How To Make Working From Home Fun – 12 Tips For Moms

Working from home sounds exciting but frightening for mothers because mothers are unsung martyrs that sacrifice their lives for their kids and the idea of working with your kids in full sight might be frightening.

When you are home, there are many responsibilities and activities craving your attention and sometimes you may be lost as to what to do because there are no physical boundaries.

If you are looking for a way to combine your motherly and wifely duties with work then you may be asking this question “How do I make working from home fun”.

Well, the answers you seek are contained in this article as the various strategies to use are x-rayed in this article. Read on…

How to Make Working From Home Fun For Moms

Few tips can help you make working from home fun and these tips practically answered the question of how to make working from home fun.

1. Have a Consistent Morning Routine

Having a consistent morning routine that helps you plan your day, tells you what to do and what not to do helps in making working from home fun.

Have a target of what want to accomplish or achieve every day and then stick to goals based on your priorities and try as much as possible to stick to them so as not to get distracted.

You can also help yourself function better by having a to-do list that helps you know what you are signing up for the day and you can as well as carry out the hardest task first before moving down to the simpler ones so that you give it your best shots.

2. Be Flexible With Your Daily Routine

Consistency with your routine teaches you discipline and makes you achieve set out a task but remember that there are moments when you have got to be flexible especially when your kids are home.

The younger the kids, the more attention and care they may require so sometimes there are certain things you need to give up to please them. But remember that it has to be of utmost importance so that discipline isn’t relegated to the background.

Don’t be hard on yourself when your kids interfere with your routine, as a mother the routine adherence mustn’t be 100% every day, so in this case, just show yourself kindness and do things that make you happy so that you can move on.

3. Buy a New Toy or Have A Different Type Of Activity/Craft For Your Kid(S) To Do While You Are Working

The essence of getting something other than what your kids are used to is to keep them entertained and this strategy can be a lifesaver for you.

The new toy can captivate your kid’s interest, and also keep them entertained for hours while you carry out responsibility devoid of the kid’s disturbances.

The advantage of this strategy is that it gives you ample opportunity to get work done and at the same time saves you from thinking about your kids because they are being entertained and their reasoning clouded with the joy and happiness emanating from having something new to play with.

4. Set Aside a Designated Place for Work

If possible you can also set aside a designated space or office-like space in your house. This will go a long way in helping your kids respect your work/life boundaries and it will also put more respect to your job too.

It doesn’t only help make your job more flexible, but it also makes you more productive and organized while having access to a workspace free from noise, distractions, and toddler toys.

5. Set Expectations for Your Kids When They Are Home

Starting early to let your kids know when to disturb you and when not to come closer will also help you when you are working from home.

The younger kids may have issues abiding by the rules but do not cease telling them because subconsciously they will soon adapt.

Let them know your working hours, when you are busy with office works despite working at home and when you will be free to attend to their needs. As they grow older you need not repeat the rules because they are now used to them.

If you use headphones when working, let them know that once you have your headset on, they should allow you to work.

While giving them this rule make sure that their needs are provided and catered for so that they do not have a course to disturb your work.

6. Stay Social

Here we don’t necessarily mean posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat all day—unless of course, you feel like posting.

Sometimes working from home can be boring, so it will be nice to get on social media and find local groups, co-working spaces, or networking events that help you stay connected to moms in your industry or with whom you share interests.

7. Set up Snack and Drink Stations

Do not get too attached to your work that you leave your kids unattended and you can achieve this by setting snacks and drink stations.

These snacks and drinks stations do not only help the kids but you as a mum as well. It helps the kids by taking care of the stomach and keeping hunger far so that the kids do not disturb you while you work and it also does help you while at work, as you can eat from them as well.

8. Be Gentle With Your Kids (And Yourselves)

Gentility is the key; kids would always be kids and would always do things within their horizon. Remember that everything you do is aimed at making your life and your family better, so do not be austere with your kids.

Even when they are not abiding by the rule, resist the urge to be harsh on them and shower them with love.

9. Dress for Success

I know this might sound weird to you but getting dressed as if you have a big day at work is good to make working from the comfort of your home fun.

It also helps set boundaries, especially for your kids while attending to those impromptu video chats from colleagues or clients.

Interestingly, research which was conducted by Joy V. Peluchette and Katherine Karl found that individuals felt more authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attire while working from home.

10. Set Clear Boundaries

If you want to achieve what you set up in your schedule for the day then you have got to set boundaries, learn when to say no friends that may want to come, and keep you company politely so that you achieve your dreams.

You can put a notice on your children’s walls or doors to let them know that you don’t want disturbance at all especially when on a task that requires that finish it up immediately.

11. Make Use of Naptime

Taking advantage of your baby’s naptime while working from home can help you stay productive.

Whether your baby sleeps for one hour or more, you must use those time to finish tasks, and assignments, or make that call that requires your complete focus and concentration.

If for some reason your baby isn’t tired, they have quiet time, you can put the baby in his crib with books and toys and close the door while having some little time for yourself before the baby becomes restless.

12. Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Help

When you have got a task to deliver and you are nearing a deadline, don’t kill yourself or despair nor become despondent; ask a trusted ally for help with the kids so that you launch into the job and task full time.

You can seek the help of friends, family members, trusted neighbors, or babysitters so that you can meet up with your target.

Working from home comes with its share of multitasking that may be quite draining, so do not hesitate to seek help especially when you are near your breaking point.


I am sure that answers to the question of how to make working from home fun for mothers have been provided and that practical tips have been given to make working from home fun and doable for you.

Remember that you should have a laid down rule on what you want to achieve daily and make feasible plans on how to achieve it.

Do not hesitate to seek help when you are near your breaking point and keep yourself refreshed so that you can perform your motherly and wifely duties and still function effectively work-wise.

Kids will always be kids so do not be harsh on them but treat them with gentility while reiterating the rules laid down for them, if possible have the rules posted on their walls or door.