, having their fingers in their mouth, etc.

Crying can also indicate that the baby is hungry, although this is usually one of the latest signs.

If you’re newborn is excessively hungry, it may be time to introduce them to a hungry formula. You can begin by replacing your usual formula with hungry baby milk or greedy baby formula.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, or perhaps your baby is formula-fed and only seems hungry towards the evening hours, it is also safe to use these formulas as a top-up or during night feed.

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Will Giving My Baby Formulas Keep Them Fuller For Longer?

The short answer is yes and no. Both breast milk and formula contain healthy nutrients such as (carbohydrates, fats, protein, and minerals) which help a baby’s physical and mental growth and development.

Aside from the known differences, breast milk and formula contain different types of these components, which notably set them apart. Protein is one of the main molecules in milk, which we consider vital for satisfaction (feeling full).

Breast milk protein is made up primarily of whey. This watery portion of breast milk (whey) is easily absorbed by the baby’s immature gut and plays a substantial nutritional role in the baby’s overall gut health. Whey also contains sleep-inducing factors which help the baby to sleep comfortably.

Since babies can digest breast milk so easily, they wake up more frequently to feed.

Some formula proteins we will mention below are rich in casein (a slow-digesting dairy protein). This makes it harder for babies to digest and keeps them fuller for longer.

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Best Formula To Keep Baby Fuller Longer: 3 Best Hungry Baby Formulas

hungrier formula

Since breast milk is so easily digested, newborns wake to feed more often. The formula proteins listed below consist primarily of casein, making it difficult for babies to digest due to their immature gut, thus keeping the baby fuller for longer. These three formulas are

  1. NAN Lactogen
  2. Novalac SD
  3. SMA Extra Hungry Infant Milk For Hungrier Babies

I remember visiting a nearby pharmacy in my area to browse through the baby section formula shelf.

This time I decided to speak to the clinic sister of the pharmacy for some advice on the best formula to keep the baby fuller longer.

I couldn’t take it any longer because my baby is such an eater; he seems to be hungry every minute of the day.

Fortunately, I found three formulas known to keep a baby fuller: SMA Extra Hungry Infant Milk, NAN Lactogen, and Novalac SD.

The clinic sister also introduced NAN Lactogen, which on other hand, is another advanced baby formula formulated to meet a baby’s needs at every stage and also keep your baby fuller.

But she further suggested that if the baby were to have other problems over and above hunger, this formula would not be able to address them.

She did seem impressed with the Novalac SD (standing for satiety disorder), having tried it.

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This formula is formulated for the baby from birth, enriched with normal protein and high energy content making it a good choice for a formula for hungry babies.

SMA Extra Hungry Infant formula is a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute to make hungrier bottle-fed babies fuller. It is enriched with Omega 3 Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and can be used in combination feed.

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Can Lactogen Make My Baby Fat?

While I was in pharmacy, the clinic sister discussed the composition of these fuller formulas extensively, she highlighted that these formulas contain more casein protein than whey.

This indicates that they have an additional thickener and reduced lactose concentration, enabling the formula to keep your baby feeling satisfied for a longer period without increasing your baby’s actual volume or energy intake.

This helps prevent your baby from gaining excessive weight and still keeps your baby feeling fuller.

NAN lactogen is the closest formula that mimics breast milk regarding the whey and casein protein balance. The formula itself will not cause your baby to be obese; only overfeeding will do this.

What Are The Benefits Of Formula Thickeners For Hungry Babies?

Several parents have suggested that the thickener significantly reduces reflux or the number of times your baby spits up the formula. Also, it addresses lactose sensitivity (or colicky symptoms).

Keep in mind we were discussing sleeping at night. The chance that your little one will sleep comfortably for more extended periods because they feel fuller (the fullness effect) is almost inevitable. One of the advantages of the Novalac SD formula is that it is sucrose-free.

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When choosing the best formula to keep baby fuller longer, it is best advised to know which problem is the biggest concern for you at a particular point in time.

At times, the very same baby who is excessively hungry and presents with reflux might need to be introduced to an Anti-Reflux formula instead.

At least with these formulas we’ve mentioned, you will be able to tackle the reflux problem if that is your biggest concern and keep your baby fuller longer.

My favorite formula is the NAN sensitive for Reflux. This formula is among one the best formulas that helps keep the baby fuller longer, and interestingly it also addresses reflux problems