How To Protect Car Seat From Vomit (8 Practical Ways)

Some people are great lovers of adventure and traveling, but they never get to travel as much as they desire because of motion sickness or car sickness. What does it mean to be motion sick?

In this article, we will be talking about motion sickness and what it means, we also explore how to protect car seat from vomit in a few lucid paragraphs. Read on!

Motion Sickness: What Does It Mean?

Motion sickness happens when the senses are disconnected and are unable to function in sync with each other. This disconnection is what causes motion sickness, a feeling of nausea that occurs when one is in a moving car.

A motion-sick person would often have these bouts of vomiting some minutes or a few hours after being in a car.

Vomiting during a road trip is one of the frustrating things that could happen to anyone. It makes the journey tiring and uninteresting.

The crazier part of it all is that you would have to deal with vomit in the car. How messy can it be!

How To Protect Car Seat From Vomit

Are you still worried about how to protect your car seat from vomit? We’ve got solutions for you!

1. The Use of Ginger Or Ginger Based Products

Instead of fighting the urge to vomit and finally succumbing to it, why not prevent it from happening instead? Yes, it is very much possible to stop yourself from vomiting.

Ginger is a very potent medicine for this. You could chew on some ginger slowly while the car is in motion. But, some people might feel uncomfortable chewing ginger. However, there are other alternative ways.

You can make ginger into a juice and sip it slowly. When next you’re caught up in worrying about how to deal with messy vomit on your car seat, sip some ginger juice and stay calm. You’re in control!

2. Disposable Car Seat Cover

Yes, there are disposable car seats made solely to protect actual car seats from vomit. You can check for them in the stores and get the kind that fits your car seat.

They are quite easy to use. All you need to do is fix them on top of the actual car seats. Vomiting on them won’t in any way ruin your car seats.

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You’d just have to strip them off and dump them off in the garbage. With disposable car seats, you wouldn’t have to deal with the fatigue of taking away vomit from your car seat.

3. Keep a Kitchen Trash Can Close

Sometimes, it might be nearly impossible for anyone not to vomit on the car seat. You know, you can’t do away with such inevitability sometimes. Always keep the kitchen trash can close by.

No, don’t keep it in the boot. Keep it somewhere inside the car, close enough to be grabbed when nausea sets in. You would agree with us that it is easier to throw out vomit from a cup than to clean a car seat.

4. Use Bibs

How can I protect my car seat from vomit when I have a kid? This is one popular question that parents whose kids are motion sick ask.

While it is true that it is easier to protect the car seat from vomit if the motion sick person is an adult, it is not impossible to protect the car seat from vomit in the case of kids. How can it be done?

If you have a motion-sick kid or toddler, never make the mistake of traveling without bibs.

Even if your kid is not exactly nauseous at the beginning of the journey, never ditch the bib. You can’t tell the exact time that your kid would let out the vomit.

Instead of having to deal with the trouble of cleaning a vomit-filled car seat, make things easier for yourself by always fixing the bib on your kid. It will keep the kid from vomiting directly on the car seat.

5. Minimal Dressing, Less Heat

A lot of studies have shown and proven that the heat a person feels, the more likely the person is to get motion sick and eventually vomit on the car seat.

How can this be dealt with? Instead of cladding yourself in a lot of thick clothes that’d make you all hot and sweaty, you can go for fewer clothes instead.

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Not only will you be more comfortable, but you’d also be reducing your chances of vomiting on the car seat greatly. Isn’t that wonderful?

6. Try Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages are also proven to prevent vomiting. You can take some bottles of coca-cola with you while traveling. At intervals, sip it. This will greatly help you with your motion sickness.

Of course, it isn’t so easy to have to continually sip coca-cola in a bid to prevent vomiting on your beautiful car seat. There are also other carbonated drinks that you can try out if you’re not a fan of coca-cola.

Also, there are certain medicines that you can take to help you deal with motion sickness. Do not make the mistake of self-medicating, please. Always consult with your doctor first to avoid health problems.

7. Take Brief Breaks

This is one of the discomforts that come with being motion sick or traveling with a motion sick kid or adult. You won’t be able to afford the luxury of traveling without having to stop for little breaks.

Taking brief breaks makes it easy to throw up outside the car. Although it delays the journey, a little break is not such a great price to pay for a clean car seat. Is it?

8. Cold Towels

This is one effective way to deal with nausea that comes with motion sickness. This works more for children. Dip some clean towel into cold water and place it on the child’s forehead. It helps to fight the urge to vomit.

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Wind Up

We believe this article has given in-depth discussion to answer the question of how to protect car seat from vomit? We believe you now know how to protect your favorite car seat.

Now, you no longer have to worry about motion sickness and vomit ruining and slowing down your travel and adventure. How awesome!