How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need

Are you considering getting a changing pad? Or you’re still thinking, how many changing pad covers do I need for my little one?

The truth is no matter how much we love our babies no parents enjoy changing their diapers. However, a nice changing pad cover can help brighten up the process.

Most parents use a changing pad as a soft, safe place to hold their baby while changing baby diapers. A changing pad cover comes in handy during this process since it protects the actual pad from any accidents or messes.

In this article, we will be talking about changing pad cover, how many changing pad covers do I need, and why you need to get one.

What Are Changing Pad Covers?

Changing pad covers look like little sheets. These covers come in a variety of bedding materials that you put on top of your diaper changing pad and fit them on like a pillowcase.

Many of these changing pads sit atop your diaper changing table, which may be a separate piece of furniture or a table attached directly to your baby’s crib.

Additionally, you can buy pad covers to match your child’s regular sheets or choose a different style that complements the main sheet set since changing pad covers come in a wide range of lovely colors and prints this helps to match your nursery decor or bring you a little bit of fun during diaper duty.

How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need For My Baby?

How many changing pad covers do i need

You’ll need at least two changing pads covers for your baby diaper needs. Some parents may think one is enough and if you’re dedicated about doing your laundry, well it might be. While some parents aren’t nearly as good about immediately washing stained changing pads, so two might be a safer bet that way you’ll have a clean one waiting in the wings.

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Why You Should Get One?

You have a changing pad and you’re probably thinking if you need a cover and a liner? Well, covers and liners aren’t that essential, but they are a nice idea to explore. Changing pad cover and the liner serve a different purpose than the pad does.

The pad is designed to keep your baby cushioned during diaper changes and protect your personal belongings from pee and poop that makes its way out of the baby diaper.

Now, what protects your baby changing pad? Well, this depends on the kind of material you get. If the material has any indented designs, your changing pad can get stained. That is where liners and pad cover come in.

The liners and cover soak up any pee that starts spouting after you take your baby’s diaper off, leaving you with less cleaning to do.

If poop or pee gets on the cover and soaks through to the liner, simply take them off and pop them into the washing machine. Pee won’t be running off the waterproof surface and onto your personal belongings like it would if you were just using a changing pad.

Another advantage of having a cover is that it keeps your baby pretty comfortable. Most changing pads are confined with a plastic waterproof layer that can be cold against your baby’s back. Therefore, if you don’t want to wake them up or make them less comfortable, then a cover is a nice touch.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Changing Pad Cover

changing pad cover


In contrast with the amount of money you’ll be spending on other baby items like breast pumps, bottles, a stroller, and a crib, covers, and liners are pretty cheap. Although there are high-priced options out there too, you’ll be ready to find something affordable if you would like to.


One of the beauties about covers is that you simply will have numerous choices you’re sure to find one which will go great with your nursery decor.


When shopping for a pad cover concentrate on the softness of the liner and canopy because your baby is going to be on them multiple times each day. There are a lot of great-feeling materials out there that will feel warm and comforting to your baby’s bareback and bottom, and won’t cause a rash.

Soak Up Ability

You’ll want to make sure that the liners you select won’t just repel fluid as your changing pad will. Ensure you get you something which will soak up or absorb pee so it won’t pool up and obtain everywhere you’re baby’s back, bottom, or clothes.


Baby changing pad covers may seem like an unimportant detail, but they’re a vital part of your baby’s daily routine. Pad covers are one of the easiest approaches to keep your little one comfortable while making your nursery more hygienic.

Bear in mind that as a parent, it is your priority to keep your baby safe, happy, and healthy, so investing in pad covers is a small trade off for how wonderful the room will look and how great your little one will feel.

So why not go ahead and add a few different changing pad covers to your registry. Am sure you’ll feel good about receiving and using them no matter how many you get. Kindly share this article if you found it helpful or comment below if you have any suggestions.