How To Clean A Bassinet

Are you using a bassinet to lay your little one to sleep? Are you at a loss thinking of how to clean a bassinet? Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place.

Germs can be found everywhere including the things infants use such as clothes and bassinets. They are also some of the reasons why a lot of babies get sick.

Generally, babies especially newborns, are not able to fight off germs effectively because their immune system is not yet fully developed.

That is why it is important as a parent to learn how to clean a bassinet properly. However, there are some important practical steps to follow to make sure that the item is cleaned properly, as well as for it to maintain its quality.

When To Clean Your Baby Bassinet

Once you notice buildup or dirt on your bassinet, you should take time to give it a thorough cleaning. However, to ensure you deal with seen and unseen dirt, there are a few practical steps to follow.

While some parents recommend washing baby’s linens 1 to 2 times a week. As for the body of your bassinet, the amount is considerably less. Remember, your baby won’t necessarily come into contact with the frame, and some germs may help them build a stronger immune system.

However, if your baby has overcome a recent illness or there is visible soiling, you may not need to go out of your way to clean it frequently. It’s your choice.

Definitive Guide On How To Clean A Bassinet

How To Clean Baby Bassinet

Bassinets are not quite easy to clean because not every each of its parts can be washed. Interestingly, most of their parts, such as the mattress and fitted sheet, can now be disassembled.

Also, the other parts of the bassinet can be wiped clean easily. But before you proceed, you need to check the bassinet care instructions so you’ll know which part can be washed or not. Also, you need to prepare several items required for cleaning and they are the following:

  • Mild detergent
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Washing machine
  • Clean towel
  • Clean sponge
  • Spray bottle
  • Warm water

How To Clean A Bassinet: Procedure

Step 1

  • First, check the manufacturer’s care instructions to find out which part of the bassinet can be washed. For most bassinets, the mattress and the fitted sheet are the ones that you can wash. Therefore, if your baby’s bassinet is one of those, get your washing machine ready.
  • Then put mild detergent and fill it with warm water, now place the fitted sheet and the mattress inside. Ensure that the fitted sheet is not around the mattress before putting it in your washing machine.
  • If there are stains on the sheet, treat it first with some oxygen bleach before putting it in the machine.
  • Once your washing machine is done with its cycle, hang the mattress and the fitted sheet for air drying.
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Step 2

  • First, check the other parts of the bassinet for some dust, if you see any, use a clean towel to remove it.
  • Also, check the nooks and crannies and make sure you don’t miss any. Usually, the non-washable parts of a bassinet are made of waterproof fabric, so they can be wiped clean.
  • Now to wipe clean, put some warm water in the spray bottle, add a bit of detergent and then shake it well.
  • Then spray a part of the bassinet with your soap solution and scrub it with a sponge. Use the same approach for the other parts of the bassinet.
  • Repeat the process until you have covered everything. At this point, the bassinet is a bit damp with laundry soap. To remove this using the sponge, first, rinse it and ensure that it’s free from soap residue before using it.
  • Once the sponge is rinsed, wipe the entire bassinet with the sponge. Repeat the steps until the bassinet is free of any soap residues.

Step 3

  • This point your bassinet is still a little damp, wipe it dry with the help of a clean towel to prevent molds or mildew from growing.
  • To ensure that the bassinet is completely dry, take it outside to air dry. Also, air drying it under the sun helps to kill bacteria. Although, this might lead to color or design fading.
  • Once everything is completely dry, assemble the parts and your baby can start using the bassinet again.

However, if you want to ensure the cleanliness of the bassinet, spot cleaning can do the trick. Remember, do not clean your bassinet using products with solvents or harsh chemicals. Organic or all-natural detergents are the best to ensure it’s safe for your baby.

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Other Methods of Cleaning A Bassinet

Steam Cleaning

If a clothes steamer is available to you, steam cleaning is an awesome method to maintain the cleanliness of your baby’s bassinet. First of all, this is safe because it only uses water.

Secondly, the super-hot steam kills bacteria, dust mites, molds, and mildew. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, some people can come to your home to professionally steam clean not only your baby’s bassinet but also your house’s curtains, blankets, carpets, and the likes.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is also another way to clean a bassinet because the powerful sucking mechanism of this machine takes away dust and other particles especially if it is the one with a HEPA filter.

This is a type of filter that has the highest capability of trapping allergens and dust mites. Although, vacuums can suck tiny particulates. However, they are not capable of removing stains, so you still might need to treat or spot clean them after vacuuming.

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We hope this guide has provided some ideas on how to clean a bassinet properly and without stress. Everything your baby touches and uses must be germ-free because, their immune system is still weak, so they are prone to getting sick quickly.

However, with a few household products, this somewhat daunting job can be a success! Have you cleaned a baby bassinet before? Do you have any favorite products or techniques for cleaning bassinets?

Why not share your experience in the comments and let us know what brand of bassinet you had and what worked for you or if you know parents looking for a way to clean their bassinet, share this article with them!