How To Wash Vera Bradley Diaper Bag (2 Easy Steps)

If you’ve been wondering about the methods on how to wash your Vera Bradley diaper bag, here are the simple steps involved, what to know, and how to go about it.

Before dumping your diaper bag in the washing machine, try to check for any care instructions which may be written on a visible piece of material attached to the bag.

If there’s none, it could mean the bag is safe for all forms of care but you should contact the manufacturing company to give you the necessary information you need before throwing it in the washer.

How To Wash Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

What You’ll Need

  • A cup of very mild detergent (optional)
  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • Coldwater
  • Scotchgard

There are two methods you can adopt to wash your Vera Bradley bag, either by deep washing or spot washing it in a washing machine.

When deep washing, the entire bag is soaked in a solution of water, vinegar, and detergent while in spot washing, you don’t have to soak the bag totally, you only target the stained areas and scrub gently with a sponge or bristle brush and hang to dry.

Below are the detailed steps you can take for whichever method you choose to use on how to wash Vera Bradley diaper bag

How To Deep Wash Your Vera Bradley Bag

When deep washing your Vera Bradley bag, use only cold water or lukewarm water to wash.

Step 1: Preparation

Look for any hidden zippers and take out anything you might have forgotten in the bag. Take out dust from the bag by turning it upside down to let out any items or little particles that may be in the corners.

Search the bottom of your bag for a zipper to take out the cardboard that supports the bag to stand upright. Other bags have a plastic base so they do not need to be taken since they can’t get soaked up.

Step 2: Setting Up the Washing Machine

Put the regulator of the washing machine on the gentle wash. To prevent excessively washing your bag which may later lead to it fading, the gentle spin on your washing machine is the best option. Also, use only cold water when washing your Vera Bradley diaper bag.

Step 3: Add ½ Cup of Vinegar into the Cold Water

Aside from being a good cleaning agent, vinegar helps to restore the looks on faded vintage items.

Some people advise that vinegar should be the only other thing to use when washing the bag aside from water which could be to prevent it from fading quickly but there are mild detergents that would not be too harsh on the material that the bag is made of.

Add a little of the detergent to the cold water and vinegar mixture, toss your bag in and set it to wash.

Step 4: Wash

Set your machine on slow spin wash and wash your bag for about 15 minutes max. 

Step 5: Drain and Spin

Drain out the soapy water and rinse your bag with cold water after it is done washing. Also, use the slow spin to reduce the amount of water-soaked in the bag after a good rinse.

Step 6: Dry Under a Shade

Dry your bag away from direct sunlight and if there’s no shade outside your house, put it on a clothes hanger and dry it indoors.

Step 7: Use Scotchgard

Scotchgard your bag to prevent it from getting stained and requiring a wash onward. You can spray your bag with a  Scotchgard immediately when you purchase your Vera Bradley diaper bag to prevent it from getting dirty, that way you can avoid washing it in the first place.

Replace the cardboard you took out from the initial stage and your Vera Bradley bag is ready for use again.

How To Spot Wash Your Vera Bradley Bag

When you’re very conscious of your Vera Bradley bag fading out quickly, spot washing might be the best method to go with since you won’t necessarily need to soak the entire bag in water.

You won’t be making use of your washing machine in this case, since you won’t need it anyway. Just a big bowl or bucket of water and vinegar, with a brush to scrub, will do.


  • Add a few spoons of white vinegar into a bucket of cold water.
  • Add ½ cup of very mild detergent to it.
  • Use a bristle brush to deep into the water and scrub off any stains on the bag.
  • Put it on a clothes hanger to dry indoors.
  • Scotchgard your Vera Bradley bag to avoid washing it at all.

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Other FAQ’s

Can you wash your Vera Bradley bag with other items?

Except the other items are also Vera Bradley items, do not wash your Vera Bradley bag with other items.

Wash the other items separately and drain out the water before washing your Vera Bradley bag especially if the bags are vintage bags that can have their patterns easily stained by other colorful materials.

How do I clean a diaper bag changing pad?

If you want to get your baby’s changing pad clean and free of dirt, use only alcohol-free and acid-free wipes, dry clean cloth, paper towels, or soapy water.

This way the colors stay bright and the surface undamaged, this helps ensure the product serves you for a long time!

Should I wipe my baby every diaper change?

The answer is No! Not every diaper change may require the use of a wipe. If your little one has only peed, then you may skip wiping him down to avoid unnecessary irritation.

Additionally, you should always wipe your baby after every poopy diaper, and while you do this, wipe the baby from front to back to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

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The steps in the article on how to wash a Vera Bradley diaper bag can be used for other Vera Bradley bags or purses also, they’re not limited to diaper bags alone.

When handling limited-edition bags, it is advisable to stick to the care instructions if made available, in a case where you cannot find the instructions, contact the manufacturers to guide you on how to go about it so that you will not end up ruining your bag.

This article should guide you on how to wash your Vera Bradley bag whenever need be. And in the case of fade, use white vinegar while washing; it will help to restore the looks of your bag.