How To Fold a BOB Stroller – Single & Double

When you enter the market and talk about strollers, the best stroller’s vote goes to Bob strollers, and the beautiful thing about this stroller is that it comes in several varieties.

Are you wondering how to fold a Bob stroller? Don’t worry. This article is for you. As you may know, they are wonderful baby gear.

You can use them for hikes due to their durable wheels. They are also best suited for people with an active lifestyle.

After the day’s use of this stroller, sometimes finding where to keep it becomes a problem because of its bulky nature, but if you know how to fold a bob stroller, it wouldn’t be a problem.

This article discusses everything you need to know about how to fold a single and double Bob stroller.

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What is a BOB Stroller?

Bob strollers are strollers built as “sporty utility” the design is rugged, the stroller rides smoothly, and the manufacturing material is top-notch.

This stroller is relatively new in the market, but it is already making waves because it is trendy and innovative.

The BOB company, owned by Britax, manufactures the bob stroller, and the term BOB is an acronym for Beast of Burden, the company’s original name.

Types of BOB Strollers

There are two BOB strollers: the single BOB strollers and the Duallie BOB strollers, the double BOB Strollers.

The single strollers were manufactured with the intention for you to use them on one baby. In contrast, the double stroller should accommodate two children simultaneously instead of using two different strollers.

The double stroller has only one model: the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie. The single stroller has four models: The Alterrain Pro, The Alterrain Jogging, Revolution Flex 3.0, and Rambler Jogging Stroller.

At What Age Can You Use A BOB Stroller?

You can use the BOB stroller for of different ages kids. There are strollers for infants and toddlers.

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You can use the single BOB stroller for kids weighing up to 70 pounds, while the dual BOB strollers can take up to 100 pounds, so most times, the child’s age isn’t an impediment to the use of BOB strollers.

The height of the stroller can go up to 44 inches for single and Duallie BOB strollers. These weights and heights are for your child’s or children’s height and weight, including their luggage, so you do not overpack the strollers.

If you are walking only with an infant car seat with Adapter, it is recommended that your child should not be more than eight weeks. 

If you are walking only, your child should be between 8 weeks to 8 months, and for jogging strollers, your child should not be less than 8 months.

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How To Fold a BOB Stroller

Folding strollers isn’t easy, but with the right guide, it becomes easier and sweet, but without the correct step, it will become a daunting task and, most times, pretty annoying.

All the single strollers use the same method and technique when folding while folding the double stroller utilizes a slightly different approach.

How To Fold a Single BOB Stroller

To effectively fold your single BOB stroller effectively and effortlessly, it is normal that you follow the following steps.

  • Make sure the stroller is empty, and you can achieve this by removing your baby and any other stored luggage from the stroller. Ensure that nothing is left behind; if not, it will not fold wholly, and whatever the luggage is, there are high chances it will ruin it. Always make sure that you search thoroughly to avoid spoiling things.
  • Check for the position of the shock absorbers and ensure that they are placed before folding.
  • Your hands should be on the sides of the handlebars, then squeeze them inwards on the red tabs towards the middle.
  • Lift the hand bars upwards and push forward.
  • Pull backward any red handle appearing from the rear. This shows that the stroller is completely folded, and you can now compactly store it anywhere.
  • Remove the wheels of the BOB stroller to make it even more compact, allowing it to fit in tight places.
  • After folding, use the wrist wrap in the handlebar to tie up the stroller. After the wrapping, fix the Velcro so the stroller does not undo itself.
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How To Fold a BOB Double Stroller

There is only one model of the double BOB stroller, and it comes with two seats for accommodating the two kids.

To fold the double BOB stroller effectively, follow the following steps.

  • Ensure that the stroller is empty before trying to collapse your baby’s stroller
  • Unbuckle the AFOD strap that is going through the back of the stroller
  • Check the shock absorber and ensure it is in place you attempt to fold.
  • Grab the handles with your hands and press the red buttons found on both sides of the handles.
  • Push the stroller up and then push it forward. This will enable the downward movement of the stroller.
  • Pull the red handles at the back, pull them towards you, and the stroller will collapse.
  • Safely secure your strollers with the straps on the stroller.

Check Out This Short Video On How To Fold A BOB Stroller

Most BOB strollers collapse in the same way, despite a few differences. This video shows you how to fold a Bob stroller in under a minute.

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Have you learned how to fold a BOB stroller? You can agree that the folding process isn’t as difficult as it seems if you follow the steps religiously. 

Always ensure that the folding of your stroller is done the right way to avoid spoilage due to the wrong folding method.

Although the BOB stroller has single and double types of strollers, the folding of both strollers follows similar folding methods.