How To Spice Things Up in The Bedroom While Pregnant (8 Helpful Tips)

Pregnancy can be a bittersweet experience in so many ways. On one side, you’re excited to welcome a new member into the family. On the other side, it affects your intimate moments with your partner.

No matter how excited you are, you’d crave a moment of intimacy, and depending on how far into the pregnancy journey you may have gone, your level of intimacy will not be the same as before.

This is why many couples seek ways on how to spice things up in the bedroom while pregnant, to help foster their connection and, if possible, maintain it as they always had it. This can be possible with the following guide.

How To Spice Things Up in The Bedroom While Pregnant

As a first-time parent, you can never be too prepared for what comes along with the baby. The visible changes in your body and between your spouse are innumerable and may throw you off guard if not well handled.

This goes from dealing with unusual cravings to random moods that can affect the connection between you and your spouse or your sex life as a couple, which isn’t such a good thing.

You find yourself becoming more exhausted and losing interest in the activities that turned you ON, and gradually, it begins to discourage your spouse also.

This can be an exhausting experience for your partner and the expectant mother because sex is important for you while pregnant. This is why many couples become disconnected once a baby is on the way.

Fortunately, the both of you can always work things out and find ways of how to spice things up in the bedroom while pregnant by communicating your expectations. 

However, there are things you can do to boost or maintain your sex life during pregnancy, and they’re listed below;

1. Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is the bedrock of all solid relationships. It makes things easier for the parties involved and saves the trouble of assumptions.

Communicate your feelings to your partner, be it your fears, expectations, or needs, hinting at the areas that you need their attention the most. 

If you find yourself less interested in sex, mention it to them and explain why you feel that way. This is the first step to being understood.

2. Resist the Excuses

Pregnancy and fatigue go together if you’re not on any energy supplements. You become easily exhausted. Sometimes you don’t even need to do any rigorous activity, and you can become tired just by being pregnant and breathing.

This is very understandable since you’re carrying another human inside of you. However, understand that when it comes to sex, it is not just about you but your partner; their sexual desires are equally valid as yours.

Resist the urge to give excuses whenever it gets to sex because both of you need it. Avoid activities that will make you exhausted and preserve some energy for your partner so that you don’t become too tired in the act.

3. Appreciate Your Body

One reason why many women steer off sex while pregnant is that they feel unattractive. The larger-than-average breasts alongside a protruding belly and wide waist is a body so different from what she’s known.

The fear that this “unappealing” body may be permanent keeps her feeling ugly, affecting her sex life.

However, if you look at yourself more positively, the feeling that you’re not as beautiful as you used to will disappear. Appreciate your body more by wearing flattering clothes, using your favorite colors, and shopping for accessories that you fancy.

Also, remember that pregnancy is just a phase that will go, and the visible changes are there because of the hormonal changes, which means that once the hormones are balanced, your body will snap back into shape.

4. Wear Pregnancy Lingerie

There are lingeries made especially for women with a baby bump. They’re as flattering and sexy as regular lingerie and sure to make you look more attractive.

5. Change Your Environment

Sometimes the environment can affect your sex life. The environment affects your mood, and a short time change will be a great way to bring back the bedroom spark.

Go to your favorite place and stay for a couple of days, engage in fun activities together and ensure to absorb the energy around your new environment.

6. Create a Routine

Boredom can also affect the connection between you and your partner. Going through the same cycle daily can sometimes be tiring and make you lose interest in certain things.

Create a routine of new things you’d like to engage in. It could be seeing a movie, trying new restaurants in town, shopping, or just trying out a new recipe. This will create a new interest in you and alert your mind.

7. Try Different Positions

As your stomach grows, the missionary position will become pretty much impossible. First, lying on your back during penetration is very uncomfortable and will put you in a weird shape! 

Regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy, this sex position (scissoring, cowgirl, & doggy style) is one of the best to try.

8. Invest in Toys

Investing in sex toys can help spice things up in the bedroom for you and your partner while pregnant. 

As long as toys are not old, cracked, or filled with bacteria from lack of cleaning, she says they can “take some of the positioning struggles away because you can use them on yourself in any position you’re comfortable.”

Here are some options to consider:


Wash your sex toys after every use, especially if you share them with your partner. 

Additionally, have separate toys designated for a specific sexual purpose to avoid potentially spreading bacteria. It is vital to prevent infection during pregnancy, so don’t use toys if you’re bleeding, in preterm labor, or experiencing complications. 

Reasons Why Women Lose Interest in Sex While Pregnant

There are several reasons why many women no longer fancy intimate moments with their partners. 

It could be from their ends or that of their partners. Here are some reasons why women give up on sex once there’s a baby on the way.

Feeling unattractive

As a pregnant woman, pregnancy can change you in so many ways. It could be physically or psychologically. You become more sensitive to things you cared less about before. 

Your body starts growing in areas or shapes you’d somewhat like hidden and may also develop stretch marks. These changes can affect how you see yourself and make you think less.

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Fear that the sex will hurt the baby

Many people believe that having sex during pregnancy can hurt the baby, and this is a myth because the baby is secure in a sac with amniotic fluid that protects it from sound and touch.


Fatigue is a common sign of pregnancy, especially in the early stages. You sleep more often and engage less in activities you formerly participated in, amongst other symptoms. This can make you less interested in sex.

Lack of emotional support

Dealing with a lot of emotions alone can make you feel less loved. When it comes to sex, women are more excited when their emotions are at ease. This can bridge your relationship with your partner and affect your sex life.

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The best way to maintain your sexual life with your partner is to understand how to spice things up in the bedroom while pregnant because, during this period, you may have to do extra work to enjoy sex with your partner.

Pregnancy is a delicate period that needs to be handled because it affects every aspect of your life, whether financially, emotionally, or physically. Sometimes, your bedroom relationship isn’t spared.