100+ Magical Names To Give Your Kids (Both Boys & Girls)

Do you know that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language? This particular name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance to its owner.

It is believed that a child aligns with his/her name. That is why most parents nowadays research well before naming their babies. Therefore, making choosing your baby name a big responsibility as a parent.

We have compiled for you some unique but magical names you can bless your baby within this article. Read on…

Enchanting, Fairy and Magical Baby Names For Girls

Magical Names


This name is an English name that has a beautiful meaning that symbolizes “friends of the sea’’.


This is the name of the stunning islet in the Clyde, also known as ‘Island of Alfisgr’.


This name has an Irish root which means to “dream.”


Alisa is a Scottish name meaning “elf victory.” Some of the close relatives include Ailse, Elsha, Ailis, and Else.


Althea, this name originated from Greece which means “with healing power”. This is a creative, poetic, and almost even ethereal name often used in ancient Greek myths and poetry.


Aine means ‘Queen of fairies’. This name originated from Greek and is an apt name for your little princess


This name which has a Latin heritage was a common name given to girls born in the 12th century, following the birth of William Lion’s granddaughter. Arabella means “yielding to prayer”.


This is a charming, if not enchanting, 18th-century English name, which means meaning “defender.”


This is a heavenly name, generally used to describe an unspoiled paradise. Arcadia which has a Greek origin means “region offering peace and contentment”.


This name has Greek roots which mean “most holy.”


Ariella is the symbolic name of Jerusalem meaning “lion of God”. Ariella is a useable variant of Ariel. Ariella is currently rising on the U.S. charts, where it entered the top 1,000 in 2008 and hasn’t left since.


This isn’t just the name of a continent. In Greek mythology, Asia was Oceanus’ daughter and Prometheus and Atlas’ mother. Asia means ‘sunrise’. Sweet, substantial, and motherly!


Asherah, this name originated from Hebrew, which is the name of the goddess of fertility and motherhood.  This name means ‘she who walks in the sea’.


Asteria from Greek mythology, which means ‘like a star’ what do you think about it? You can also opt for the simple form of Astra.


This name has a long history; it is from the name Ástrìör, which originates from old Norse elements. This name is a Scandinavian name, which means “divinely beautiful.”


Aurelia comes from Latin and means “the golden one.”


She is the Goddess of Dawn. As you know, Dawn is considered to be the time of the day when light first appears in the sky, just before the sun rises.


This is a simple name which means ‘forest fairy’.


Calliope is another creative and enchanting name, with a profound meaning. This name is a Greek name meaning “beautiful voice.”


Calista is a Greek name with a meaning of “most beautiful.”This name was made famous by Calista Flockhart, who made way for its use in the English-speaking world


In Greek mythology, Calypso was the beguiling island nymph who falls in love with Odysseus. This name translates to “she who hides” and is of Greek origin.


Cassandra which means “prophetess” this name came from ancient Greece. She was a Trojan princess bestowed with the gift of prophecy.


This is a Latin name for “cinnamon.” This name relates to the cassia tree that produces yellow flowers and spices similar to cinnamon.


Celestia was the middle name of Caroline “Carrie” Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie.” This name originates from the Latin word for “heavenly.”


As charming as the name sound charlotte means ‘baby princess fairy’ this princess ensures all babies are safe and well-kept!


Circle was the daughter of Helios, the sun god. The circle was a sorceress dwelling on the island of Aeaea and was notorious for turning men into animals. This name came from the Greek word for “bird.”


This name ‘Clio’ originated from Greek which means “glory”.


In Greek mythology, Cybele means “the mother of all gods”.  This name was the magical goddess of health, fertility, and nature.


Cynthia is a charming name from Greek beginnings and translates to “moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos.”


The name Dana is considered to be one of the greatest Irish Goddesses. This cute name also means wealth, wisdom, teacher, and abundance.


This name was invented and belongs to the dragon girl from Game of Thrones. This name has gained a lot of attention in real life.


This is a Greek name for “laurel tree” or “bay tree.” She was a nymph and daughter of Peneus, a river god.


Delilah is a Hebrew name meaning “delicate” or “to flirt.” This name is among the most popular Hebrew names for girls in the US as well as the number one girls name starting with “D”.


Deema is an Arabic name, Inspired by the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies, this name means rain.


As elegant as the name sound, this ladylike French name means “Dolphine”.


This is a perfect choice of name for your baby. This Greek name means “Divine Flower of God”.


This name is the name of an ocean nymph in Greek mythology which means “Gift of the Ocean”.


