Tropicana Juice During Pregnancy: Can I Drink It & How Safe is it?

Tropicana Juice is an all-time favorite drink because it is tasty, healthy, and nutritious. But as a pregnant woman, you don’t go about drinking everything, no matter how healthy they may seem.

Because in your pregnancy stage, your baby’s system and yours are delicate and can be easily affected by what you take. 

This is why the question of “Can I drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy” is a normal question to ask to help set you on a good foot throughout your pregnancy journey.

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Can I Drink Tropicana Juice During Pregnancy?

No, you cannot drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy because consuming such preserved sugary drinks is not healthy.

While orange juice as a drink is very healthy and recommended, you should only have fresh juice if you crave any fruit juice.

Orange juice provides a good amount of vitamin C and iron, both good for yourself and your unborn baby. It lowers the risk of high blood pressure and improves your immune system.

Drinking at least one cup of orange juice daily can do wonders in your system, but only when it is fresh. 

Fresh fruit Juices are always better than their industry-made counterparts with lots of artificial preservatives and long-time heating.

Most times, the preservatives and amount of heat used in preparing to reduce the nutrients in the drinks, making them less healthy and effective. Also, the added sweeteners make them more sugary than homemade juices and less healthy.

If you’re wondering, “Can I drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy” understand that beyond the vitamin C contained in it, it is too sugary and unhealthy for you.

Medical research has shown that excessive sugar consumption during pregnancy may contribute to increased weight gain and pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth.

Even on regular days when you’re not pregnant, sugary drinking is not advisable, not to mention when there’s an unborn baby whose development depends on you and what you consume.

Most times, your cravings for a Tropicana Juice may be to take Orange juice rather than the product itself; in this case, it is safer and cheaper to buy fresh oranges and juice them.

Is Tropicana Juice Safe During Pregnancy?

Tropicana Juice falls in the class of packaged drinks, which are considered unsafe for pregnant women.

While Tropicana Juice is allegedly made of 100% natural oranges, it is still not healthy for consumption during pregnancy.

As a preservative, packaged juice is made with many preservatives and packaged in an airtight container to avoid contamination by airborne microorganisms.

Keeping these drinks in airtight containers increases the heat, which constantly works on the nutrients in the juices, making them less nutritious. 

With little nutritional value, most of what is left is a concentration of sugar and preservatives, and excess sugar during pregnancy is harmful.

Packaged juices have pros and cons, and one of the biggest advantages of buying packed drinks is that you can afford to drink your favorite fruit just season in and season out, irrespective of whether the fruit is available on the market. 

This has helped a lot of people to have their cravings satisfied at all times when they can’t find natural fruits.

However, just as there are pros of having packaged drinks, the cons are also numerous, and one of them is their inadequate nutritional value, making them less healthy than natural fruit juice.

So, while you can make Tropicana Juice from orange juice, it is not organic and unsafe to drink during pregnancy. 

Natural Orange juice, on the other hand, contains fiber which improves your digestive health and reduces the chances of the sugar in the juice being absorbed into your bloodstream, making it healthier.

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How To Make Natural Orange Juice

Instead of drinking juices preserved for long months and lost their nutritional value, you can afford to prepare your own homemade natural Orange juice.

You’d be sure that it is indeed organic, doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and has been prepared in a hygienic environment.

Here are the steps of how to make homemade natural orange juice in a few minutes;

Step 1: Purchase And Carefully Select Your Oranges

Since you’re using natural fruits, there’s a high chance that some may be infected with bacteria or fungi which can contaminate your juice. 

Pay attention to any pigmentation on the oranges or soft spots. Rotten oranges emit an awful smell and can be easily identified. Pick them out to be sure that your juice is made with healthy fruits.

Step 2: Wash and Peel The Oranges

Pour ½ tablespoon of vinegar or table salt into clean water and use it to wash the oranges. After washing them, mop the water with a clean kitchen towel and peel them. The vinegar or slat will kill any bacteria on the surface of the oranges.

Step 3: Peel and Blend

If you’re straining the oranges with a manual juicer, remove the seeds before doing so. Otherwise, peel off the inner sheath and blend them in a blender.

Orange juice or very relaxing and can be served with any meal. You don’t have to sieve out the fiber in the juice since that is part of what makes it healthy. Add a reasonable amount of water to reduce the thickness and serve.

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Alternatives To Tropicana Juice During Pregnancy

Since the answer to “Can I drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy” is no, you may wonder about alternatives to Tropicana Juice that will have the same effect as the juice itself.

Thankfully there are a host of options that you can substitute Tropicana Juice for; they’re safer and more healthy to drink during pregnancy.


Smoothies are very healthy yet underrated. They’re a blend of drink fruits containing lost essential nutrients and vitamins that will sustain you throughout your pregnancy. The best part is that they can eat fiber and natural sugar without side effects.


Water is an all-time recommendation. It improves your skin and reduces blood pressure risks and other heart-related conditions. It is not just healthy but necessary to drink enough water during pregnancy.


Green teas are also healthy, but you should consume them cautiously since they’re made from natural herbs that can sometimes have intense side effects.


Seltzers are alcoholic drinks combined with carbonated water, but unlike other alcoholic drinks, they are low in alcohol, calories, and sugar. It may not be organic, but it is safe to drink during pregnancy.

Natural Fruit Juice

Tropicana Juice is an imitation of natural orange juice, which means natural juice gives you the same taste and feels you get when you drink Tropicana Juice, only that natural juice is healthier.

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When it comes to pregnant women, the best place to get the answer to questions like “can I drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy?” is from your gynecologist.

Because questions like these are personal questions, you cannot just decide to drink or not to drink because another pregnant woman is doing the same.

Body systems vary, and pregnancy affects women differently. Your consultant may permit you to drink Tropicana Juice during pregnancy, but you can only know if you ask.