How To Increase Breast Size In 7 Days At Home (3 Natural Ways)

Most women would want their breast size increased to add to their physical beauty, rather than for practical purposes like breastfeeding babies.

As weird as it may sound to you, you sure can grow your breast in seven days. And by grow, we mean increasing the size of your breast.

This happens by the growth of your breast tissue which is dependent on the diet you receive every day, hormonal changes, and a woman’s cycle.

Therefore, the best way is to provide the vital nutritional needs of your body. But, no! We are not saying that smaller breasts are any less attractive.

Not to worry if you are not comfortable with your breast size, here are some suggested and natural ways on how to increase breast size in 7 days at home.

The Breast: Everything You Need To Know

The breasts are paired structures overlying the chest (pectoral) muscles in women. The breasts in women are made up of specialized (glandular tissue) in charge of breast milk production and fatty tissues.

The size of the breast is determined by the amount of fat stored, exercise routine, family history, and age.

Sections Of The Breast

The milk-producing part of the breast is organized into sections, usually, 15 to 20 in number, and each of these sections is called a lobe.

Inside each lobe, there are smaller structures called lobules, where breast milk is being produced.

The milk travels through tiny sections of tubes organized into networks called ducts, and these ducts connect and join together to form the larger ducts that eventually exist in the skin in the nipple.

The dark region of skin around the nipple is called the areola. The connective tissues and ligaments provide support to the breast and give it shape. Sensation to the breast is supplied by the nerve.

6 Interesting Facts About The Breast

Here are some interesting facts about the breast and some of its purpose and functions.

  • In women, the left breast is usually bigger than the right breast. Surprised right? No two breasts appear to be the same, one must be bigger.
  • Breast move in the number 8 during exercises.
  • During the entire course of a woman’s life, the breast size changes almost six times and these changes are influenced by the type of bra you wear.
  • Human breasts mature only after pregnancy and lactation.
  • The breast naturally grows until four years after a woman’s first period.
  • You have been hearing about breast cancer right? Well, it was first discovered by the ancient Egyptians and it was documented on papyrus 3500 years ago.

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Can Breast Size Be Increased?

Of course yes, the breast size can be increased naturally or artificially. Artificially a surgery called breast augmentation can be performed by a surgeon to increase the size of your breast.

This involves placing saline and silicone under the breast tissue to make it look puffed. But there are chances of complications arising from the artificial breast increase procedures.

There are also natural ways to increase breast size and they include massages, enlargement exercises, dieting, and the use of enlargement pumps.

3 Natural Ways On How To Increase Breast Size In 7 Days At Home

There are lots of ways to increase breast size at home within 7 days and this can be achieved by dieting, massaging, and breast enlargement exercises.

1. Dieting 

foodsThere are lots of foods with the ability to increase breast size and they include soy products, meat products, legumes, fruits, and nuts.

Soy Products:

We all love soy products. Well, here is another reason for you to enjoy them without feeling guilty. Try and consume enough yogurt, soy yogurt, soy milk, tofu, soybean oil, soy protein powder, and soy nuts.

If you have been using regular oil replace it with soybean oil. Try using tofu in place of paneer and try classic soy yogurt after your dinner.

When you include these in your meal, you will see an improved breast size. Begin now!

Oil Seeds and Nuts:

Oilseeds and nuts are foods highly rich estrogen-rich sources of food. Try adding enough cashew nuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios, and walnuts to your diet in your next meal.

But always keep an eye on the quantity; because excess consumption can lead to weight gain. The best recommendation is 5-6 nuts per day.

You can also include fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, and flax seeds in your daily diet. You can even add the flax seeds to your salad or simply grind them and add them to your favorite drink.


Legumes are great sources of estrogen which helps in breast growth and also keeps your body rich with nutrition.

They keep your body energized and the fiber content helps keep you full for a long period. If you want to increase the size at home, always soybeans, beans, green beans, mung beans to your diet.

You can steam cook them or eat them in the form of a typical Indian curry that you eat on any day. Constant consumption of legumes in your body is a good way to stay healthy.

Meat Products:

Meat products are also enriched with estrogen supplements to act on your body. Chicken and chicken products are the right ones to take if you want to increase your breast size.

Since you eating chicken, here is one more reason to eat them. Eat them for two days in the right quantities and see how your breast reacts to them. For the sides, add some legumes and finish off with soy yogurt.


