How To Put Baby Mirror in Car Without Headrest (5 Easy Steps)

When you want to enhance your baby’s safety when driving and have peace of mind, you should think of a baby car mirror.

But remember that the purchase of a baby car mirror without installing the baby’s car mirror is almost as good as not having the baby car mirror.

For the baby car mirror to ensure your baby’s safety, you have got to learn how to install it.

If you may want to reap the benefit of the baby car mirror and you don’t know how to install it, don’t worry. This article will teach you how to put baby mirror in car without headrest.

What Is A Baby Seat Mirror?

A baby car seat mirror is a gadget and a special kind of mirror that helps the driver of a car monitor and observe the baby’s activities in the back seat.

It is positioned at a place that enables the driver to have a full view of the baby while keeping track of their activities without looking back.

It prevents accidents from happening because it helps the driver concentrate and not be distracted while steering the vehicle’s wheels.

If a baby seat mirror is absent in a vehicle, the car driver would naturally want to ensure that the baby at the back seat is alright.

And the only way to be assured is by frequent craning of the neck or looking back by the driver at the back seat, and such distractions may lead to an accident.

Another good reason you should have a baby car mirror installed is because it is an excellent way to fascinate your baby, tickle their fancy, and prevent them from crying during the journey or while you both are in transit.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Baby Seat Mirror

Many tremendous benefits can amass from using baby car mirrors apart from mitigating accidents and ensuring the child’s safety in the back seat.

Some of the benefits that can amass from the use of a baby car mirror include

1. Reduces Unnecessary Anxiety

It is beneficial to the driver of the vehicle because you can monitor what your baby is doing at the back seat without having to look back at the back seat to know if your baby is safe or not.

Anxiety is reduced or diminished because you can monitor what your baby is doing at the back without cringing your neck or turning back to look at your baby to know if they are safe.

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2. It Keeps You Posted On What Is Going On With Your Child

Another advantage of using your baby’s car seat mirror is that it enables you to keep an eye on your baby.

Monitoring your child’s movement and knowing when your child needs your attention or help, thereby preventing any harmful situation from escalating before you attend to it.

3. It Reduces the Chance of Accidents

Accident rates are reduced because the drivers will focus on their driving; anxiety for the safety of their babies having been eliminated leaves them with an aura of concentration on the driving, thereby reducing the accident rates on the road.

4. Keeps Baby Engrossed

The reflection of a baby’s whole frame in a mirror is quite intriguing, especially to the baby.

This will help serve as a distraction to your baby and reduce boredom for your baby as your baby’s attention will be glued on their reflection in the baby car seat mirror.

And if there is no boredom, then the chances of your baby crying are reduced to the background.

5. Brings Peace of Mind

Having been convinced of your baby’s safety, your journey would be hitch-free because your full attention will be on the trip.

And since there is no side distraction as you can monitor your baby using the baby back seat mirror, your peace of mind is assured.

How To Put Baby Mirror In Car Without Headrest

Before we get started on how to put a baby car mirror without a headrest, there are some tools that you would need to have available before you proceed, and they include.

  • Mirror
  • Clamp
  • Strap
  • Screwdriver

Now follow the steps below to put your baby mirror without a headrest

Step 1: Place the Mirror Accordingly

Place the mirror accordingly, and the best position for this in the back seat is right at the front of the tether anchor so that the driver, front passenger, and the baby can easily access the mirror.

Step 2: Insert the Clamp

Insert the clamp between the seat and the rear deck of the vehicle as this will hold the mirror firmly in place and allow the same to remain firm, stable, and well able to withstand the shakiness of the roads.

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Step 3: Reshape the Clamp to the Seat Shape

Reshape the clamp to the seat shape, and this can be achieved by bending the clamp, but you must be careful so that you don’t break the clamp or reduce its lifespan considerably.

Step 4: Tighten the Strap

Tighten the strap to help the mirror stay firm and highly resistant to all forms of shakiness and the damages that may follow after the instability.

This may need you to attach a clip to the tether anchor. Follow this step by tightening the clamp firmly until it’s no longer shaking.

Step 5: Tit the Mirror to Your Desired Angle

Complete the step by tilting the mirror to your desired angle. Get to the front seat and then go ahead and close the door.

Install the side mirror at a position that allows you to see the car and the rear door in one glance.

After that, move to the back seat and adjust the mirror so that it aligns with the side mirror.


For you to enjoy the benefits of the baby car seat mirror, then there are some precautions that you need to adhere to, and they include

  • Be cautious while installing because the mirrors are delicate and can damage easily.
  • Use the correct mirror for the suitable car model.
  • In the case of difficulty in installation, seek help
  • Read the car and mirror manuals and adhere to the instructions
  • Don’t drink while driving. Always stay away from alcohol

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I am sure that your question about how to put baby mirror in car without headrest has been answered.

I am also sure that you would achieve the desired result if you follow the steps highlighted above.

Do not treat the precautionary steps lightly so that you do not cause problems for yourself, and do not forget to seek help with the installation if the need arises.