How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need

Are you considering using cloth wipes for your baby but you don’t know how to go about it? You’re probably thinking how many cloth wipes do I need for my little one? How do I store them? Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place.

As you should know cloth wipes are a great way to make your household and baby more Eco-friendly. They go accordingly with using cloth diapers, but there are still a few things you should know about using cloth wipes. Keep reading as we aim to help you answer these frequently asked questions.

Why Should I Use Cloth Wipes?

A lot of people choose to use cloth wipes simply because they’re pretty easy and very convenient to use. Unlike disposable wipes or diapers that cause many problems and irritations.

These cloth wipes are relatively cost-effective and create less waste in the landfill, and help you avoid the use of irritating soaps and chemicals on your baby’s delicate bottom.

How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need?

Well, this depends on if you’re using cloth wipes full time or part-time. The standard recommendation is 48 wipes, although needs vary. Newborns use a lot of wipes, older babies need fewer.

Newborn Stage

Newborns go through a lot of diaper changes than an infant or a toddler. You would need more wipes at this stage. Although, It is difficult to give you a set number that you’d need because every baby is different.

Generally, newborns poop up to 4- 6 times a day, but it is not unusual if your baby poops after every feeding. For the newborn stage, I recommend at least 50 wipes to get started with; you can add more if you find you need more.

Infants/ Toddlers Stage

If you are switching to cloth wipes after the newborn stage, you can get fewer wipes for your baby. However, you can decide the number of wipes you’d need based on the number of diaper changes your child needs.

At least, 30 wipes is a good number for rotation. You can start with few and add more if you find you need more. Know yourself, your baby, and your style.

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How To Use Cloth Wipes

  • Have your wipes available, either close to your diaper changing area or bathroom sink.
  • If your baby peed, use a dry or damp wipe to dry them off.  If the baby has pooped, use the diaper to take off as much poo as you can as you take it off, then use a damp wipe or two to clean the baby’s buttocks.
  • Place the used wipes in your wet sack along with your used diapers and wash everything together during laundry with a Mild Detergent.

How Do I Wash Them?

Many parents who use cloth wipes use cloth diapers too. You can simply wash your cloth wipes right in your regular cloth diaper laundry – no need to wash it separately.

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How Do I Store Cloth Diaper Wipes?

There are many ways to store cloth wipes for example using physical storage which is one of the most popular places to keep the wipes is in a disposable wipes box.

Here the cloth wipes are folded as for them not to pop up. The best way to do that is to fold them over one another in a zig-zag pattern. There is also the option as to whether you’ll store your wipes dry or pre-moistened.

Dry Cloth Wipes

Dry cloth wipes can be kept either in a disposable wipe box, or a drawer, or basket whichever works for you. When storing your wipes dry before usage, use a spray bottle or even the bathroom sink to wet your wipes before each use.

Pre-Moistened Wipes

These sets of wipes will need to be stored in a closed container, most parents even use hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmers.

If you’re storing wet, simply pour your cloth wipe solution over your dry wipes and then store them. Remember, you will need to use the wipes quicker within 2-3 days so mildew doesn’t occur.

There are several other different cloth wipe solutions that parents can use, such as…

Water: This is very common. I usually use water on my dry wipes but later felt like I wanted a little extra something in there.

DIY Cloth Wipe Solution: Instead of using water only, you can add a tiny couple of drops of baby soap, and some essential oils, and make your homemade cloth wipe solution.

Liniment: This is more like an ointment, but it is creamy and cleans poop exceptionally well.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cloth Wipes:

  1. Cloth wipes are safe for your baby.
  2. Cloth wipes work way better than the disposable wipes
  3. Cloth wipes are far softer on the baby bum.
  4. Cloth wipes are a greener choice for the environment because they produce far less solid waste than conventional wipes.
  5. Cloth wipes save you money.

Other Uses For Cloth Wipes

Apart from cleaning your baby bum, there are other things you can do with your wipes. Cloth wipes are also great for spit up, washcloths in the bath, face wiping, makeup removal, postpartum mama care most especially when softness is appreciated on stitches or tears.

They also make lovely permeable doublers for use in newborn diapers and are perfect for putting over naked babies who like to pee within a 5-second window of time between when you take their dirty diaper off and put the clean one on. Having known they are inexpensive and easy to use, Why not introduce it to your home.

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Best Material For Cloth Wipes

How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need

Some babies can react to man-made fabrics, in such cases, pick organic cotton or bamboo. Typical materials that are used to make cloth wipes are:

  • Cotton terry / Cotton velour: These materials are so soft on baby’s delicate skin and clean the messiest of messes like a pro. They are made of cotton terry and are fantastic to use.
  • Flannel: This is a cheaper and readily available option. This is the go-to material for moms who want a no-fuss no-sew DIY cloth wipes. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you make your flannel wipes.

There are a lot of great brands that make cloth wipes.

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Features Of The Best Cloth Wipes

There are two important things you’ll want to check out when shopping for wipes. They are size and material


The size of your cloth wipes is very important when shopping. Normally, the smallest cloth baby wipes are about 5 inches by 5 inches. Although, there are different sizes with different shapes in the market.

I prefer at least 8-inch squares, as they’re large enough to tackle whatever my baby has in store for me.

However, also They’re easy to fold for a clean side and I don’t need to use as many.


Well, this depends predominantly on personal preference for you and your baby. As a parent, you want a fabric that’s going to be safe for your baby’s skin, and cotton is usually a great choice.

Although, other natural fabrics can work too and no rule says you need to choose one over all the others. You’re welcome if you would like to have a mixture of the fabrics and then use what suits the situation best.

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If you’re considering cloth diapers, or even if you aren’t, having read this article am sure I’ve been able to answer your question “how many cloth wipes do I need”? and the reason why you should consider cloth wipes.

We’d love to hear your experience and if you have other cloth wipes tips to share? Kindly share by leaving a comment!