How To Plan a Vacation With a Toddler – 14 Helpful Tips

Are you thinking of how to plan a vacation with a toddler to avoid getting overwhelmed with the outcome? If so, this article is for you.

Vacations create blueprint memories in children’s minds; sometimes, they remember and hold those memories dearly for life.

Traveling or going on vacation with your child gives your toddler the necessary exposure they will need in their lifetime.

As you may know, traveling is part of education; a young traveler is far better than an untraveled adult. This article discusses tips to explore when planning a vacation with your toddler.

How To Plan a Vacation With a Toddler

To make your vacation filled with fun memories, not one that will leave you stranded and filled with regrets, you have to plan your vacation with your toddler.

The preparatory tips below will guide you in your initial vacation stage so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

1. Choose Your Vacation Destination Wisely

When you are on a trip with your toddler, it is quite different from when you are alone on a trip, hence the need to ensure that your toddler is considered in your choice of vacation destination.

The essence of this is so that you do not get yourself in a vacation destination that is not toddler friendly.

2. Try Choosing a Room With a Balcony

This is because you have enough space for your toddler to enjoy him or herself while sightseeing simultaneously.

Your toddler is energetic and wouldn’t want to be tied to a place and if you want to avoid a sit-crazy situation, then go for a room with a balcony.

3. Choose Simple Clothes

Do not pack too many clothes because you may end up not using some of the clothes you brought.

Your baby will get their clothes soiled, so do not use expensive clothes during vacation because the essence of the vacation is to have fun.

Their clothes could become ruined and may have to be discarded because of indelible stains, hence the need to choose simple clothes.

4. Do Not Travel Heavy

If you must enjoy your vacation with your toddler, then there is no need to travel heavy, which means that you must travel light.

If you want to travel light, then do these things so that your aim of traveling light can become feasible.

Buy your consumables at the place of vacation instead of going with them, as they will add to your luggage loads.

There is no need to travel with things you are sure will be provided at the place of vacation.

Do not carry your world, remember it is a vacation and not relocation and then leave some space in your suitcases so that you can have rooms for shopping.

5. Consider the Sleeping Arrangement Before You Book

You should forget fancy boutique hotels or cozy B&Bs when dealing with toddlers. Your focus should be on the sleeping arrangements. 

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If your child often sleeps alone, putting him in your room might make you two uncomfortable. Your child might want to play some more before going to bed. 

Additionally, putting your toddler in your room means lights out at bedtime, leaving you and your partner in the dark.

So, the best way to avoid such circumstances is to rent a home with multiple rooms or get a hotel room with a one-bedroom suite so your toddler can spend the night in a pack-n-play in the living room. 

Alternatively, a hotel room with a large closet with vents on the door may help. Those few quiet hours at night without your toddler disturbing will keep you sane and make your trip fun and enjoyable.

6. Fly Smart   

Flying smart means you have everything you need for your vacation intact and light, and then you have reached the poise and class.

You do not have to look worn or overloaded because you are traveling with your toddler.

Plug your child’s ears well with cotton, especially during takeoff and landing, to avoid causing problems for your child as their ears are still tender, and the loud noise experienced at such a moment may be harmful to them.

Give your toddler candy to suck on during the landing or takeoff moments to minimize the pressure that can form on their ears during those times.

Ensure that your toddler is adequately and appropriately dressed. Dress them to look sweet and smart.

7. Maintain the Routine

Vacations sure are supposed to be fun-filled but remember that you have a toddler with you, and to avoid stressing your toddler, include your toddler’s routine in your schedule.

This ensures that your toddler enjoys their holidays while you enjoy yours.

8. Carry the Essentials

While traveling, do not forget to travel with the essentials like a small first aid box in the case of emergency so that your toddler’s life isn’t toyed with.

When creating the list of essentials, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Sleeping situation: provide your child with a safe place to sleep, any comfort items they require, and consider lighting, including nightlights and blackout curtains.
  • Play: Try not to travel with a TON of toys. Toys are essential for travel time. A few durable favorites are enough.
  • Eating: Do not forget your toddler-appropriate finger food to help your toddler cope with hunger pangs, as this will help your toddler deal with hunger. You should bring other eating essentials like a nursing cover, water bottle, a baby spoon, a sippy cup, or a plastic plate.
  • Special gear: Like lifejackets, swimsuits, sunscreen, sunshade, special shoes, cold-weather gear, and a travel diary.

9. Be Creative with Dinner Plans 

Try not to torture yourself in restaurants every night. Restaurants and toddlers don’t mix well, but you all need to eat. 

You can plan to go to family-friendly restaurants some nights, where your child can play with crayons and eat food from the kid’s menu. 

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Alternatively, you can get take-out from nicer restaurants to enjoy good food. 

Some hotels have BBQs where you can grill your food. This casual dining can be exciting for the whole family. You can also bring the food to a park for a picnic or find a grassy location in your resort.

10. Get your game on

While on the journey, go with things that can keep your toddler excited and occupied throughout the journey. Ensure these items do not pose any danger to their eyes.

To ensure that digital gadgets are not overused, you can travel with your child’s favorite toy, a coloring book that can keep your child glued to the activity or even a captivating picture book.

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11. Consider Babysitter Options

People often bring babysitters or relatives on vacation to spend time with their children, relax, and enjoy nice dinners. A home-based sitter can be pricey since they are on vacation, and bringing relatives might not be something everyone enjoys.

12. Dump the checklist

Remember that it is a vacation with your toddler; hence to have a relaxed holiday or vacation, do ensure that the places you go to are toddler-friendly places.

Go to places where your toddler can easily move and enjoy their holidays.

13. Keep calm and breathe easy

If your toddler decides to play tough and create a scene, do not get worked up, it is one of your duties as an adult.

Do not get too apologetic to co-passenger surely; they will understand and share in your toddler’s supposedly fun-filled activity.

If a co-passenger complains too much, do not give in to the temptation of treating them as they deserve. Instead, treat them pleasantly because you do not know what the person may be dealing with.

14. Be Alert Always 

Remember that your child is your priority, and so is their safety hence the need for you to be eagle-eyed.

Your toddler is energetic and can wander off without thinking. In other not to ruin your vacation keep your eye on your toddler.


I am sure you have gotten your desired answer on how to plan a vacation with a toddler.

If you stick with the guide given above, you will have a hitch-free vacation that will be memorable for you and your child.

Also, remember the idea of holidaying with your family is to spend quality time with your kids and come back refreshed, with fun-filled lasting memories. 

A vacation with a toddler isn’t the same with adults. So plan the tricky details so that you are ‘at the moment’ during the holiday and can give your child the attention they need. 

Your child’s welfare should be an essential consideration in planning a vacation hence the need for a toddler-friendly environment.