Six Months Old Baby Toys – 20 Best Toys

All babies’ ages and development are exciting, but months six to nine are one of the best. Looking at your little one development, you will discover that the journey thus far has been amazing and you may want to make it exciting for them by introducing toys.

At this period you might begin to wonder what the best six months old baby toys are.

Usually, the first six months of a baby’s existence are filled with awesome moments especially when you see them teething relentlessly or wrapping their tiny fingers around everything in sight.

To help your little one we give you a list of the six months old baby toys to help build their physical and cognitive skills as well as social and emotional intelligence.

20 Best Six Months Old Baby Toys

1. Lovevery The Senser Play Kit

Buying this toy will help your baby to develop their motor skills, dexterity, coordination, and more, especially as they use these toys to play.

So if you want toys that will be exquisite for your baby then this handy play kit is one of the best choices to go for. Their subscription service offers gifts for newborns till they get to the age of 3.

2. Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

This baby toy is packed with super innovative toys with creative potential. Each of the toys specifically weighted pieces balances and nests on itself.

Both you and your baby will enjoy the endless stacking, topping, spinning, and wobbling.

This toy is not only fun, but it teaches your baby complex concepts like sensory exploration, spatial skills, coordination, and more along the way.

3. Infantino Discover And Play Soft Blocks

Talking about a toy that teaches your baby how to hold holding and build, this toy seems to be the best option, because it features well-known interesting characters.

Have you listened to the crinkling sound when the toy is being used, you can’t help but fall in love with it.

We all know that babies fall in love with things that thrill them especially those with the sound of crinkling and bells, so these toys will thrill them as they learn to build.

4. Angelbliss Teething Toys

When your baby clocks six months, getting them toys in the form of animals and fruits is awesome. The teethers of the toys are designed and fashioned such that they can be easily grasped by your baby and can be fitted in your baby’s hand without much ado.

The interesting thing is that the raw materials for this toy are of organic origin. It simply means that you no longer have to worry about ingestion of synthetic chemicals to the baby. This simply means that your baby is in safe hands as they use the toy.

5. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Allow your baby to control the tunes with this baby-sized music toy player. This toy comes with seven classical sweet melodies and a volume control button.

This toy is another great choice to offer to your baby since it offers the baby calmness with its soothing music, flashing lights, and is also easy to handle.

6. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy Caterpillar

If you want to keep your baby entertained with an activity that will scintillate their day while thrilling them, then you need to get the Infantino spiral activity toy caterpillar.

These toys are designed in such a way to wrap onto a car seat or stroller, this car seat activity is built-in with three hanging toys which include a mirror, teether, and plush bee.

7. Skip Hop Explore & More 3-Stage Activity Center

 Your baby will enjoy this toy that comes with so many activities like music, light-up piano, a hooting peek-a-boo owl, a cloud with beautiful beads, swaying trees, and a hedgehog bead chaser with a spinner.

Older babies too love playing the piano with their toes, and once the baby clocks 1 year, these toys can be unclipped from the top and the center transforms into a small play table.

8. Bright Starts Beaming Take Along

 If you’re looking for a toy to keep your baby distracted while you run errands, and then go for the take-along toy, this toy will perform the magic you earnestly desire and wish for.

The toy was designed with light-up features and can hang from a stroller or even a car seat and these special features enables the toy to adapt to your child’s needs.

9. 100 First Words

 Your baby will love to hear you talk, even if you’re just naming alphabets, but they’ll soon learn some essential first words and images with this bright board book.

This toy that comes with One hundred color pictures and easy words will help your baby learn more about their world, and the tough board book pages will keep you and your baby engaged for quite some time.

10. Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Vibe Soother

 This beautiful toy is designed to help your baby drift off to sleep and this can be achieved with the help of the soothing hedgehog in the toy.

The toy comes with four different settings and to make it more comfortable for your baby to use. Customize the hedgehog to suit your baby’s needs.

Wondering why you need to customize? You need to customize the toy because there is this special feeling that comes with customizing your baby’s accessories.

The songs, sounds, and vibrations make this animal toy adorable and it serves in soothing your baby back to sleep should your baby wakes up.

It also saves you the stress of soothing your baby back to sleep as your baby can self-soothe his/herself with this toy.

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11. Baby Faces

 Whether your baby is happy, sad, surprised, or silly, this great book of diverse baby faces helps your baby learn all about emotions and the expressions that come with them.

The book also provides your baby with the delight that comes from seeing another baby’s face.

12. HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

 This doll is usually term as baby’s first friend because of its extra-soft, super-cuddly effect. It is 100% machine washable to keep it looking fresh and clean.

13. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

This toy is recommended for your six months old baby because it helps develop your baby’s music sense as the toy employs the sounds of the harp, piano, flute, French horn, and violin.

Your child also can utilize the opportunity to learn how to combine sounds and become a mini musician.

Also when you press any button, the cube lights up and the color galore helps your little one learn color as well.

14. Green Toys Recycled Plastic Stacker Shape Sorter

This toy plays a huge role in baby motor skill development; they’re also a classic playtime go-to. Think of this toy as a baby’s first puzzle.

That is the task of fitting the shaped pieces into corresponding chutes fascinates little minds and helps develops problem solving and fine and gross motor skills. This eco-friendly toy is designed from recycled plastic milk jugs, which makes it extra durable.

15. Infantino Go Gaga Balls, Blocks, and Buddies

The Infantino go gaga balls, blocks and buddies are toys for six months babies made of different colors, textures, and shapes and they consist of a variety of blocks and animals.

It will also help your child learn numbers, colors, and shapes in a hands-on and interactive way.

16. Sassy Rainshower Bath Ball

This toy is known as a bathtime distraction. Bathtime with a newborn can be fun and exciting, but as your baby gets bigger, baths can become a daunting task especially if the baby whole can’t keep calm in the water.

This toy is covered in a kind of exciting textures, and each one creates a specific waterfall pattern when water is poured out, making for endless visual and tactile excitement for your baby.

You don’t have to worry about mold with this bath toy; the two halves separate so which makes it quite easy to clean and dry after bathing your baby.

17. Skip Hop Explore and More Selfie Baby Cellphone

If you have got a little one that always wants to play with your phone, then getting them this toy in the form of a phone wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This will make them have that feeling of fulfillment associated with phone ownership. Your baby can also enjoy the various face filters that the toy comes with, such as dog ears, whiskers, and glasses that light up.

18. Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Stacking Toy

You can help your baby figure out how to stack items with this innovative plush gift. This Mickey Mouse toy help educate your baby on knowing different color patterns as well as other motor skills.

19. iPlay, iLearn Early Educational Toys

This toy is another great tool to help keep your baby educated and fun. Each of these toys was made using primary colors to help educate your baby about colors, shapes, and many more.

Interestingly, the different textures that come with the toy help your baby with touch, taste, and smell.

20. Nuby IceGel Teether Keys

These key-inspired teethers help soothe your baby’s teething pains. It is designed with shapes that your baby can easily grasp.

They are also filled with an ice gel and come in different textures to help massage your baby’s gum and help his/her teething process.

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Final Thought

We hope this article has given you vast knowledge to answer the question of six months old baby toys. Hopefully, you can choose any of these baby toys and use them to educate, soothe and thrill your little one. Also keep in mind that all babies are different, what works for a baby may not be so for the other one.