When To Put Baby In Exersaucer (Explained)

As a parent, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to introduce an exersaucer too early. Parents are always anxious to see their baby walking as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot rush the development process.

Knowing when to put baby in exersaucer is important. Especially, if your baby has grown to a stage where he or she wants a lot of attention and wants to be held all the time, at this point you may consider putting in an exersaucer.

In the article, we shall talk about when to put baby in exersaucer, weight limit, and the age recommendation to help you in making the right decisions for you and the baby.

What is an Exersaucer?

An exersaucer is a modernized form of a baby walker with no wheels and stays in one place instead. Also, they come with different varieties of plastic toys attached and a saucer-shaped bottom for the baby to sit.

Since exersaucers come with different types of toys, babies can try out the toys, push buttons to activate sound and music, and learn new skills as they rock in place.

This modernized baby gadget is a great solitary play structure for babies and gives mothers and caregivers a much-needed break to do other things.

When To Put Baby In Exersaucer?


Exersaucers may be great, but they may limit your baby’s development in reaching life milestone when used too soon or too often. Once your baby is developmentally ready, exersaucer’s can aid in building core strength and balance skills.

Exersaucer Age And Weight Limit

Pediatricians recommend that babies start using exersaucers when a baby is at the age of 4 to 7 months and should not be used past 24 months or when over 30 inches tall.

At this age, the baby can hold their head up on their own. They should also have developed the ability to move around and stand up on their own in the crib or on furniture.

Weight Limit

The average weight limit of most exersaucers is 25 pounds. Once your baby reaches 25 pounds and above, it is best advisable to stop putting them in an exersaucer.

Since most exersaucers are designed not to accommodate weight over 25 pounds they might break down and injure your baby. Also, your baby may feel uncomfortable since he or she is not well fitted in it.

How To Introduce Your Baby To Exersaucer?

Child security is a fundamental role for every parent or caregiver. Since exersaucers are recommended for use by babies, it’s important to go through the manual instructions as advised to avoid accidents and injuries.

Therefore, the best trick to introduce your baby to an exersaucer is by first familiarizing him or her with this gadget. Once he or she can sit on their own, place your baby on the exersaucer seat and slowly help him or she recognize the attached toys.

If there is music, allow him or her to listen to it and most importantly, show your baby that you are also enjoying and having fun with him. Showing your baby that you are enjoying the fun activities on the exersaucer together will show that you are not using it as a substitute while you are busy with the chores.

In that case, your baby will start loving to spend time on it. You can gradually start leaving him on it for a few minutes as you quickly finish up other chores once you are sure that they are hooked.

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How To Use The Exersaucer

There are some simple yet important instructions you must adhere to when using the exersaucer this includes:

  • The exersaucer must be used by babies who are at least four months old and able to hold their head up on their own.
  • Make sure you place the exersaucer on a flat, level floor.
  • When using the exersaucer always keep your baby in full view.
  • Your baby should not be able to stand flat-footed. Only the baby’s toes should touch the floor.
  • Do not spin the baby in the seat. Allow your baby to rotate on his own.
  • Never allow your baby to sleep in the exersaucer.
  • Do not use the exersaucer near the stairs.
  • Do not use the exersaucer near swimming pools or other bodies of water.
  • Do not use the exersaucer near a heat source such as an oven, fireplace, or space heater.
  • Never you place the exersaucer near cords from window blinds, draperies, etc.
  • Don’t put your baby in the exersaucer if your baby is wearing a pacifier strap attachment or a jacket with hood strings.
  • Once your baby can walk by himself, can climb out of the toy or when he reaches over 30 inches tall, your baby should stop using the ExerSaucer.

Safety Precautions

There are a few safety precautions to keep in mind regarding the exersaucer. The age limit on when to put baby in exersaucers varies somewhat. As recommended your baby should be old enough to sit with support and be able to hold his head up.

  • First, while your baby will probably love her new gadget, it is best advised not to make it too much of a good thing for him or her. Always make sure you give him or her plenty of other opportunities to play and exercise.
  • Although your baby might seem perfectly safe in the exersaucer, never leave him or her unattended.
  • Ensure you have locked the exersaucer into the right position before putting your baby in it to prevent the saucer from collapsing which can cause injure your baby.
  • Always check the exerSaucer often for broken or loose parts, which can be life-threatening if your baby puts them into her mouth.

Learn how to put baby in an exersaucer with this short video below:

Are Exersaucers Bad For Babies?

Well, this is a yes and no answer because exersaucers has both positives and negatives.


  1. Exersaucers are very convenient especially when the caregivers want to run other errands or do choose in the house.
  2. Exersaucers are considered a better and safer alternative to baby walkers because they minimize the risk of the baby falling down the stairs on tripping on the carpet.
  3. Putting babies in exersaucer helps prevents the risk of falling off the seats and crawling and reaching dangerous places in the house.
  4. The activities the exersaucer presents help promote development in babies such as motor and sensory skills and hand-eye coordination. For instance, your baby develops exploration and touching skills through the attached toys, and the musical tunes make him emotionally attached.


  1. Since the baby is stationed in one place, their exposure to the surrounding environment is limited. They miss out on activities like crawling, roll over or try to reach out for things. All these can help him or she become actively occupied as they explore what is around them.
  2. Exersaucer can limit the interaction between babies and parents. Babies need attention and attachment as they grow. When you hold your baby and play with him or her they feel safe and secure especially during sleeping time.
  3. Since your bones and other organs are still developing, when you put your baby in exersaucers for extended periods, they sometimes change positions to arched backs which strain their trunk. This can lead to joint pain when they are older or permanent disability if not treated in time.
  4. Your baby can also get bowlegs when you allow him to stand on his feet for too long before he fully learns how to walk.

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Baby Exersaucers are very convenient to the ever-busy parents and caregivers who have limited time to do all household chores day-to-day. Like most parents wondering when to put baby in exersaucer, you may likely get a lot of conflicting ideas from other mothers or friends around you.

As recommended once your baby reaches the age of 4 to 7 months, you can do more research to find the most suitable exersaucer that will meet their needs. This is because the recommended age bracket is different from each other brands as well as the age, height, and weight limit. If you found this article helpful, kindly share or drop a comment below.