How To Cut Newborn Baby Nails – Safety Measures

A lot of mothers worry greatly about the right way to go about cutting their newborn baby’s nails because of the delicateness of the procedure.

When it comes to cutting nails, the littlest mistake could lead to injuries. This is why you need to be very careful while cutting your baby’s nails.

We understand that you’re a little lost on how to go about it all. But we’ve got the solution for you. In this article, we’ll take you through how to cut newborn baby nails. Read on!

How Often Should a Baby Nails Be Cut?

Before we go on to talk about how to cut newborn baby nails, we will first answer a question that tugs at the hearts of many parents. How long should a baby’s nail be cut?

Babies’ nails grow fast. They grow so fast that you would have to cut them at least twice a week. Sounds crazy, right? What’s all the fuss about? Who cares about a baby’s nails?

A lot of people think it isn’t really necessary to cut a baby’s nails very often. But, they do not realize the importance.

Babies are usually very inquisitive about their environment.  This is very much evident in the way they move their hands around and try to get a hold of almost everything around them.

If your baby has long nails, your baby would end up scratching itself so much and sustain injuries. Do you think babies’ nails aren’t all that sharp because they appear soft? As you should know, babies have the sharpest nails.

Also, it would be very easy for your baby to come in contact with germs under its long fingers. Babies are all soft and delicate.

Of course, we know you do not want to deal with the troubles that come with germs on your baby’s fingers. So, do your bit by cutting your baby’s nails often.

How To Cut Newborn Baby Nails

Cutting a baby’s nails is an art of some sort. If you do it wrongly, you could get your baby injured. But we’ll make it easy for you to do it right by sharing practical tips step by step. Follow these tips, and you’ll have no trouble cutting your baby’s nails.

What You’ll Need

1. Keep the Baby in a Good Position

The position you keep your baby in while cutting its nails matters a great deal. You could carry your baby on your lap and cut the nails gently.

But, this doesn’t work for all babies. If your baby is very active, you might have trouble cutting its nails.

If you find it difficult to hold your baby by yourself while cutting its nails, get someone to hold your baby for you. This helps ensure that your baby doesn’t get injured.

2. Make Use of the Right Manicure Tools

A lot of mothers make the mistake of using the wrong nail cutters and other nail care tools for their babies.

There are a variety of nail care tools made especially for babies. Use them. They are built to suit your baby right and minimize the occurrence of injuries. If you do not find them in your local stores, you could check out online baby shops.

Alternatively, you can explore the method of Filing your baby’s nails with an emery board which is the least difficult and safe but it takes more time. 

There are other types of nail clipper you can get online that operates electronically that can help make the job easier for you.

While filing your baby’s nails you must be careful not to file the tender skin under the nail bed. Avoid using a metal nail file, which may be too harsh on your baby’s sensitive skin.

3. Cut Your Baby’s Nails While It’s Asleep

You still wonder how to cut your newborn baby’s nails. Worry no more! Instead of taking yourself and your baby through stress, you could also cut your baby’s nails while it sleeps. But you would have to do it gently lest you wake your baby up.

4. Always Push the Nail Pad Down

This is one tip that you must remember whenever you need to cut your baby’s nails. Never forget to push the nail pad down.

You might think you’re in control and incapable of cutting through your baby’s nail pad by mistake. But it isn’t always like that.

Push your baby’s nail pad one with one hand and use the other hand to hold the nail cutter and cut. We understand if you’re unable to do these two well by yourself. You can get someone to help you do it. You don’t need to feel about it, it’s perfectly okay.

5. Take Care of Wounds Immediately

Sometimes, you might still make the mistake of cutting your baby’s skin while cutting its nails no matter how hard you try not to.

The first reaction that you might give off if you make this mistake might be panic and great fear. You know, babies are tender and all. But, do not spend the whole time panicking.

Of course, it is normal to feel bad about it, but do not let that stop you from doing the right thing as early as you can. Clean the cut and try rocking your baby to sleep.

You must disinfect the cut too to prevent possible infections. Also, you don’t have to go overboard by using plasters on your baby.

If you notice that your baby plays too much with the wound, or is always busy with it, you could try to distract it by using mittens at intervals.

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Is Nibbling Okay?

A lot of people do not know how to cut a newborn baby’s nails, so they resort to cutting them off by nibbling. That is, using the teeth. This might look like a great alternative, but it isn’t at all.

Nibbling could transfer germs from your mouth to your baby’s fingers. You know saliva. Knowing the softness of babies, it would be unhealthy to nibble.

Also, nibbling increases your chances of taking off too many nails or cutting through flesh. So, nibbling isn’t okay at all. Anyone that tells you it is, isn’t telling you the truth.

Other FAQ’s

When do I start cutting my baby’s nails?

As soon your baby clocks a month old, his nails will probably start becoming a bit strong stronger with a firmer free edge. During this period, trimming his nails using baby nail scissors or clippers with rounded ends becomes a bit easier, but you need to be careful while doing this.

How do I cut my baby’s nails if they won’t let me?

If you’re finding it difficult to cut your baby’s nails, you can try massaging his hands or rub them with a towel before cutting his nails to desensitize his skin. You can also play some cool relaxing music while you do this to play down the sound produced by the nail clipper.

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We believe that this article has been able to make you see that cutting a newborn baby’s nails is no rocket science after all. Don’t be nervous, pick the nail cutter and cut your baby’s nails gently. Employ these steps we’ve shared and do it with great ease!