This name originates from England. The name Earwine means “Friend of the Sea”.


Some people may pronounce the name as ay-ra or i-ra.  This name beautiful with a magical meaning “Eira” comes from Welsh beginnings and means “snow.”


Eliza is known for her courage, sincerity, love, and kindness for people. This name means mommy’s darling princess.


This popular choice of the name means “Beautiful fairy woman”.


As powerful as the name sound. This name means “Elf Empress”.


This enchanting name originates from Latin and it means “from Elysium.” Elysium is the home for the blessed after death, it’s a paradise in classic mythology.


This name has seems to be popular following its usage by several celebrities. Esme means “beloved,” “esteemed” or “emerald” and it comes from French and Persian sources.


Eulalie comes from France and has known to be popular in the country. This name means “sweetly speaking.”


Evadne was one of Poseidon’s daughters. This name translates to “pleasing one” and has Greek foundations.


This name is a mouthful of romance and enchantment. The name Evangeline is from Greek origin and is a source of “bearer of good news.”


A magical Latin name with an enchanting sound which means to “Give life”.


If you are looking for a fairy related name. This is a simple and straightforward name to consider.


This name is an English origin for “fairy.” Its alternate spelling is Fay. This name can work as a first, middle, or even last name, such as Morgan le Fay, who was a sorceress in Arthurian legends.


Fenella, which sounds like a complicated version of Fiona. This name is a Celtic name meaning “White-shouldered one”.


This name is known from the movie Enchanted, as a naïve and pure-hearted princess of Andalasia. This name means “Pledge”.


This is somewhat an old fashioned Welsh name which means “white ring”.


In Greek mythology, Hermione is king Menelaus and Helen’s daughter. “This name means “Messenger”.


Hestia means “hearth” or “fireside”. This name originated from ancient Greece, known as the Greek goddess of the home, chastity, and hearth.


Isla in Scotland means “Queen of Hebrides”. This name was derived from one of the most islands in Scotland.

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This cute short beautiful name has two origins. In Greek, it means “Pure” while in Hawaiian it signifies “The Sea”.


This name originates from Celtic which means “Heifer”. This was the name of the water-horse who transformed herself into a beautiful woman to lure people into traps.


This name has an English root which means “Water Baby”. This name has been used by parents who are considering a cute baby name for their daughter.


This name is a Cornish name meaning “love” and it can be spelled with either an “S” or “Z”.


Keziah is an Old Testament nature name with a Hebrew root. This name translates to “cassia tree”. This name is unique and it has been used in various supernatural movies and novels, including I, Frankenstein and The Dreams in the Witch House


As known to be used by one of the popular Hollywood actresses, this name means “As calm as in still water” which signifies an element of the world of the mermaids.


A very popular name used in movies, novels, and video games. Lilith is an Assyrian name which means “ghost” or “night monster”.


This name means “Alluring”. This name is taken from the German folktale, where she was the sensual mermaid of the Rhine River, whose haunting voice led to many ships to wreck.


Luna is an Italian girl’s name which means “moon.”


Maia comes from Greece which means to “mother”. She was a fair-haired daughter of Atlas, who became the mother of Zeus’s son Hermes. In ancient Rome, she represented Earth’s mother and the goddess of spring.


This is a beautiful and unique name to consider for your baby girl. Maraja originates from the Esperanto language which means “Made of the Sea”.


This charming baby girl’s name means “Defender of the sea”.


This traditional name originates from both Latin and Hebrew origin which means “Star of the Sea”.


Sounds a lot nicer than Marina right? This name has originated from Gaelic and Irish roots which means “Star of the Sea”.


This name means “Work”. As you may know, this name is also the short form of Amelia.


As lovely it sounds this name signifies “Strong in work”.


Melody has Greek roots which signify “Music” which is no less than magic. Why don’t you bless your beautiful princess with this name?


This beautiful name means “Dark Skinned”. According to a medieval tale, she was one of the three sisters lost on the isle of Avalon.


Meri signifies “The Sea”. This beautiful unique name originates from Finland.


This name is a Latin baby name which means “Marvelous or Wonderful”.


This name has been used by parents who are considering baby names for their baby girl. This name has an English origin which means “Of the Sea or Bitter’.


This name is a perfect magical name for your daughter which means “Born of the sea”.


This name has an Arabic root which means “Water Nymph”. Girls with this name are adventurers and are known for their kindness.


This charming name has both American and Greek roots which signify “Daughter of the Sea”.