If you are a vegetarian, here are some veggies rich in estrogen content and so you don’t have to be concerned about not including meat products in your diet.

Some examples of foods rich in estrogen are Alfalfa, liquorice root, beets, garlic, winter squash, yam, potato, cucumber, clover, fenugreek leaves. Make a classic salad and add some flax seeds on top of it to make a crunchy taste.


Can your meal and nutrition level ever be complete without any fruits? I don’t think so! To increase breast size, add ample peaches, pomegranates, plums, carrots, watermelon for a complete meal. For your breakfast, make a bowl of mixed fruits and enjoy it with a tall glass of soy milk.

Whole Grains:

Whole grain cereals and slices of bread are enriched with estrogen supplements to act on your body. They are also healthy sources of nutrition. During breakfast, replace your regular bread with whole-grain bread.

During movie hour munch on to some popcorn. Also barley, rice, and wheat need to be added to your meal to increase your breast size.

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2. Massage Oil

Massaging is one of the best ways to increase your breast size, the question becomes what natural oil or lotion can you use for your breast massage.

You can use Flaxseed oil, Breast enlargement creams like IsoSensual, Naturaful, Fennel, and Olive oil. And they can all be purchase at an affordable price on Amazon.


  • Move your hands around both breasts in a circular way.
  • Then you proceed to join both breasts together.
  • Repeat the procedure 10 times every day but be careful not to do it for so long as it can lead to swelling and sensitivity.

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3. Breast Enlargement Exercises

You can increase your breast size at home within 7 days using some of the exercises listed below. Simply follow the steps

Arm circles:

  • Firstly, you need to stretch your arms out to the side at shoulder level.
  • Gently make small circles backward for 60 seconds.
  • Now make another small circle forwards for 60 seconds.
  • Then for 60 seconds, pulse your arms up and down, using a small range of motion.
  • Repeat the steps one or two times with a break in between.

Tip: You can some small weights to this exercise to make it more advanced.

Arm Presses:

  • You can either sit or stand with your hands stretched in front of your chest with your palms together.
  • Then open your arms until they’re behind your back and make a backbend.
  • Bring back your arms together.
  • Do this for 60 seconds. You can add some weights or a resistance band to spice up the process.

Wall Presses:

  • To do this, simply stand in front of a wall, and then press your palms flat against it at the same height as your chest.
  • Now move forward gently until your head closely touches the wall.
  • Return to the original position.
  • Repeat these steps 10 to 15 times.

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Horizontal Chest Press:

  • To do this, stretch your arms in front of your body, then bend them at an angle 90-degree.
  • For about 60 seconds open your arms as wide as they will go and bring them back together again.
  • Get some rest at the end of these exercises, and repeat at least once more.

Prayer Pose:

  • For about 30 seconds keep your arms stretched and press your palms together.
  • Now bend your elbows at 90 degrees and press your palms in toward each other in front of your chest in prayer pose for 10 seconds then release.
  • Repeat these steps 15 times.
  • Get some rest at the end of these exercises.

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Chest Press Extensions:

  • Get a dumbbell, hold it in each of your hands then bring your hands up so they are in line with your shoulders, keeping your elbows bent.
  • Gently straighten your arms and extend in front of you. You may like to extend one arm at a time.
  • Then bring your hand back to your shoulders and gently bring your wrists down.
  • Keep your elbows in at your body, and ensure the movement is slow and controlled.
  • Finally, do three sets of 12.

Modified Pushups:

  • Lie on the floor and put your palms on the outside of your chest.
  • Then push your body up until your arms are almost straight, but keep a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Gently lower your body back down using controlled resistance. Keep your elbows in at both sides of your body.
  • Finally, do three sets of 12.

Here is a 10 mins workout video showing you how to increase breast size naturally

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Wind Up

We hope this article answers your question on how to increase breast size in 7 days at home. Don’t expect to see results immediately, and also know that the difference may be modest.

The good news is that it is all safe and natural, therefore this ensures that your entire body stays healthy in the process.

Thus, the outcome is doubled. Therefore, why not go ahead and start following the steps mentioned above and see how surprised you get at the success of our remedies. That’s the effectiveness of natural ingredients!

If you have any other idea on how to increase breast size naturally, Kindly share and comment in the section box.