How To Clean A Graco Stroller

Do you own a Graco Stroller? Are you wondering how to clean a Graco Stroller? Don’t worry you’ve found the right article.

A stroller can be an essential item for a parent of a baby or toddler; it allows you to walk long distances with your child while providing storage for all the things you want to bring along on excursions with a baby.

Inclement weather, muddy shoes, and on-the-go snacks can eventually make your stroller look stained with day-to-day use. However, with some of our cleaning tips, you can make your stroller look new again.

Tips For Cleaning Graco Stroller

You must have to be careful while cleaning the Stroller otherwise some essential parts will be damaged or broken. We suggest you press the different parts of the stroller gently and smoothly wrenched. While detaching several parts, do not press so hard to avoid damage.

If you decide to clean your stroller after a long time, be prepared because they might be some mold build that will need extra attention. Cleaning stroller mold is a key part of this journey.  Therefore, I would recommend you use a mild detergent and use a hard brush if it is too difficult and not being possible to remove it by cloth.

If there are some baby goods like a cloth diaper, toys, and some other necessary items then it needs to be cleaned up in different ways. In an emergency, clean your stroller in a bathtub. We believe that would be friendlier in many ways but you just need hot water (Not too hot) to clean up the special parts of the stroller.

How To Open A Graco Stroller

Graco produces two different types of strollers; single strollers for one baby and double strollers for two children.

Both of these strollers are suited for parents. Opening a Graco brand baby stroller can be difficult if you don’t know the procedures, especially if you don’t know which buttons to push or latches to release before attempting to pull the stroller upright. The following is a guide on how to open your Graco Stroller.

Single Stroller

  1. Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels on the ground and the handle facing upward.
  2. Snap the handle into place by pressing the buttons located on the outer sidebars of the handle and pulling the handlebar upward until you hear a “click sound”.
  3. Release the side latches on either side of the stroller to open it. Find the latches by looking at the center of the side of the stroller. These are plastic latches that hook from one frame bar to a different frame bar. The latches keep the stroller together, making it possible to hold the stroller with one hand without worrying about the stroller opening.
  4. Place one hand on the handlebars and one hand on the baby tray and push outward in opposite directions until you hear a “snap.” The stroller is now open for use.

Double Stroller

  1. Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels pointed down and the handle facing up.
  2. Locate the storage latch found at the top of the stroller between the handlebars. The button is oval-shaped.
  3. Remove the safety strap from the latch before pressing the button. The strap holds the stroller together for easy movement. Remove the strap and push the button to open the stroller.
  4. Pull the handlebars up to straighten the stroller to the proper position until you hear a “snap.”

Usually, the double stroller can be stiff if it’s the first time you are using it and might need you to hold down the front seat while pulling up on the handlebars. As time goes on, you will be able to unfold the stroller using the one-handed method.

How To Wash Graco Stroller: Practical Steps

Regular cleaning will help keep your Graco stroller looking and smelling fresh and may prevent stains or mold from setting on the fabric components of your Graco stroller.

Things You Will Need:

  • Washing Machine
  • Mild Detergent
  • 1 Tea Spoon Of Dish Soap
  • 2 Cups Of Warm Water
  • Sponge

Practical Steps On How To Clean A Graco Stroller

  1. Take off the seat pad from your Graco stroller. The seat pad is normally held in place by the seat belts, which thread through holes in the pad. Disengage the seat belts and pull the pad forward to remove it from the stroller completely.
  2. Using a mild detergent, wash the seat pad in your washing machine in cold water on the delicate cycle.
  3. Hang the seat pad up and leave it in the sun to air dry.
  4. Mix approximately 1 teaspoon of dish soap into 2 cups of warm water.
  5. Dip a small sponge into the soapy water and wring it out until it is damp but not sopping wet.
  6. Using the damp sponge, wipe down the seat, frame, and rain cover of your Graco stroller. If the sponge becomes dirty, rinse it in clean water to take out dirt and dip it back into the soapy water before you continue cleaning.
  7. Finally, place the dry seat pad back onto your clean Graco stroller, and thread the seat belts through the holes in the pad.


Clean up messes in between cleanings with baby wipes. The gentle cleanser on the wipe will not damage your Graco stroller, and baby wipes are easy to carry in your diaper bag or purse.


Some major issues might harm your Graco stroller badly and you need to strictly control them. Therefore, we can say do not use bleach or any harsh cleaners on your Graco Stroller.

It can destroy the color of your stroller and it might look awful. Also, do not use any harsh cleaner or too much hot water to clean up your baby stroller.

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How To Clean Graco Stroller Canopy

Graco suggests that you only remove the seat padding for washing on their strollers. Additionally, they suggest that you wipe down the frame and rain cover canopy with a cloth and soapy warm water.

If you decide on removing the canopy section for washing, you may nullify any manufacturer warranties that relate to the stroller. More so, you may experience difficulty in selling the stroller or trading it in for a newer model later on.

Only remove the rain cover canopy if you feel comfortable with the idea of re-stitching any seam lines you damage in the process of removing the canopy.

Here is a guide on how to remove the top part of a Graco stroller:

  • Firstly, take out the retainer bolt on each side of the canopy rod where the rod joins to the side arms of the stroller seat.
  • Push the Velcro tabs up on the backside of the stroller underneath the handlebars to disengage the canopy from the backdrop of the stroller seat.
  • Take out the material found underneath the base of the cup holder until you see the side trim joined with a seam line.
  • Break the sewing where the trim joins with the seam line on one side of the canopy.
  • Seam rip across the whole seam line and break the joined sewing between the seam line and the trim on the other side of the canopy.
  • Stop the sewing along the seam line that is found 1 inch up from the seam you just separated toward the front of the stroller.
  • Slide the canopy fabric off of the rod and launder.

 The key takeaways in learning how to clean a Graco Stroller are 1) do not use bleach or use any harsh cleaners on your Graco stroller 2) do not let stains sit for long and 3) different stains need different cleaning solutions.

We hope this article has provided you indebt ideas on how to clean a Graco stroller effectively. However, if you have any other suggestions or tips that have worked for you, kindly share your experiences with us by dropping your comment or suggestion down below.

We would love to hear it. Still, need to know more? Learn How To Fold Graco Stroller (Different Models)