This magical name originates from Hawaiian which refers to “heavenly mist”.


This name was derived from ‘Undine’ which means “Little wave”.


This short sweet and unique name is also a magical name to consider for your daughter. Oona means “Lamb”.


This beautiful name originates from Greece which means to “help.”


This name is popular in India; it is generally used as a nickname sometimes. Pari means “Fairy”.


Pixie means “Fairy”. This cute name is used for supernatural beings believed to be mythical creatures who can fly.


This is a popular name Spain for a “queen”. This name is also popular in various video games, manga, and anime.


This popular sweet name has a Latin origin which means “Sew dew”. This name is also a native herb of the Mediterranean known for its healing power.


This is a Swedish word for “story” but it can also mean “journey” which is what life is about. This magical name is in the top 30 of the most popular girls’ names in Sweden.


This beautiful short name means “Lotus flower”. In Japanese mythology, this is the name of a mythological forest elf.


The name Shayla in Hindi means “Significant”. While in Irish Gaelic it also means “Fairy palace”.


A magical name with a Chinese origin, this name means “She who comes from the water”. This is a cute name to choose for your daughter.


A magical name became popular after the release of the Princess and the frog. Tiana means “Fairy queen”.


This name has a Greek origin which means “giant” or “great one”.


Zelda is a German name, which means “gray fighting maid”. This name is commonly used in TV series and video games, including Legend of Zelda and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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Enchanting, Fairy and Magical Baby Names For Boys

Magical Names


This magical name has a Finnish root which means “Waves”.


The name originates from Israel which means “Father of the sea”. What a powerful name for your boy.


Aelfdene, which is pronounced Ay-a-lef-den, has English roots which mean “from the Elfin valley.”This magical and enigmatic name is a rare choice and would make an excellent middle name.


Aladdin is an Arabic name which means “height of religion”. This name is known to be a      popular Disney character from the Arabian night.


This name is an English name which means “Wise counselor”. This is a popular name to bless your baby boy with.


This name originates from both Spanish and German origins which means “Cautious”.


The name Alvin is an English name for “Noble friend” or “friends of the elves”. This name is widely used as seen in sports, music, and movies, all thanks to Alvin and the chipmunks.


This name originated from Latin which means “Immortal one”. This name was the name of an important doctor of the Christian church during the fourth century.


This name is considered to be the “Celtic God of beauty and youth”. What a charming name to bless your baby boy with don’t you think?


According to Greek mythology, Argus was a creature with one hundred eyes. This name in Greek translates for “Watchful guardian”.


This magical name means “Melodious” in Hebrew. In Greek mythology, this name is the immortal and super swift horse blessed with the power of speaking.


This name was derived from Old Turkic which means “Lion”.


This name originates from the Greek which means “regal”. This name was the name of a bishop who founded the basics of the Greek Orthodox Church during the fourth century.


This name is an old name used for redheads. This name has English roots which means “Russet-haired”.


This name means “Wealthy glory”. This name brings to mind the Marvel superhero and vampire hunter from the movie “Blade”.


This name has an Arabic root which means “The Lightning”. This name is a common name for Muslim boys which has several meanings.


This name is an Indian name which means “King of the kings” or “king of the earth”.


This short name is influenced by the Dutch/Persian which means “king of the treasure”.


This Disney inspired name has Swedish, Persian, Dutch, and Norwegian origin. The name Casper means “King of the treasure”.

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The name Cedric means bounty and it comes from Celtic origins. This name was the character that competed against Harry Potter in the game of quidditch.


This name has a Greek origin which means “glorious”. This name is also used for mystical characters in several video games.


This name has a Greek origin which means “order” or “beauty”. This is the name of Timmy Turner’s fairy godfather in the animated TV series, The Fairly Odd Parents.


This name has an Irish origin which means “handsome”. This name is the surname of the most beloved vampire family of all time, the Cullens from Twilight Saga.


As magical as the name sounds, the name Draco means “Dragon”. This creature symbolizes strength.


This name hails from Wales form the United Kingdom. This name means “Som of the sea”.


This is a popular English name which means “Friend of the sea”.


This name has an English origin which has two meaning “Magical power” and “Island of the stones”.


This magical English name means “Wealthy guardian”. The name has flown to the top of the popularity charts, thanks to the heartthrob vampire from the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.


This popular Scandinavian name means “Eternal ruler”. This name has appeared in several mystical books, Tv series, and movies, including True Blood.


This name has Irish origin which means “Fair” or “White”. This name is the name of the central characters in the Snow Queen and Folklore.


