Why is My Pregnant Wife So Angry? 5 Possible Reasons

Pregnancy is a period when a woman is filled with and anxiety, fears, and expectation and sometimes filled with an unnecessary outburst.

This is usually a period that takes a toll on a woman’s body, you get to experience a lot of changes in your hair, and swollen feet, nausea, and even mood swings, and all these are not easy to deal with.

In this article, we will be giving insightful answers to your question why is my pregnant wife so angry? and what you can do to help her manage her emotions during pregnancy.

Why is My Pregnant Wife So Angry?

Hormones are usually the most common cause of anxiety during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman enters her first trimester her body changes to support the growing baby inside of her, her body hormones tend to fluctuate.

All these hormonal changes can lead to more intense feelings, conflicting emotions, and frequent mood swings. Stress also is another common factor that can cause a woman to be angry.

There are few circumstances in life as life-changing as welcoming a newborn into your home. As exciting as it sounds, the journey and stress of the unknown can also cause pressure to run high and impact your ability to control your anger.

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5 Reasons Why Your Pregnant Wife Maybe Angry and What You Can Do

pregnancy mood swing

1. Hormonal Changes

As a concerned partner who is keen on finding out why your partner is so angry during pregnancy. The first you should know about anger during pregnancy is that it can be attributed to fluctuating pregnancy hormones.

During pregnancy, there are series of hormonal changes. The body of the woman is prepared to shield the developing fetus and this work is mediated by the action of the hormones in the woman’s body.

These hormonal changes during this gestation period or period of pregnancy may trigger regular mood swings, ultra-sensitivity, strong and intense feelings.

Usually, the anger surges or bouts can be traced to something upsetting that may have occurred earlier.

So when next time you see your partner angry try and understand that hormonal fluctuations may be playing out and she is reacting to it.

Even when the causative issue is so trivial, do not blame her or react badly towards her, she is just responding to hormonal fluctuations.

Keep in mind, if her pregnancy anger and mood swings are consistently on increase or duration longer than two weeks, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

2. Stress

Another cause of anger outbursts during pregnancy could be stress. It is common to feel stressed or physically discomfort during pregnancy.

Pregnancy on its own comes with discomfort. You are double and whatever you are doing is meant for two, the exercises, eating, dieting, and other things.

As a husband whose wife is angry, you just have to try alleviating the source of stress and make your partner feel appreciated.

Sometimes inadequate rest and lack of sleep could be contributing factors to stress in pregnancy and a reason for aggression.

In a situation like this, what do you do as a partner? Try helping out and make sure that preggy wifey eats healthy and gets enough rest.

Sometimes an unsupportive partner, an overload of work, job-related stress, and financial worries could be the brain behind the anger.

As a concerned partner what you do is; find out what triggers the stress and try as much as possible to reduce it to the barest minimum because stress can have lots of negative effects on the pregnancy aside from the anger bouts and explodes.

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3. Fear

Fear of the unknown or the future could be another cause for anger during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a period filled with uncertainties; a woman who is pregnant may be concerned about the smooth progress of her pregnancy.

The fear of complications during labor, the health and safety of her unborn baby, or any probable complication or illness may be reasons for her fear. All these can be overwhelming or have toiled on a woman especially if she has no one to share her fears with.

If she has no one to calm her down and reassure her that everything will be fine you know what happens next?  Anger may become a possible reaction for her.

4. Discomfort

The period of gestation is associated with a certain amount of discomfort and this is an inevitable reality during pregnancy.

The reason for the discomfort experienced is nothing short of the physical transitions that take place during this critical period in a woman’s life.

Pregnant women normally experience sickness and it may make them overreact and the next that happens is an anger outburst.

Also, nausea and fatigue among other things can be triggering factors for anger during pregnancy.

This discomfort feeling can lead to irritability or mood swings like anger at unexpected times, especially if the cause of discomfort is not properly dealt with.

So as the partner what you do at this point is to identify the source of discomfort and help her deal with it.

Show her that you have got her back. Engage her in light walks and exercises that will help her release endorphins and manage her mood swings.

Be attentive to her silent needs, show her that you understand what she’s going through and she will become calmer. Treat her like an egg and make excuses for her outbursts.

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5. Not Being Ready For the Baby

Sometimes a pregnancy may be unplanned and a woman may not be psychologically and emotionally ready to have a child but since the deed has been done, she can’t rewind the hands of the clock. This could make her get angry unnecessarily especially at her partner.

At this stage, as the husband, you’ve got to handle her with care as she might be going through a lot and if handled in the wrong way, it may affect the bonding between a mother and her baby.

Help regain her sanity, be there for her and make her realize that it is a journey for two and not one, that the both of you are in it together and you will calm her fears.

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We hope this article has given you indebt knowledge to answer your question why is my pregnant wife so angry? So it is now left to you to discover what her reasons are and help her.

It is at this stage that she needs you more than ever and I believe that with you as the partner knowing what to do will help manage the situation better.