How To Wash Bumgenius Diapers (Step By Step Guide)

A lot of people shy away from using Bumgenius diapers for their babies simply because they do not know how to wash them properly. As funny as this may sound to some people, it is true. Bumgenius diapers have made baby caring more fun and less cost for a lot of people.

We know that you want to partake in the goodness of it, too. But you are holding back because you do not know how to wash them and almost everyone seems to mention detergent when you ask how to go about it.

Quit worrying, we’ll teach you how to wash bumgenius diapers perfectly in this article! Read on.

Why Do People Go for Bumgenius Diapers?

Almost everyone with a baby seems to use bumgenius diapers, right? Find out some reasons why.


Are you an advocate for green earth? You would love Bumgenius! These diapers are made with the environment in mind. Bumgenius diapers do not pollute the environment in any way. You know, most disposable diapers cause great harm to the environment.

This is because they are made of materials that contaminate the environment. When you use reusable diapers like Bumgenius, you save the environment and you make the earth greener. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Friendly Prices

Everyone can’t keep up with disposable diapers. No thanks to their high prices. With Bumgenius diapers, you’d get more diapers at fairer prices and use them for a long time.

Yes, you do not have to worry anymore about spending a lot of money to get diapers for your baby. As little as ten or fifteen reusable diapers can serve your baby for a long time.

The number of diapers your baby needs depends on the frequency with which you’d wash soiled diapers. You could choose to wash every day or not. Do what works for you!

How To Wash Bumgenius Diapers

Finally, we are back to the question. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to wash bumgenius diapers.

1. Scrape Off The Waste

Formula-fed babies and babies who eat solids pass out more poop than babies who do not. We understand how stressful it is to wash off solid waste from diapers.

But you can boycott that stress by scraping off the waste immediately after you take off your baby’s diapers. Doing this would make the waste not stick to the diapers. Also, it will make the whole washing process easier for you.

2. Moisten the Diaper

Washing dirty diapers when they are already dry is one of the most stressful things ever. Not only would the waste on the diaper take time to come off, but washing would also take a lot of time for you to do.

When you take off your baby’s diapers and you are unable to wash them immediately, the first instinct would be dumping them in a pail or tying it up, right? It is not the right thing to do.

Doing that would make the stains and wastes in it stick because dryness would bind them all together.  To avoid all these troubles, take your time to moisten your baby’s diapers until it is almost dripping wet.

You could do this by pouring water over the surface of the diaper or using a diaper sprayer. There are lots of sprayers designed especially for moistening soiled diapers. You could check them out and get the ones most suitable for you.

3. Wash With Detergent

After moistening the diaper, what comes next? It is washing. Wash with detergent and warm water. You are curious why it has to be warm water, right? Warm water helps stains get off faster. This is the simple reason.

Before you make use of any detergent, check first if the detergent is suitable for washing baby diapers. You know, babies have very delicate skins. Using the wrong type of detergent in washing their diapers could cause them to have serious skin irritations.

Here is how to wash bumgenius diapers using bumgenius diaper detergent

  • Wash once in warm or hot water using 1/4 cup of bumGenius! Cloth Diaper Detergent. bumGenius! Also, give you an option to sparingly use 1/4 cup of bleach in this cycle. If you decide to use this approach, we suggest you do it minimally as bleach can break down fibers in fabric diapers as it cleanses and disinfects.
  • Include more rinse to remove all traces of detergent.
  • Finally, tumble dry on a medium setting or hang outside to air dry.

4. Bleach

This step is specifically for diapers with very tough stains that refuse to come off. Sometimes, washing off a stain in a diaper becomes hell. Does that mean you should throw the diaper away? Of course not, you can use bleach on diapers with tough stains.

You should also note that not all types of bleach are suitable for washing a baby’s diapers. Take your time and find out the right types of bleach for use so you don’t end up ruining your baby’s diaper.

You could also use natural ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar to get off tough stains easily if you do not like to use bleach.  But you should note that bleach works faster and more efficiently.

5. Dry

Dry the washed diapers properly and store them for use. You could dry in the sun or make use of a drier. Whichever one suits you best.

What Do I Do About The Stench Smell of Soiled Diapers?

This is yet another question that we’ve noticed greatly. You can reduce the smell by using deodorizers. Also, washing immediately helps a lot.

If you’re very sensitive to smell, piling up soiled diapers won’t be in your best interest because the more you keep them, the greater they smell.

Always Avoid Fabric Softeners 

We learned that people use fabric softeners to make washing easier. We advise that you desist from using fabric softeners on Bumgenius diapers. Fabric diapers are not compatible with fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

They often contain fragrances and harsh chemicals that can potentially affect a baby’s health and also affect the quality of reusable diapers over time.

Fabric softeners also create additional work for you when you have to remove the residue build-up since they create more moisture in the fabric diapers. This creates more trouble during your baby’s next wet or dirty moment.

If you want to add any chemical or product to the dryer to soften your diapers or reduce static, use a dryer ball, this works perfectly in softening fabrics. Felted wool dryer balls are the favorite among cloth diapering parents.

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We believe that you are no longer at loss on how to wash bumgenius diapers. Do you now see that it is no rocket science at all? Washing reusable diapers are not as complex as people make it seem.

When you know the right procedures to take, you’d find yourself doing it with a lot of ease. We believe that this article will make it all easy for you!