How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader (The Complete Guide)

The front loader washing machine is the higher energy-efficient version of top-loading washers.

Oxiclean is a new laundry product that’s become more popular because of its ability to illuminate clothes and also help in removing stains without the dangers of color suppression or cloth blotching associated with chlorine.

It is important to know what proportions of water and clothes are required for a wash for each detergent tablespoon during laundry.

A lot of people may be asking how to use Oxiclean in front loader washer since improper use can result in ruined clothes.

Don’t worry, in this article we discuss the characteristics of a top loader washer, how to use Oxiclean in the front loader machine, and other Oxiclean frequently asked questions.

How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader

Wash Baby Clothes With Oxiclean

Several practical methods will allow you to use OxiClean powder in your front-loader washing machine. Try and choose the one that will work effectively for your washer and follow the procedure.

How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader With External Dispenser

Step 1

Firstly, load your washer with your dirty laundry as you normally would. Then choose the cleaning cycle best for the laundry load.

Step 2

Push the start button on your front loader, and then add a pre-dissolved solution of one ounce of Oxiclean and 16 ounces of water to the external dispenser.

Step 3

Enhance the cleaning abilities of Oxiclean by running the washer on hot or warm water, if possible. Then pretreat or presoak stubborn stains on laundry with Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover, according to manufacturer’s directions.

How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader Without External Dispenser

Step 1

Mix one ounce of Oxiclean detergent booster with your powdered laundry detergent. Load your laundry into your front loader machine.

Step 2

Choose the best laundry cleaning cycle for the laundry load. Then push the start button on your front load washer.

Step 3

Pour the premixed Oxiclean detergent booster along with the appropriate amount of powdered laundry detergent to the front load washer during the washing cycle as recommended by the manufacturer’s direction.

How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader Using Liquid Detergent

Step 1

Premix one ounce of Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover in 16 ounces of tap water and pour the premixed cleaning solution into the bleach dispenser.

Step 2

Load laundry into the front loader. Set to wash cycle, then add your liquid laundry detergent and start washer.

Step 3

Pour Oxiclean detergent directly into the empty tub of your front loader, as directed by the manufacturer’s recommended amount, as another option. Load your laundry, and then add liquid laundry detergent. Set to wash cycle then start the washer.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Oxiclean works effectively in hot water.
  • Also, avoid stirring Oxiclean with liquid bleach or detergents that contain chlorine bleach in them.
  • After you’re done washing laundry, make sure to leave the front loader door open so that the machine can dry out in other to avoid mildew build-up.

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Characteristics Of A Top Loader Washer

How To Use Oxiclean In Front Loader machine

1. Style

Top-loading washing machines are outstanding and classic, maybe the type you are most used to, loading from the top and with the console in the back.

2. Capacity

For washing machines with an agitator, the central shaft occupies more space in the wash basket, while the impeller provides more space for bulky laundry and easier loading and unloading.

3. Washing force

The agitator rubs the fabrics for a more rigid wash. The impeller carves the fabrics against one another for a more challenging but mild wash.

4. Comfort

In top-loading washing machines, it is easier to load and unload. However, it can be a bit difficult to reach the bottom of the basket due to your height and the machine’s size.

5. Efficiency

Most washing machines with agitators are ENERGY STAR® guaranteed. All washers are ENERGY STAR® guaranteed.

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Other Oxiclean FAQs

Can You Put Oxiclean in a HE Washer?

Yes! OxiClean will increase your washing machine’s cleaning power and is safe for most fabrics, introducing jeans, colors, and baby clothes.

Just add a spoon to each load, and this product works both in HE and non-HE washers, so your clothes are cleaner. Then pour your laundry detergent in a cup or container and add OxiClean directly to the drum.

For tougher stains, fill the HE washer with hot water, laundry detergent, and 1-4 scoop of OxiClean and turn off the washer.

How Do You Use Oxiclean On Linen?

Just mix one cap of OxiClean stain remover for every gallon of hot or warm water as recommended by the fabric caution label.

For tough set-in stains, heavily soiled clothes, or dirty linens, leave them to soak for 6 hours and then launder them as usual.

How Do I Use Peace Of Mind in a Top-Loading Washer?

Semi-automatic: Launder clothes with normal laundry detergents. Pour one comfort cap into the washer’s tub with clean water all through the last rinse cycle.

Top loading: If your washer has a softener compartment, pour one comfort stopper towards the start of the wash cycle. Otherwise, pour one comfort plug into the washer’s tub over the last rinse cycle.

Is Oxiclean Better Than Bleach?

Oxygenated bleach similarly to OxiClean is an analgesic for chlorine bleach and is ok for quite a few issues. Oxiclean can is very effective in removing stains from colors as well as whites.

It contains no harsh chemicals and will not ruin most fabrics, however, it is not advised to be used on silk or leather.

Is Oxiclean an Optimal Detergent?

OxiClean laundry detergent, 172.5 fl oz, removes tough set-in stains, dirt, colors, and deficiencies for a deep clean that can indeed be seen.

The concentrated formula is so effective that just one cap is enough to take care of a full laundry load; each bottle works better for 110 finished bags.

Does Oxiclean Kill Germs?

Although not as strong as a disinfectant as chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach does disinfect to some extent.

An oxygen-based laundry detergent like Oxiclean can disinfect clothes much more than a regular detergent would. Pine oil is also very effective at disinfecting.

A few people on the internet may say, “OxiClean stained my clothes,” but this is very unusual. However, if you ignore proper recommended guidelines on how to use this detergent, you likely will.

It is best advised to only pour the elemental amount to use, and according to the water and the clothes, you will wash.


I hope this article has given an in-depth knowledge to answer your question, how to use Oxiclean in front loader.

Oxiclean can be added directly to the washer as a cleaning booster, just ensure to pour the right amount into your washing machine for best results.

Remember, removing all kinds of stains is one of the most critical factors for everyone especially for parents, and for this, there is no doubt that Oxiclean is one of the best, if not the best in removing stains, making your clothes looks new again.