This Irish name means “Som of the red-haired one” who was the male lead from the fairy tale remake Tangled.


This is an Old Norse name which means “wand elf”. This name gains its popularity from the movie The Lord of the rings.


This merman name is of Arabic origin with magical meaning. Galel means “Wave if God”.


This name has an English origin which means “Spearman”.


This name has a Hungarian root which means “ Ruler with the spear”. This name is known for its use in the Harry Potter series, for the character Gellert Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp.


This name has both Spanish and Hebrew root which means “Happiness”.


This is magic inspired name means “King of the treasure”. This name originated from Hungary.


This name has a German root which means “God is gracious”. This name was used in the magical fairytale, Handel and Gretel.


This is a great choice of name for your little boy. Harry means “Estate ruler”.


This name originated from the French from the name Harve, which later migrated to England through the normans. This name means “Battle worthy”.


This name is an English name which means “God is gracious”. This name was derived from the name John, which originated back in medieval England, where it went through several transformations.


This is an English name which means “Supplanter”. This name originated from the Hebrew name Jacob.


This name is a hybrid name, perfect for parents who are finding it difficult to decide between Jared and Garett. Jareth means “Bles of the jar”.


This name has a danish origin which means “The keeper of the treasure” sounds charming, isn’t it?


This name has English roots which means “Supplanter”. This unique name was derived from the name James.


This magical name which has a Japanese origin means “the God of the water”.


This magical name has a Japanese origin means “Win over the sea” or “God of the waters”.


This name originated from Hawaii which means “Coming from water”.


This Old name originates from Latin which means “Light”. Lucius is a great name for a Roman clan that holds both religious and literary importance and it has used by three popes in the Old Testament.


This magical name has an English root which means “Sorcerer”.


This enchanting name has an Irish root which means “The one who loves the sea”.


This name has a welsh origin which means “Sea defender”. The gained its popularity from a character in the magical world of Camelot and Merlin.


This strong and attractive name originates from Scotland which means “Man of the sea”.


The name Neptune originated for Latin America which means “God of water”. What a cute name to bless your boy with.


This name has a Greek origin which means “People of victory”.


This is an English mean which means “Noble” or “Bearlike”. This name is from the French name Auberon, which translates to “elf ruler” what a strong name for your little king.


This powerful name has a Greek root which translates to “Rock”. This name was also the name of a character in Peter Pan and also Peter Parker in Spider-Man.


This charming name has a Greek origin which means “Lover of horses”. This name is the prince from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.


As strong as it sounds this name originates for Greece which means “Sea God”.


This powerful and magical name has a Greek origin which means “Sea God”.


Reign means a “Mythical blacksmith”. In Norse mythology, he was a blacksmith, well versed in dark magic.


This magical name originated from the English word for “Rule over”.


This name originated from Israel which means “Angel of water”.


This strong name has an Indian origin which means “Lord of the ocean”.


This powerful name has an English origin which means “Sea guardian”.


Pronounced as shay-mus, this is an Irish name which means “Supplanter”.


This name originates from New Zealand which means “God of the sea”.


This cute but magical name is a popular Japanese name which means “A jewel” or “a gem”.


Terence originates from Latin which means “Smooth” or “Tender” This name is often heard in the Irish neighborhood in New York and Boston.


This name means “Son of Poseidon”. Triton is known to be one of the famous mermen of all time.


This name is an English name which means “One who is from the land of Eoghan”. This name gained its popularity from the famous tv series Game of Thrones.


This magical name originates from Iceland which means “Ruler of the ocean”. Sounds magical, isn’t it?


This is another English name which means “From the sea-land”.


This name originates from the Greek which means “west wind”. This magical name was a mythological Greek god of the west wind.


This name has a Greek origin which translates to an “Ancient Greek God”.

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Tips On Choosing The Right Magical Baby Name

Choosing your child’s name is an important decision you have to make as a parent. We’ve gathered these following tips to help you get through it and pick the perfect name for your baby.

  1. Avoid passing trends
  2. Do not forget classic names don’t have to be boring
  3. Consider your family tree
  4. Remember to honor your culture
  5. Check out meanings
  6. Contemplate every possible nickname
  7. Always consider the importance of the middle name
  8. Write down all the initials
  9. Voice it out loud
  10. Take your time and don’t stress too much

I believe these lists of magical names in this article will be of great help to you and partner with naming your baby.

Just take your time, do your research and follow these tips I mentioned earlier because naming a baby can be stressful but at the same time it is exciting.