Does Wubbanub Help Keep Pacifier In Mouth

In the past, mothers used to smear honey and other sweet foods on the nipple-like part of pacifiers where babies suck on to keep the pacifiers in the babies’ mouths.

Such practice can damage the teeth and also cause an infection known as botulism, one from honey, which can be inflicted on the child.

In this article, we discuss of does Wubbanub help keep pacifier in mouth and other pacifier related questions. Read On…

Why Do Babies Use Pacifiers?

Babies use pacifiers for a myriad of reasons. For some, it helps them relax. You know, children throw tantrums a lot when they are stressed. The presence of pacifiers in their mouth helps calm them and burns out tension.

Pacifiers also help in calming a crying or unhappy child by giving the illusion of the mother’s nipple. You know, the pacifier is designed to feel like a nipple. But in this case, it is made of rubber.

They also dissuade children from sucking on their fingers and other things whose hygiene factors are unknown.

Some children experts say that a pacifier is one of the first friends a child makes. This is true in a way. The pacifier serves very great purposes to the child even before the child grows to the age of reason.

Does Wubbanub Help Keep Pacifier in mouth?

Wubbanub pacifier

The Wubbanub can be any stuffed toy. You should get a few Wubbanubs so that your child is not tired of using the same one every time.

While your child is sucking on the pacifier, it gets the chance to play with the Wubbanub, which then becomes the child’s first friend.

People report that whenever their babies wake up at the night, they remember their friend and put the pacifier in their mouth.

Parents often complain that the pacifier they give to their children would sometimes be found under the chairs, the beds, and whatever unexpected places. But with the Wubbanub, these issues don’t occur. Children are protective of their Wubbanubs.

The answer now is YES. The Wubbanub does help in keeping a pacifier in a baby’s mouth. There is this affection that children have for toys, especially the colorful stuffed toys or as you would prefer to call it, the Wubbanub.

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This Wubbanub can help build the child’s intelligence and also its social activities as well as helping the child in expressing emotions affectionately and honestly.

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Who Should Use A Wubbanub Pacifier?

In the course of this article, we have seen the importance of the pacifier and even answered the big question. The Wubbanub pacifier is not for every child. Children below a month should not even be given a pacifier at all.

The Wubbanub pacifier can suffocate the child if the child is not properly watched. It still would not stay in the child’s mouth.

Not because of the colors, the feel, or anything. It would not stay because children below one month have no firm grasp and can suffocate on it during sleep. To avoid this risk, it is best not to let them use it at all.

How Does The Hygiene Of A Pacifier Determine How Long It Should Stay In Babies’ Mouth?

Indeed, some babies throw away clean pacifiers. Why so? A baby can recognize the taste. When it does not taste like something they have used before, they know. This may sound funny, but it is true.

Also, when a pacifier is dirty, many babies would discard it. This is because, even though it has that familiar taste that they like, it doesn’t seem appealing to them.

Keep the Wubbanub clean at all times. Also, having a variety of them would make this easy. When one becomes dirty, you can wash it and give the child another one while the other dries.

This factor thus does not determine how long the Wubbanub pacifier can stay in the baby’s mouth.

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Factors That Determine The Choice of Wubbanub

Wubbanubs come in various types. The type here refers to the size, the shape of the nipple, the color, and the feel.

Each child has their preference. Knowing the various types of Wubbanubs would help you identify the right one for your child.

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1. The Size

It has been observed that the larger the size of a Wubbanub, the less likely the pacifier it is attached to is to stay in the baby’s mouth. This is because a large Wubbanub on a pacifier pulls the pacifier away from the mouth of the child.

The child doesn’t get to suck and play thereby rendering the pacifier useless. This is why you must take size seriously when choosing a Wubbanub for your child.

2. The Shape of the Nipple

I bet you are wondering what the shape of the Wubbanub has to do with its longevity in the baby’s mouth. Breastfeeding babies and babies with teeth have a different shaped nipple pacifier.

This is so because they prefer the ones that can enable tongue movement, such as the cylindrical or butterfly-shaped ones. This would serve them better and also help them relax.

3. The Color

Color is a very important element. The more colorful a Wubbanub is, the more attractive it is to the child, the more the child wants to play with it, the longer in the child’s mouth it lasts. This is the trick! Babies get excited when they see colorful objects.

4. The Feel

A Wubbanub should be a stuffed object. A stuffed object is soft like the breasts of a lady and light-weighted. The more comfortable in the hands of a child the Wubbanub is, the more likely it is for the pacifier to stay in the child’s mouth.

The stuffed Wubbanub is also safer for a child as the chances of getting injuries are reduced greatly.

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We believe this article has given an in-depth knowledge to answer the question of does Wubbanub help keep pacifier in mouth. As know now, the Wubbanub helps keep pacifiers in the mouth.

But, before you get a Wubbanub for your baby, take your time to study its needs and preferences. Doing this would help you get the very best for the child.