How To Keep Cat Out Of A Crib

Boundaries are part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary. As a natural creature, it’s not surprising that your cat will want to check out your newly assembled crib.

This reminds me of stories my grandmother used to tell me about cats getting into cribs and smothering babies by accident. Although, I later learned this was an old wife’s tale.

Still, I didn’t want to take any chances with my little one because of fear of the unknown. I did some research on my own on how to keep cat out of a crib, having known how difficult my cat can be.

So in this article, I’m going to tell you effective tips I used to keep my cat out of my baby’s crib, reasons why you should keep your cat away from your little one’s crib and also, how to keep your cat less stressed because of these restrictions.

Definitive Guide On How To Keep Cat Out Of A Crib

How To Keep Cat Out Of Crib

Your baby’s crib should not be your cat’s favorite spot in the home. Unlike dogs, cats may not always listen to you. Thankfully these guides below will help solve your nightmares.

 Teach Your Cat To Stay Out Of A Crib

  1. Train Your Cat Straight Away: Set up the crib about a month before the baby is born and begin teaching the cat on staying out of the crib. This trick will help your cat adjust to the big changes ahead.
  2. Take The Cat Out Of The Crib: If your cat jumps into the crib, take it out of the crib immediately and put it in a place where it’s allowed to be. Also, avoid yelling or punishing the cat.
  3. Be Consistent With Your Approach: You found out that your cat returns in the crib or you find it in there later, say “No” and remove it immediately from the crib. Your cat should never get comfortable or nap in your baby’s crib to avoid confusion when your baby comes.
  4. Reward Your Cat For Sleeping In Suitable Area: Once you notice your cat sleeping somewhere you approve of, set out a treat for your cat, a scratch, or food will be just fine. This gesture will help them feel comfortable and as well as associate proper sleeping areas.

Create An Unfavorable Cat Condition

  1. Create An Unfavorable Noisy Trap In The Crib: Place a noisy trap at the bottom of the crib. Each time your cat jumps in, they’ll be greeted by unsettling sounds and no cozy place to nap. However, never you place a noise trap when your baby is in it. One of the best noise trap is aluminum foil.
  2. Lay Dual Sized Tape In The Crib: Before your little one is born, lay strips of dual-sided tape along with the crib mattress where your cat usually lands. Most cats dislike the feeling of something sticky on their paws, so with this, your cat will learn to avoid the space.
  3. Keep All Furniture’s Away From Your Crib: Your bookshelves, chairs, and the changing table can serve as launching pads for cats to jump into the crib. Always move furniture away from the crib to minimize the risk. This can as well help prevent your little one from climbing out of the crib.
  4. Close The Door Of Your Baby Room: Perhaps your cat is too stubborn and it keeps finding their way into the crib, closing the door of your baby crib is another option to explore. If you’re worried that you won’t hear your baby, try to get a baby video monitor, this can help make this an easier choice.
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Switch Your Cat

  1. Create A Suitable Spot For Your Cat: You should make the spot or space where your cat naps as comfortable as your baby crib. This will discourage him from jumping back to your baby’s crib.
  2. Use Clicker Device: You can as well use a clicker device to train your cat to listen to your commands. When you click the device, reward your cat (could be cuddle or food treat) so it associates the clicking sound with the reward. This encourages positive behaviors.
  3. Divert Your Cat Attention With New Toys: Switch your cat’s attention away from the crib with some new toys. Disperse a variety of toys along the floor. This method can divert her interest back to the floor and away from the crib. Some examples of these toys are as follows…
  • Round plastic shower curtain rings
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Sisal-wrapped tubes
  • Plastic balls with bells inside
  • Empty paper bags with the handles removed
  1. Keep Your Cat In Another Room: Consider keeping your cat in another room while your baby sleeps if you don’t have a baby video monitor. Also, if your cat is an indoor and outdoor cat, you can give the cat a chance to play outside while your little one sleeps.

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Why You Have To Keep Cats Away From Your Baby


One may be wondering, do I need to keep my pet away from my newborn?. The following reasons are why you have to do that…

  • Pets can transfer germs by licking your baby’s face.
  • A cat may try to sit on your baby while she is asleep in her crib, thereby restricting your baby from breathing.
  • Pets, especially cats, can be unpredictable and may scratch or turn violent.
  • Cats may carry allergens and germs which may not affect adults, they may prove problematic or even fatal for babies.
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How To Keep Cat Out Of A Crib: Things You Must Avoid

Crib Nets

While this method may serve to prevent your cat from getting inside the crib, it can be very dangerous for your baby. As the cat messes around with the fabric, the fabric could fall on your baby causing your baby to get strangled with the mesh.

Peppermint Oil

If you are one of those moms that like putting peppermint oil everything that belonged to your baby, you should stop.

Peppermint oil is very dangerous to cats; both ingestion and skin exposure to this essential oil can be toxic causing tummy problems or pneumonia.

Restricting Your Cat

Every natural creature wants to be loved and cared for. Do not shut out your cat away from your baby; try the act of focusing on supervised moments together.

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Remember, your cat may be curious about your new baby, so make sure to introduce them before you place your baby in his/her crib with the perfect Crib Sheet. This will minimize the chance for your cat to jump into it to check out the baby.

While it’s important to make sure your cat does not get in your baby’s crib, you don’t have to shut out your cat entirely. I urge you to follow these measures if you want to keep your cat out of your baby’s crib.

I believe this article will be a great help to you in making that future decision. Share your opinions with us on how to keep your cat out of your baby’s crib.