How To Wash Cloth Wipes

Using cloth wipes for a baby is quite cost-effective; it makes the landfill less filled with disposable waste and helps in avoiding the risk of your baby’s delicate bottom being wiped with chemical-laden.

Since disposable wipes and cloth wipes do a tremendous job in cleaning poopy bums than a baby wipe many parents do ask the question of how to wash cloth wipes.

Although, using disposable baby wipe saves you the stress of washing your baby wipes. Many parents would want to stick to it to avoid going through the stress.

In this article, we will answer your questions on how to wash cloth wipes, the advantages of using clothes, how to make your cloth wipes, the best cloth wipe solution, and lots of other questions about baby wipes.

What are Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are pieces of fabrics made from any material like flannel wipes. This material is made from old flannel sheets or stained blanket, terry cloth, cotton or bamboo velour, cotton or bamboo fleece, and mixed fabrics that is not harsh on your baby’s soft bum.

Its primary aim is to clean the poop on your baby’s bum or bottom and since it is bum friendly and lacking in harmful chemicals found in traditional disposable wipes, it becomes the ideal suggestion for the baby.

How To Use Cloth Wipes

When using cloth wipes, you just need to add water to the fabric used as a cloth wipe and use, sometimes you can run them over warm water in the bathroom and then clean the bum.

If you don’t want to keep going to the bathroom to run warm water over your cloth wipes before using them, you can keep a small peri bottle or spray bottle with water at your changing table so that it becomes readily available and accessible to you whenever it is needed.

Sometimes you could want to add a wipe solution to your cloth wipe for effective results as it helps to clean up poop messes. But remember that after the bum is wiped, shake off the poop if it is still there and send it to the laundry bag

How To Wash Cloth Wipes

This is what we have waited patiently for and here we are at that point and it is going to be amazingly simple.

Generally, before the washing remember to rinse off the poop in the sink or toilet immediately after use or before the wash day, and then you are ready for the washing of your baby’s cloth wipes.

If Your Baby Is Exclusively Breastfed:         

You don’t have to worry too much about taking out any solid waste, because breast milk baby poop is water-soluble, which means it dissolves easily in water while in your washer.

To Get Your Cloth Wipes Clean:

  • Wash in warm water
  • Add the right solid laundry detergent that is safe for the baby.
  • Then wash and allow it to dry.

If you’re washing with diapers, simply follow your normal cloth diaper wash routine

If Your Baby Is Bottle-Fed Or Eats Solid Food:

Hint: A hose sprayer makes this step less stressful

How To Make Your Cloth Wipes

Having gotten convinced that cloth wipes are ideal for your baby and in other to save some extra bucks by taking out the cost of buying disposable wipes from your budget the next big question becomes how do I make my cloth wipes since using cloth wipes has a lot of benefits associated with its use. Don’t worry here we go.

When making wipes the most important question to answer is to discover your choice of fabrics that will enable you to make your cloth wipe and we have cloth wipes like flannel wipes.

These are made from old flannel sheets, terry cloth which makes old towels into cloth wipes, cotton or bamboo velour, cotton or bamboo fleece, and mixed fabrics.

Next, use an 8×8 finished size. Though you can make two-layer wipes by starting with fabrics that are 8.5×8.5 inches, put the outsides in (facing each other), and sew most of the way around with a machine or by hand and your cloth wipes are ready to be rocked on your baby’s bottom and your baby savors the soft feelings and tons of money are saved.

How To Make A Cloth Wipe Solution

If you decide to make your own or buy them, you’ll need a solution to make cleaning up easier. Many pre-made wipe solutions normally come in a convenient spray form: To use it properly, just spray your baby’s bottom and use neat fabric wipes to clean the area.

Also, solutions can be used to soak your baby wipes, so you already have wet wipes on hand—similar to the pre-packaged wipes you buy in the store. Also, you can use plain water as a solution, but using an actual wipe solution makes baby diaper changes:

  • Makes Baby More Comfortable: Using a wipe solution prevents irritation from rubbing a dry cloth on the baby’s delicate bottom.
  • Easy To Clean: The solution helps remove urine, as well as baby poop from your baby’s skin.
  • Smell Fresh: Ingredients like Castile soap ensure a good clean.
  • More Sanitary: Receive added antibacterial resources from essential oils.

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Best DIY Cloth Wipe Solution

Going through the DIY route can save you lots of money, and it also gives you the freedom to control exactly what ingredients you’re using.

To Make Your Own Cloth Wipes Solution:

 Things You’ll Need:

  • 4 Oz of water
  • 1 teaspoon Castile soap
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil

Here is a video showing how to make cloth wipes solution

 To Assemble As A Spray:

  • Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • Shake the ingredients well before use.
  • Store in a dark, cool cabinet.

To Create Wet Wipes:

  • Place wipes into a container.
  • Pour the solution directly over the wipes.
  • Use within 3 days.

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Advantages Of Using Cloth Wipes

Using cloth wipes has lots of advantages over its contemporary disposable baby’s wipes like

  1. Cloth wipes are natural and don’t have chemicals. Therefore there are no risks of irritations of your baby’s bum, unlike the disposable wipes that contain excessive ingredients that are chemically prepared which can make your baby react negatively to it, remember we all have allergies so do babies.
  2. Cloth wipes grab the mess readily and make the cleaning of your baby’s poop much easier thereby enabling you to use just fewer wipes as a result.
  3. It is cost-effective. Cloth wipes can be reused after washing them and then the cost of buying a new one after using a disposable baby’s wipe is saved.
  4. It saves you the stress of getting stranded when you forget to restock your disposable baby’s wipe especially when noticed at ungodly hours.
  5. It is eco-friendly. It prevents the environment from being littered with wipes and also saves the landfill a less thing to be dumped in it.
  6. Using cloth wipes help reduce rashes and improve and step up your baby’s bottom health. The requirements to cutting off rashes from a baby’s bottom are quite easy, just add water and a little soap or liniment lotion and your baby bottom are as clean as it can be and rashes and irritation are things of the past.

Wind Up

Going through this article I am pretty sure that your questions on how to wash cloth wipes and every other thing you need to know about cloth wipes are answered.

Also, knowing how to make your cloth wipes, advantages of cloth wipes over disposable ones will help you to determine what’s best for you and your baby.