What To Put in a Diaper Caddy (14 Essential Items)

Parenting can be fun and also quite challenging. We all know newborn babies poop a lot. This is why knowing what to put in a diaper caddy is a good idea.

Numerous important baby items should be kept in your nursery or have readily at hand when you’re on the go, and having a diaper caddy and having these essentials makes the job a lot easier during diaper changes.

In this article, we bring you a checklist on what to put in a diaper caddy to help take some stress off your baby-planning plate.

Everything You Need To Know About A Diaper Caddy

Are you wondering if a diaper caddy is necessary? Probably you think this may be another baby product that manufacturers have come up with to make more money. Or whether this product is something that makes parenting easier?

Well, as you may know, diaper caddies are not just useful for changes but; they can also be used as breastfeeding baskets, baby medicine kit, and baby grooming kit.

Here will be talking about diaper caddies, what makes them an essential item for the nursery or travels, and what to put in a diaper caddy.

What is a Diaper Caddy?

diaper caddy

A diaper caddy is an essential baby carrier that comes with different compartments and pockets for stocking all sorts of baby items you need for diaper changing.

This baby product helps you stay organized and store baby items such as diapers, diaper rash cream, and baby wipes for easy access.

When it’s time for a diaper change you’ll be able to stay calm knowing everything you need is in check – neatly organized in a diaper caddy!

Every parent who does a diaper change knows the challenge with it if all the necessary diaper changing items are not easily accessible. Your baby is restless, and you’re trying to keep him/her calm while frantically searching for the bum cream.

Next, your baby is screaming, and you’re still hunting down the elusive cream. This is a typical dilemma of an unorganized parent!

This is why a diaper caddy must be included in your checklist before the baby arrives because it brings order into your life while diaper changing.

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What To Put in a Diaper Caddy

Here’s our checklist for 14 essentials to always be packed in your diaper caddy; we also included some other ideas at the end.

1. Diapers

This is a must-have at all times. This item may seem obvious to you but how many times have you left home without bringing along extra diapers in the caddy?

Or suppose you have used up the last diaper in your stationary diaper caddy and forgot to replace it with extra diapers. With this in mind, make sure you have multiple spare diapers while on the go.

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2. Baby Wipes

This is one of my favorite baby items. These items are every parent’s solution to keep their child (and themselves) clean during diaper changes.

You can buy small, convenient packages of wet wipes that you can tuck into your diaper caddy easily. Ensure you keep at least one package of wet wipes in your caddy. If you’re using cloth diapers, you should also keep a bottle of wipe solution.

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3. Diaper Rash Cream

This is essential for every diaper change. Since babies have sensitive skin and some are prone to rashes. Applying bum cream will help make your baby feel more comfortable when putting on diapers.

Always try and choose the best diaper cream that is right for your baby, and ensure to keep one in your diaper caddy at all times.

4. Burp Cloth

You can prevent those messy moments you should burp your baby after each feed. Usually, babies spit up when they’ve been burped or shortly after feeding, so it’s best advised to keep a burp cloth stocked in your diaper caddy to protect your clothes from spit-up.

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5. Baby Lotion

You may have seen your baby’s skin dry, especially around the area where his/her ankles and feet come together and/or around the knee caps.

Stocking up a baby lotion in your diaper caddy can help protect your baby against chafing and itching. My favorite is the Earth Mama Baby lotion.

6. Changing Pad

Having this item in your diaper caddy can help protect your baby from rough surfaces, and to protect whatever surface you are changing your baby on from messes, especially if you’re always on the go.

When shopping for a changing pad, go for ones that can be easily folded into a neat, compact shape so you can pack it easily into one of the spaces or pockets of your diaper caddy.

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7. Swaddle

There are a lot of benefits that come from swaddling a baby, such as, it helps the baby sleep longer, it reduces anxiety, and helps keep your baby on their back. You can choose from different kinds of swaddles to keep in your diaper caddy.

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8. Hand Sanitizer

Between cleaning baby spit-ups and changing baby diapers, you must keep some hand sanitizer nearby. And also, since babies put almost everything they come in contact with into their mouths — your fingers included.

Stocking hand sanitizer in your diaper caddy can help ensure your hands are clean and free of germs for your baby. Ensure you use a baby-friendly one.

9. Baby Nail Clipper or File

Trimming a baby’s nails can be quite stressful for parents – especially when they’re brand new!

