How Do You Wash Baby Clothes With Oxiclean (Everything You Need To Know)

As a concerned parent, you want that tough stain on your baby’s clothing to be removed and of course, you want something that is chlorine-free and color-safe. Oxiclean got you covered and as a concerned parent, it is ok to ask the question “how do you wash baby clothes with Oxiclean”?

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you guidelines on how to wash your baby’s clothes with Oxiclean a product that has earned a reputation as a go-to product for tough stains on laundry.

And by the time you are done with reading this article I am pretty sure that your questions on how do you wash baby’s clothes with Oxiclean, our No 1 versatile stain removal would have been answered.

What’s Oxiclean?

Oxiclean is a brand of stain remover that has created a niche for its self and it harnesses the power of oxygen to get tough stains out and rinse them away. This product is chlorine-free and extremely color-safe. It is also available in regular and free (scent and dye-free) varieties.

More than twenty years ago, scientists had a mind-blowing discovery on the cleansing power of oxygen, the cleaning power of oxygen was harnessed and the product of that intriguing discovery was nothing else but Oxiclean.

How Does Oxiclean Work?

Oxiclean works best when the Oxiclean powder is added to warm water or even hot water. In addition to water activates the Oxiclean powder, and oxygen is released.

The released oxygen targets the stains rather than the fabrics, removing tough stains on water-washable clothing and in this case your baby’s clothing and once the cloth is dried, the cloth is ready for rocking by your cute little one.

Interestingly, Oxiclean removes the toughest stains by breaking down stains, emulsifying oils to make them lift off surfaces, and helping to prevent soils in the wash from re-depositing on your laundry.

You may begin to wonder how it does this, the reason is not farfetched, its chemical compositions involve a mix of ingredients that attacks stains with the key ingredients being sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants and polymer, and a combination of these wonderful ingredients birthed a laundry aid that can remove the toughest laundry stains.

How Do You Wash Baby Clothes With Oxiclean

This is the part we have all been waiting patiently. To get your baby clothes clean using OxiClean here is my quick guide.

  • Firstly, set your washer on a medium load, hot water cycle.
  • Then fill the scoop to line 2 to 4 per one gallon of water.
  • Add a scoop of Oxiclean (The scoop is conveniently added into the package).
  • Stir until the Oxiclean dissolves in the water.
  • Soak the fabric for 1-6 hours depending on the degree of stain.
  • Wash as usual.

Do not forget that when using Oxiclean with other detergents, Oxiclean must be added first before the other detergent in the washing machine.

Also when using Oxiclean to pre-treat stains, like using it for tough stains on your baby’s cloth, dilute it with water and then place the mixture directly on the stain, allow it to sit for ten minutes before putting it in the wash.

Why Use Oxiclean?

Life can get messy stains. Your baby clothes can get soiled with tough stains when they are been fed or when they are playing. As a parent, you wouldn’t want to spend your whole day and energy scrubbing off dirt and stains, because you have other activities to engage yourself in.

The best laundry option for you in other to save time, strength, and energy becomes Oxiclean. This is because it is the best answer and solution to every tough stain you would want to engage yourself in, whether in the laundry or beyond.

Also, when Oxiclean is used as instructed, its oxygen-based water-activated formula safely eradicates tough stains and grime out of baby clothes, carpets, and nearly any surface in your house.

Interestingly, when a baby’s clothes are presoaked before washing, you’ll be surprised by the outcome. There isn’t any stain that can’t be eradicated with Oxiclean the No 1 versatile stain remover. Below are few other reasons why you need to use Oxiclean.

1. Oxiclean Is Good For Most Kind Of Fabrics And Color

A mother may be tempted to ask the question is Oxiclean good for most kinds of fabrics and color, well the answer is YES. Oxiclean belongs to the type of Oxygen bleach which is a good alternative to chlorine bleach. They are quite safe for many fabrics too.

Also, it can be used to remove stains on colors as well as the normal white, there is no need to worry about Oxiclean ruining your fabrics because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and as a result shouldn’t ruin or damage most kinds of fabrics.

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2. OxiClean Is Environmentally Safe

Yes, OxiClean is environmentally safe and also safe for septic systems. This is because the products are produced using compounds found naturally in the environment, they do not harm living things According to the Oxiclean company.

The product is also be broken down into harmless compounds like water and soda ash (plant ash) when you flush it down the sink, so they won’t harm septic systems. Additionally, because they do not contain chlorine like other cleansers, they won’t damage your baby’s skin or delicate fabrics.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Oxiclean

Now there are some things you shouldn’t do with Oxiclean. These includes

  1. Do not store OxiClean in a humid environment: Once Oxiclean comes in contact with moisture; it results in the formation of a brick of powder that will not be easily scooped, so to avoid such, store it in a sealed container.
  2. Do not store it in a spray bottle: Oxiclean sure can be mixed and sprayed for certain cleaning applications but do not store the solution for more than six hours as the pressure can build up, may lead to container rupture and injury.
  3. Do not mix Oxiclean with other chemicals if you ain’t 100% sure that they can be mixed
  4. Do not give up if your first soak with Oxiclean isn’t completely successful because some stains may require repeated or longer treatments.
  5. Do not dry Oxiclean soaked clothes without rinsing or washing first.
  6. Do not use Oxiclean more than directed.

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We hope this article has given an in-depth discussion to answer the question, “How do you wash baby clothes with Oxiclean. Oxiclean the versatile stain remover that entered the laundry market in 1992 is the best option for your stain removal especially tough dirt and stains on your baby’s clothes.

And since the procedures are quite simple and practical. I am pretty sure that by applying the washing guidelines listed above in this article your baby’s clothes will be looking as good as new.