How To Fix A Squeaky Pack N Play (3 Easy Steps)

The noise from your baby’s squeaky pack n play is the last thing that you would want to hear after having a long day. Not only is the noise annoying, but it could also intrude on your peaceful sleep too.

What then can you do to salvage the situation? Do you stop your baby from playing? Or, you look for other alternatives? You don’t have to do any of these because we’ve got solutions for you.

Here we’ll teach you how to fix a squeaky pack n play so you don’t have to deal with the troubles that come with all of that noise. Read on!

Why use a Pack ‘N Play?

Here are some of the reasons why parents make use of the pack ‘n play. Generally, it is a baby’s little home that offers them comfort and safety.

  • It can be used as a playpen: A Pack ‘N Play is a safe place for your baby to play at home. When you are all alone with a baby with no one to watch the baby, it is hard to use the restroom, let alone clean or cook. Having a Play yard allows your baby to be safe, so you can go at least to the toilet without worrying.
  • It can be pocketed wherever: A good pack ‘n play can be folded even into a bag, which can be taken on trips and to the beach. There are no worries even when you’re at the beach, your baby can stay in it, feeling safe and comfortable. When it is time for your baby to explore the sand and surf, you can then confine your belongings inside the pack ‘n play to deter pickpockets. Then toss a swaddle blanket over top or prop open an umbrella to protect your baby from the sun.
  • It can be used as a Newborn Bassinet: There’s no need to purchase a separate bassinet to keep your newborn in your room those early weeks or months. Choose a pack ‘n play with the bassinet attachments like this one and diaper changing station and you will have the perfect setup for a newborn. It might be costly, but it is very effective.
  • It can also serve as a Portable Crib for Guests: Set up a guest bedroom for an incoming family of friends, and include a Pack ‘n Play for their babies or toddler so they don’t have to worry about a sleeping space for their kids. A Pack and Play is one important baby item to keep even after a baby is too old for it because it’s so useful for when company comes around – even just for a dinner party, chances are that there must be a fussy baby that’s ready to go to sleep.

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How To Fix A Squeaky Pack N Play

how to clean 4moms pack n play effectively

Fixing a squeaky pack n play can be a bit confusing. Some parents suggest moving your baby to a different room, replacing it with a new one, moving the baby to a new crib, or sharing the bed with your little one.

Well, while all these may look like solutions, they’re not. Chances are that you maybe be creating more issues like SIDs.

While some parents do suggest moving the pack n play to your side, be aware that this won’t get the noise away from you, because your baby is likely going to wake up and cry, and this time he/she is crying by your side. This will disturb your comfort terribly, assuredly.

If you should change your baby’s room, to avoid fixing or changing its pack ‘n play, your stress will be increased as you will need to check on your baby at time intervals. Also, getting a new one will make you spend more money when you can fix it.

Alternatively, you can get your baby a soft mattress. Purchasing a good-quality soft mattress will work very effectively and will also protect your baby from any injuries. But, a pack ‘n play are important too. It is your baby’s play space.

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Squeaky Pack ‘N Play: What Causes the Noise and How to Fix It

Are you thinking about taking your baby’s pack ‘n play to the server’s shop or back to the manufacturer you bought it from, to have an effective fix? Well, while this might be an easy option for you to explore, you can as well fix it yourself too.

The noise your baby makes from just playing in its pack ‘n play can be disturbing to you, especially if you were trying to get a nap. Imagine adding that squeaky sound to the noise; too much disturbance.

I’m sure you are aware that putting your baby to sleep in a squeaky pack ‘n play is a very difficult thing to do. It’s either your baby wakes up that moment, or wakes up at intervals, disturbing themselves, and you.  You need to fix that squeaky pack ‘n play this moment, and we will show you how.

Three main things can cause the pack ‘n play to be noisy when your baby is sleeping and turning or playing. Here are the solutions to the different problems of a pack ‘n play.

  1. When the noise is from the fallen bottom you need to refer back to your manual. In the center of most pack n plays there is a raised portion with a pull tab on it, push it down to lock the entire system in place. When you have the bottom section locked in, you can then insert the mat on the bottom making it stable and erect.
  2. When the squeakiness is from the rusted bolts of the pack ‘n play, you need to oil them. This implies that you clean it from time to time and replace any worn-out parts. There are usually spare parts for the parts that are easily prone to destruction.
  3. When it’s a case of poor materials, buy a quality pack ‘n play.

Pro Tip:

Keep in mind that the weight safety guideline on most pack n play bassinet attachments is only like 15lbs. So sadly it might be time to drop it down! Always check the instructions/warnings on your pack n play for proper use!

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We hope this article has given in-depth knowledge to answer the question of how to fix a squeaky pack n play. Applying the above easy tips, your squeaky pack ‘n play will be fixed in no time and you and your baby can have your rest.

Also, remember that there is no right time to fix a squeaky pack ‘n play because, from the moment it starts to squeak, it becomes a high disturbance, especially to persons with misophonia (an obsessive-compulsive disorder for sound). We hope you enjoy a sound sleep with your baby soon!