How To Apply Desitin on Baby Girl (6 Practical Steps)

New babies are indeed a joy to behold. It comes with its responsibility, and you need to be abreast with information on how to handle them because babies are tender and fragile.

As a new mom, one of your many responsibilities is taking care of your baby’s soft, delicate, and fragile skin.

Your baby will be wearing diapers a lot, which will send invites to bacteria and moisture that may cause your baby pain and harm hence the need for diaper cream like Desitin.

If you’re wondering how to apply Desitin on baby girl? You can do that by rubbing Desitin ointment in your hand moderately and then spreading the Desitin ointment on your baby’s genital areas. 

How To Apply Desitin on Baby Girl (Practical Steps)

Babies have delicate skin and that they are prone to irritation and infection, especially the girl child whose urinary area is more exposed.

Your baby has diaper needs 24/7, making her bottom in constant union with bacteria-breeding moisture and excrement, hence the need for diaper cream.

Diaper cream like Desitin has two functions: prevention and treatment of diaper rash.

Below are the necessary steps to follow when applying Desitin on your baby girl. 

  1. Remove your baby girl’s dirty diaper, and do not forget to wipe all the visible waste and diaper cream residue off your baby’s bottom and genital area using a baby wipe.
  2. Place a clean diaper under your baby’s bottom, and align it properly but do not close or fasten it. This is to prevent the diaper cream from getting on your changing pad.
  3. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of cream directly on your finger
  4. Spread the cream on your baby’s bottom, applying the thickest on the cheeks of your baby’s girl bottom and on any area that is red or inflamed
  5. You can also apply it between your baby girl’s butt cheeks, around her butt, and the inner and outer folds of her genital area, but not inside her private area.
  6. Wipe the excess cream from your finger onto the inside of the clean diaper or your baby’s wipe.
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What Does Desitin Do For The Baby Girl?

Desitin is a diaper cream that can soothe your baby’s skin and protect the irritated skin. And it does this by 

  • Forming a protective layer on your baby girl’s skin to reduce friction
  • Blocking wetness from the skin
  • Protecting against the enzymes found in feces
  • Protecting and soothing irritated skin and allowing it to heal naturally

Apply the ointment liberally as often as possible, especially when changing diapers.

You should apply Desitin during bedtime or any other time you feel your baby will be exposed to wet diapers for a long time.

What does diaper rash look like on a baby girl?

There are usually white scales and lesions along with a swollen red rash. Additionally, they may appear as small, pus-filled lesions surrounded by redness. 

Aside from the skin folds, lesions may also occur on nearby skin outside the diaper area, such as the thighs or abdomen.

Why do babies have a rash on their private parts?

Since diapers cover the buttocks, thighs, and genitals, they are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. 

In addition to red dots scattered around the creases of the skin, these rashes are usually found in the creases of the skin.

How long does Desitin take to work?

According to a clinical study, 90% of babies with diaper rash experienced noticeable relief within 12 hours of using DESITIN® Maximum Strength Original Paste. 

Diaper rash often disappears within hours after using DESITIN® Maximum Strength Original Paste because it seals out wetness and irritants.

Why Should You Use diaper cream?

As earlier mentioned, diaper cream like Desitin has two functions: prevention and treatment of diaper rash.

To prevent diaper rash, the diaper cream forms a barrier between your baby’s skin and things that can cause irritations like moisture, excrement, food acids, or even chemicals from diapers.

For the treatment of diaper rash, you can use it to treat diaper rash that has already appeared because diaper cream contains ingredients that most times have soothing and moisturizing effects.

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It helps heal the rash by providing a moisture barrier that helps the skin heal without aggravating further irritation.

Should I apply diaper cream at every diaper change?

There is no particular answer to this question. It is based on your discretion and what you are comfortable with.

Some mothers prefer applying it at every diaper change as a preventive measure against diaper rash, while some use it only when diaper rashes appear.

It is advisable to use it in the following situations or circumstances 

  • When your baby has a rash
  • when your baby shows signs of redness/irritation
  • When your newborn is pooping meconium (black tar poop), keep it from sticking to your baby’s skin.
  • When your baby has diarrhea, prevent irritation from stool
  • When your baby is producing looser stools as a result of a cold, is teething, or taking antibiotics
  • When you have a baby with very sensitive skin and gets rashes easily
  • When your baby sleeps for long stretches during the night sleep.

Can I put diaper rash cream on babies face?

Apply the ointment thinly to the baby’s face where the rash is. Make sure your baby does not rub the ointment into her eyes or mouth, then monitor her progress.

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Hopefully, your question on how to apply Desitin on baby girl has been answered, and I hope you’ve gained enough knowledge about diaper rashes. 

Put the Desitin ointment in your hand moderately and make sure that the temperature is at room temperature before use.

Spread the Desitin ointment on your baby’s vaginal area, anywhere the skin is visible, like the flat outer area and labia majora but do not insert it inside the vaginal area.

Follow the steps above, and your baby girl will smile at you and appreciate you for being a good mother.