How To Go Multiple Rounds In Bed (8 Ways To Help You Cope)

Sex is an integral part of a man’s existence because a man is a sexual being and everyone wants sex that is pleasurable.

The quality and quantity of sex make it pleasurable and sometimes increase the bond between lovers and partners.

When you realize that your partner screws you up in bed and makes sex worth it, definitely you would want to be with him.

Biologically a greater percentage of men hits climax faster than women hence the need for multiple rounds before a woman hits climax.

Men tend to feel ashamed and inferior if they can’t satisfy their women by going multiple rounds as they see it as a dent in their masculinity.

Sometimes you see men getting interested in things that will make them last longer in bed and as well as go multiple rounds in bed.

If you are interested in learning how to go multiple rounds in bed then you need to ride with me as strategies on how to go multiple rounds will be x-rayed as well as some other information you need to spice up your bedroom life.

Men’s Sexual Physiology

The sexual physiology of man is kind of wired differently from that of his female counterparts.

As soon as a man hits the climax, there are changes in his body and this is characterized by flaccidity of the male reproductive organ which is a signal from the nervous system instructing the body to relax.

During this period, there’s a drop in Dopamine and testosterone levels, while prolactin [a hormone produced by your pituitary gland] rises.” These hormonal actions cause the weakness felt in males after hitting climax.

That period of weakness and drop in the male reproductive organ turgidity is called the refractory period, women do experience refractory period characterized separately but theirs is shorter than males or sometimes they may not have refractory periods at all.

Women are designed to be multi-climax, which means they can have one after another after another.

The refractory period is unique and peculiar to individuals, some men can be ready in a half-hour or less, and others may take hours or even a full day. The refractory period effects or determines the number of rounds an individual can go.

The refractory period is subject to change at different points in a man’s life and it is affected by age, amount of sexual urge in between sessions, hormonal actions, and overall health.

A research carried out showed that students have the fastest refractory period and as the age increases, so does the refractory time.

It is okay to allow your body to recover, but for the sake of multiple rounds, it is advisable to shorten your refractory period by increasing your sexual urge sometimes through the use of toys or very dirty talks.

Sometimes the touching of the sensitive sections of the body aids in the shortening of the refractory period so that second rounds can be started.

The possession of a pleasant body shape reduces the refractory period because the fitness of the body aids in the regulation of the hormones.

What to Do In Other to Go Multiple Rounds In Bed

If you are disturbed as to the number of rounds you have been going and you want to increase your number of rounds so that sex becomes pleasurable for you and your partner, then you have to do the needful.

Do not panic, the price is something you can pay for if you want to be a boss in bed.

  • Limit the way you smoke
  • Drink less alcohol
  • If you are over-weight, try and lose some weight
  • Eat an extremely nutritious diet
  • Get adequate and regular sleep
  • Get regular and vigorous exercise
  • Learn the tactics of handling stress and practice relaxing regularly

When you try sticking to the instructions given to you above, you will notice that your bedroom life will be spiced up and that you can indulge in as many rounds as you want.

But first remember that in any sexual activity, two persons are involved, and are meant to be enjoyed by both parties, so if your number of rounds increases, consider your partner’s strength as well.

How to Go Multiple Rounds In Bed

sex position for twins

To increase the number of rounds you engage in then you need to practice the following strategies as they will have tremendous effects on your ability to go multiple rounds in bed.

1. Know Your Body

For you to enjoy multiple rounds of sex in bed, you need to know your body well, you need to know the region of your body that puts you in the mood, the place where your partner can use to energize you sexually.

Your turning spots can be used to shorten your refractory periods in between rounds of sex. So explore those stimuli around you and know what turns you on.

2. Try Not To Rush

Do not rush into sex like a person who is being pursued, take your time, breathe in slowly, savor the pleasure of the act and let go of stress so that you channel your energy on the job at hand.

This will help you conserve energy and also help you go multiple rounds.

3. Learn To Practice Delayed Gratification

If you keep practicing delayed gratification, it will help you overcome the urge of indulging in a single climax and enable you to embrace the long-term bliss of multiple rounds.

4. Exercise Your PC (Pubococcygeal) Muscle

Regular exercising of this muscle helps in delaying hitting climax and also helps you indulge in sex with multiple rounds.

5. Practice Sharing

Share your body system with your partner, let her know what to do to help you shorten your refractory period, let her know the spots that trigger you on so that once the refractory period sets in she can be of help.

6. Try Certain Techniques

Use techniques that will delay climax so that sexual activity can be pleasurable and enjoyed, sex is meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

7. Stay Fit

How physically fit you do play a huge role in how quickly you’ll be ready for a second round says Dr. Brahmbhatt. The fitter you keep your body, the better your body hormones will be able to regulate themselves.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Multiple rounds are not achieved in a day, you need to constantly practice until you become perfect at what you do. When you become perfect, you reap the fruits of your labor because your partner will be longing for you always.

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I am sure that answers to your question on how to go multiple rounds in bed have been provided as well as answers to other questions that may be troubling you.

Pay the price for multiple rounds of sex and you would enjoy multiple rounds of sex with your partner.

Remember that sex is meant to be enjoyed and endured so make sure you carry your partner along.