Can I Spray Lysol On Baby Toys? Discussed

Can I spray Lysol on baby toys is one of the questions that can come to mind, especially when you’re dealing with dirty toys?

As we all know, toys are one of the essential items to have in your nursery. They are fun and harmless, but they can be a potential breeding area for germs and bacteria. 

As we all know, babies are used to putting all kinds of stuff in their mouths, especially toys. If you don’t clean your baby toys regularly, germs will use them as a breeding space to thrive. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about Lysol and whether it is safe to use on baby toys. 

It is only right to use disinfectants to sanitize baby toys. So it’s ok if you’re looking for the answer to the question, “Can I spray Lysol on baby toys.”

What Is Lysol?               

Lysol is one of the available used powerful disinfectants on the market. It is an easy-to-use spray bottle that requires no dilution. 

Benzalkonium Chloride is the most common ingredient in Lysol Solutions. Hydrogen peroxide is also the active ingredient for Lysol “Power and free Line.”

Lysol was first used as a household and industrial sanitizer in the 19th century. Recent studies have shown it useful as a disinfectant in medical operations.

Can I Spray Lysol On Baby Toys

Yes, you can spray Lysol or use Lysol wipes on baby toys. It is now one of the effective household cleaning solutions you can use in your home. 

Be careful when using Lysol, though, as it may irritate your skin.

Lysol has been found to be helpful. Lysol cleaners are among the best around us and always leave a fresh scent when used on toys or anything. 

So yes, you can spray Lysol or wipes on baby toys, but be careful not to use them excessively as some of its ingredients may be unfriendly to your baby’s sensitive skin and health. Always follow the recommended guidelines when using this product.

How To Use Lysol Spray Solution

Cleaning baby toys is more than just wiping off dust and stains. Making sure they’re germ-free is the most important thing. 

Sometimes, rinsing with water and regular detergents may not do the job. We recommend using disinfectants (like Lysol)to sanitize your baby toys.

Apply the solution liberally to high-touch areas, plastic baby gear, or spread-out plastic toys. 

Let it sit on your baby toys for 2 minutes before wiping it dry to disinfect it properly. This great alternative doesn’t require waiting for a long time or rinsing with water if you want to shorten the process.

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Other Methods for Disinfecting Baby Toys

Washing Machine 

You can easily disinfect plush toys, bedding, playmats, and removable fabric to baby gear by washing them in the washing machine. 

Wash on a hot cycle with a mild detergent for the best disinfection rate. You can also look for a disinfecting detergent for the best result. 

The high temp from the dyer will help kill any lingering germs. If your plush toys cannot be machine dried, you can naturally place them in the sun to kill bacteria.


Combining dishwasher detergent with hot water is an effective way to disinfect plastic toys. You can use this for plastic toys (without batteries!), teething toys, or pacifiers. 

If you have a sanitizing cycle and a heated dry option on your dishwasher, both can be helpful for thoroughly disinfecting toys. 

We recommend that you ensure your toys are dishwasher safe first to avoid melting pieces or damaging them.

Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfectant wipes like (Lysol wipes) are an excellent choice for larger baby gear, plastic toys with batteries, or high-touch areas where your baby plays. 

An example of why it’s essential to read labels is that Lysol wipes have two sides. One side is used for scrubbing, while the other is for wiping off smoothly. 

In the indication also, you need to pre-clean the surface first, then clean the surface with disinfecting wipes. 

For Use: Allow the surface to remain wet with the Lysol solution for 10 seconds, then thoroughly disinfect with a wipe for 4 minutes. 

Remember: Disinfectants and sanitizers are not for oral use, i.e., they are not meant for human consumption. So ensure that there are no Lysol droplets or leftovers on the surfaces of the toy. 

Use a clean wet towel to wipe off any leftovers or Lysol droplets on the toy. Don’t forget to dry it up and wipe it off completely for your baby’s safety.

Why You Should Use Lysol       

Many reviewers that have used this product confirmed that Lysol Cleaning Wipes are among the best sanitization wipes you can ever get. 

Even though they’re relatively new on the market, they’ve gained a strong rating and popularity.  

The Lysol disinfecting wipes can clean mostly everything in your household, including your floors, bathtubs, and toilet bowls.

Lysol wipes eliminate microbes and infections, dispense with allergens, leave an addictively spotless smell behind, and most interestingly, Lysol wipes do not tear easily, unlike paper towels.

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Safety Tips When Using Harsh Wipes

Do not put the toys in direct sunlight 

You should keep your Lysol wipes in a cool place to maintain standard sanitizing control. The disinfectants lose their effectiveness when exposed to too much sunlight. As soon as they are exposed to direct sunlight, they lose their disinfecting power. 

Use the Lysol wipes away from children 

The purpose here is to keep your baby safe. It is best if you use the Lysol wipes away from your child. Lysol can irritate your baby’s skin. When storing them, ensure they are out of your child’s reach. 

Clean the toys before using the Lysol wipes

Lysol is a disinfectant; using it on a dirty surface will cost you a lot of money.

To be safe, clean the toys with soap and water first, and disinfect them with Lysol wipes. 

Be sensitive to the hidden areas

Microorganisms thrive in the cracks and the hidden points of the toy. If you want to effectively clean your baby’s toys using the Lysol wipes, ensure you thoroughly wipe these points to eliminate all germs.  


We hope this article has provided you with enough information to answer the question, ” Can I spray lysol on baby toys.” 

As you begin cleaning, ensure you do this correctly since all disinfectants always come with a cleaning guide. 

So go through the cleaning guide before you jump into using the wipes. 

Lysol wipes, as previously stated, are designed to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. However, use caution when putting them to use. Use them to clean your home, particularly your children’s play area, and toys.