Baby’s fingers are so little, delicate, and very easy to make a mistake. When I had my daughter I used a nail file for her the first 4 months and switched to a safe baby nail clipper recently.

10. Thermometer

You know a lot by placing the back of your hand on the baby’s forehead. Placing a thermometer in your diaper caddy while on the go is another handy way to keep track of it so you’re not over the place when the baby seems under the weather!

11. Vitamin D

Your health care provider will advise that before you bring your newborn home, make sure to stock a bottle of Vitamin D in your diaper caddy. I tried using a baby probiotic with vitamin D, and I loved the little dropper it comes with!

12. Pacifier

These baby items can be used to soothe your baby and are nice to have around you. Not all parents like the idea of using pacifiers to soothe their baby, so if you do not, ensure you include whatever soothing item you use for your baby in your caddy.

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13. Nasal Aspirator

Baby’s noses are usually congested because they can’t blow their noses. And since this can interfere with baby’s sleep, this item is a very helpful tool to include your diaper caddy to help clear your baby’s nasal passage so he or she can breathe without obstruction!

14. Toys

Baby toys can be very effective in keeping the baby entertained during a diaper change. Just add some cute toys in the diaper caddy and introduce them to your baby only during diaper changing time.

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Other Essentials Baby Items You Could Pack in Your Diaper Caddy

While we’ve shared with you some of the most essential baby items you should pack in your diaper caddy, here are other helpful ideas you should also include:

  • Plastic bag for used diapers or cloth diapers
  • Baby soap and shampoo
  • Cotton balls
  • Nursing Pads
  • Facecloth
  • Baby pacifier
  • Change of clothes
  • Baby brush and comb
  • Bibs
  • A small baby blanket
  • Water bottle (for breastfeeding moms)
  • Sun lotion
  • Mom’s Medication
  • Gas Relief Drops
  • Teething Relief Medicine
  • Teether

One of the effective tips for using the diaper caddy is to ensure it’s always well-stocked. So, when you’ve used an item do not forget to replace it.

Take your time and review this list of essentials we’ve shared with you, and see if your diaper caddy is stocked with each item.

I’m sure you’ll be glad to have done this the next time you need to change your baby’s diapers; you’ll be amazed by how smooth and easy it will be for you. All thanks to you for being informed and organized!

What Are The Best Diaper Caddies?

You’ll find several diaper caddy designs on the market or online. The one that is best suited for you depends on when you’re going to use it.

If you are looking for something to organize your entire baby’s diaper changing goodies in one place in the nursery, or something portable and handy as well so you can easily pick it up and take it with you wherever you go?

Stationary Diaper Caddy 

Well, if you’re looking for a diaper caddy for a baby nursery, then the stationary caddy is the best choice. This item is usually larger than most diaper caddies and can sit on the baby’s changing table.

Every item you need for diaper changing is stored in different compartments. While this item is a great way of organizing your diaper changing process, its only downside is that it takes up space and isn’t a portable option.

Portable Diaper Caddy

If you’re looking for a diaper caddy that is lightweight, easy to handle and has various compartments for easy storage of diaper changing items, then the portable diaper caddy is your best choice.

This diaper caddy is very portable and it can anywhere with you. Ensure it is well stocked with the right items so you can pick up and go without any worries during diaper changing time.

Hanging Diaper Caddy

This is another great design often seen with diaper caddies. The hanging diaper caddy is a popular space saver choice and can be hung in your baby’s nursery or anywhere you often change your baby’s diapers.

You can hang it up on your baby’s crib, behind the door, or in the wardrobe or closet. Since this caddy can be moved around,  it is not ideal for taking with your outdoor activities.

Alternatively, you can always make your DIY diaper caddy using a cardboard box.


Since a diaper bag is perfect for those periods when you’re popping out to the supermarket or mall with your baby, they’re usually not big enough to contain all the essential items you need when traveling. This is why a portable diaper caddy is highly recommended.

Take-Home On What To Put in Diaper Caddy

We hope this article has given indebt discussion to answer the question of what to put in a diaper caddy. We all know newborn arrival comes with a lot of joy and responsibilities.

Diaper changing, however, makes your life as a parent very challenging! This is why we’ve listed some important items to include in your diaper caddy so diaper changing is easy and fun. Don’t forget to use our checklist, I am sure you’ll be glad you did. Happy Diapering!