How To ChildProof Refrigerator (5 Creative Methods)

When considering the safety of your little child, childproofing your appliances comes to mind. As your baby grows, they become hyperactive and don’t know the consequences of its actions.

To save the items in your refrigerator from being messed up, you must know how to childproof refrigerator.

Childproofing your refrigerator also saves your child from being harmed and saves you from a lot of distress and guilt that may come from a home accident.

This article will benefit you if you want to learn how to childproof a refrigerator. But, before we dive into it, let’s discuss the need to childproof your refrigerator.

Why You Should Child Proof Refrigerator

Are you wondering why you should childproof your refrigerator? 

Well, top on the list of why you should consider the childproofing of your refrigerator is that leaving your refrigerator un-childproofed provides your toddler with opportunities to mess up the items stored in the fridge.

Remember that at this stage of their life, they are hyperactive and do not think before doing things. They act on impulse and do things spontaneously without trying to know if what they are doing is right or wrong.

Your baby wants to explore, and one of the adventure sites will be your refrigerator. Remember, they watch you open it every day. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a problem opening it on their own, and they grasp things a lot.

I am sure you know that the adventure wouldn’t be without consequences which you will suffer because they will mess up the house, spoil things and or even put themselves in danger.

Another reason you might want to consider childproofing is the safety of your little one. Sure, you wouldn’t forgive yourself should anything happen to your child. 

It will be hard to deal with the guilt and pain, especially if your child died due to the accident, if they sustained an injury that left them deformed for life, or if a scar reminds you of your carelessness.

How To ChildProof Refrigerator

Childproofing your refrigerator is not hard. It is straightforward and saves you from a whole lot of dangers. 

Many dangers are associated with children, from putting yourself and your child in dangerous situations to having your belongings ruined by their adventures to prevent them from messing up your kitchen.

The following methods are the methods you can use to childproof your refrigerator, and they include

1. Lock It

If you want to prevent your little one from getting the contents of your refrigerator or prevent them from messing with your kitchens by spilling the food items you have stored in the refrigerator, then you have to lock it.

Here are techniques to ensure your refrigerator is locked and secured.

Child Safety Strap Locks

Firstly, buy Child Safety Strap Locks to childproof your refrigerator. While childproofing your house, you probably already used it for cabinets, ovens, drawers, dishwashers, and closets.

Child Safety Strap Locks are easy and tool-free installation. They are discreet, practical, and hassle-free. You only need a minute to childproof refrigerators with these Strap Locks.

The safety straps are attached to your home using a strong 3M adhesive and can adjust from 3′′ to 7′′, so they are suitable for almost any appliance.

Lock Combination Loaded Fridge Lock

Coded fridge locks allow you to set your code and press a button to open your freezer, so you won’t have to worry about losing keys; therefore, you don’t have to look for them.

Lock Combination Coded Fridge Lock’s configuration is universal as you can also use it to lock the following.

  • Cupboards
  • Drawers & Cabinets
  • Sheds
  • Health care securities
  • Printer trays
  • Oven drawers
  • Bottom freezer drawers
  • Unscrewed floor vents

It is easy to install, and you don’t need any extra tools. All you need to do is clean the area you’re applying the lock to and stick the lockplates; no drilling or screws are required. It attaches to the fridge within seconds.

This combination coded fridge lock is made of strong 3M adhesive tapes and 4 mm cable with a protective rubber case. You can get it for as cheap as $19 on Amazon.

Magnetic Lock

Magnet locks are solid and durable. They come with a key made of magnets for easy configuration and super convenience. You can easily open the refrigerator lock by placing the magnetic key in the unlocking position.

They are easy to install, and you don’t need to drill. All you need to do is peel the damage-free 3M adhesive and then stick the refrigerator locks. It also works efficiently for a side-by-side refrigerator.

In addition to the strongest VHB adhesive developed by 3M, magnet locks also feature a strong wire cable with a white rubber protective coating.

You can prevent your young children from gaining access to your refrigerator with the magnetic refrigerator door lock, which is secure and stylish. You can get it for as cheap as $9 on Amazon.

Latch Catch Toddler Cabinet Locks

The latch catch toddler cabinet locks are one-handed operation locks that simultaneously unlock and open your refrigerator door. 

Additionally, their self-locking system locks the fridge without additional steps when you close the fridge door.

The unique design makes it easier for adults to open with one hand and harder for babies to open with both hands.

This lock is designed explicitly for childproofing refrigerators ONLY. You don’t need spare parts and belts, and you won’t have to worry about clamping the lock when opening and closing. 

The lock comes with two different color ranges to pick from; black and gray. The T-shape design makes installation and function much easier and more elegant. 

It also has a larger area for the adhesive to install the lock, so there is no need for drills or extra tools. You can get it for as cheap as $9 on Amazon.

2. Keep Messy Items Up High

This is another method to childproof your refrigerator. When arranging your refrigerator to maintain an orderly manner, try keeping any opened packages, leftovers, and fragile containers up high and closed.

Keep packaged goods that can spoil easily on the bottom of the shelf. Peradventure, your child, access the refrigerator; their hands cannot get to the ones that can easily be spoilt or even spill your foods, creating extra work for you.

Remember that as your children grow older, there is this liberal feeling that they can access the refrigerator. 

So to avoid spoilage or mess from occurring, keep things you might send to get, like snacks or even their lunch, on the bottom shelf.

3. Secure It on a Wall

This is very necessary and important to prevent home accidents that may cause serious injuries or even lead to the death of your little one. 

You may feel that your little one cannot move your large fridge. Well, you’re mistaken.

With the right weight balance, your fridge can topple over in seconds, and all your child needs to do is to climb up the shelves, and it will topple.

To be safer, always ensure that your fridge is secured on a wall, so you don’t have reasons to regret not securing it on a wall.

4. Clean The Underneath

This is another method you can use to childproof your refrigerator, which is straightforward. All you have to do is get on the floor and look underneath the refrigerator.

If any crumb is hiding there, clean them off, so your child does not eat them and encounter choking hazards. It would help if you cleaned the refrigerators underneath weekly.

5. Simply Restrict Access

The final step in childproofing your refrigerator is restricting your children’s access to the kitchen, fireplace, or anyplace you keep your fridge. In that case, you should buy or build a baby gate. 

A good and secured baby gate can keep your children off the fridge. Additionally, it will keep them safe from unnecessary hazards and dangers in the kitchen (or wherever you keep your fridge).

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Was the article “How to childproof refrigerator helpful? We hope by now you know how to protect and secure your food items in the fridge from your toddler. 

You need to childproof your home for your baby’s sake. As babies grow, they become hyperactive and do not think before doing things. 

They just act on impulse and do things spontaneously without trying to know if what they are doing is right or wrong.

Childproofing is necessary for the safety of your little one, sure you wouldn’t forgive yourself should anything happen to your child. Any of the above methods listed can get the job done. Good luck!