How Tall Should A Changing Table Be? Explained

A changing table is an essential item, especially when you have a baby you care for, and you want comfort when changing your baby’s diapers or dressing after bath time.

As you may know, it is one thing to have a changing table, and it is another thing to have one that fits the standard. Having said this, one may wonder how tall a changing table should be?

Don’t worry, answers to your question on how tall should a changing table be and a lot more will be provided in this article. Read on!

What is The Standard Dimension for a Changing Table?

Talking about the standard dimension for a changing table, a changing table should be 20” in width, the height should be 36”,  you can go up to a height of about 43” and the depth 3.93” the changing pad should be 17” wide and 33” long, these dimensions given are in inches.

If you want the dimension in centimeters, then the height should be 91.44cm, width 50.8cm, and length 66.04cm.

You may go for a changing table with more dimensions if your room is spacious and probably to increase the use of the changing table.

But do not go for one below the standard dimension because it may be uncomfortable for you to use.

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How Tall Should A Changing Table Be?

How many changing pad covers do i need

When choosing a changing table to buy or build, keep in mind the changing table height in centimeters should be 91.44cm, in inches, it should be 36”,  but you can go up to a height of about 43”.

What Are The Importance of Using a Changing Table with Perfect Dimensions?

If you have the perfect dimension, the changing table’s comfort is assured.

Using a changing table with the perfect dimension also helps you mitigate the chances of having back pain which can result from bending too much while using the changing table.

In other to be comfortable while using a changing table, you shouldn’t use anything taller or shorter as they would add to discomfort while using the changing table.

You need to maintain a perfect posture while using a changing table so that you don’t risk developing back pain.

But if you use the perfect dimension of changing tables, you do not need to bend because all the dimensions are perfect.

Other Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Changing Table

1. Consider the safety strap

When choosing a changing table for your baby, make sure the changing table has a pad that affixes to the table with a safety strap. Although these pads are also sold separately, always make sure you use a pad in a size the changing table manufacturer recommends.

2. Consider storage

Most changing tables have open shelves that make it easy for parents or caregivers to reach diapers and baby clothes, which are arranged in decorative wicker baskets. Some of the tables may have drawers or a combination of drawers and shelves.

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When choosing a changing table, make sure the changing table has at least one drawer, preferably right under the table.

This helps you to quickly retrieve the things you need. Some parents still prefer the easy accessibility of open shelving.

Having a changing table that comes with a drawer offers an advantage over open shelving because it is a better place to hide diaper supplies from a curious toddler.

3. Check for barriers on four sides

A traditional changing table is usually guarded by a restraining barrier made of rails or wood sides.

According to the latest Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) safety standards, changing tables with a flat, smooth surface must have a barrier on all four sides of the changing surface.

Do not buy the table if the changing table only has two or three sides of protection instead of four.

Changing tables with a contoured changing surface requires barriers on two opposing sides to meet the latest safety standards.

Always keep a hand on your baby when changing his clothes or diapers for added security, and always use the changing table or pad’s safety straps.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reduce The Dimension Of My Changing Table If My Room Is Smaller?

All fingers are not equal, and it is not everyone that lives in a very spacious room.

If your room size is small, you may be tempted to use a smaller dimension of the changing table, but remember that when you go below the standard, you are trying to make the whole process very uncomfortable.

Thereby causing more harm to yourself instead of saving the desired space.

The size of the changing pad that should be on top of the changing table should be 17” wide by 33” area.

A smaller dimension of changing table may not be enough for you to put things in your changing pad nicely.   

What Are The Best Changing Tables?

Here are our top picks.

Best changing table overall: Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Best changing table on wheels: Graco Lauren Changing Table

Best foldable changing table: Costzon Folding Diaper Station

Best corner changing table: Badger Basket Corner Changing Table                              

Can I Use A Normal Dresser As A Changing Table?

Yes, you can; a dresser can sure be converted into a changing table, which saves you space because when your baby grows up, there will be no need for the changing table.

Why not if your dresser meets all the dimensional conditions for a changing table? You can convert it to a changing table, and by doing so, you are saving money and space.

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After you are through or have passed the phase of life that requires you to have a changing table, you can convert it into a Chester drawer and use it as such.

Can I Use A Chest Drawer Or A Desk As A Changing Table?

Sure your chest drawer can be converted to a changing table, provided the dimensional conditions for a good changing table are met.

If it is not met, it is best advised not to use it to avoid discomfort while making use of it as a changing table.

If your chest drawer meets the dimensional requirements for a changing table, you must add a changing pad with other necessary parts and accessories while the drawers serve as storage.

If you are using a desk, the desks may not have enough drawers, and you have got to add some. Ensure your choice of the desk is sturdy and the surface smooth.

How Do I Convert A Dresser To A Changing Table?

Converting your dresser to a changing table is not that difficult. All you need to do is ensure that your dresser meets the standard dimension of a changing table and then get a changing pad that fits correctly.

When choosing changing pad, go for one with restraint straps or sticky bottom as they are safer, then choose one that is comfortable for your baby.

Can I Use Changing Pad Without Changing Table?

Yes, it is possible to use a changing pad without changing the table because the pad can be easily detached, and when you do that, you can use it without the changing table.

You can take it to a place where it can be suitably used when changing your baby, but using it outside the changing may not be comfortable for you since you will have to bend while using it outside the table.

How Tall/Wide Should A Dresser Be For A Changing Table?

Your dresser should be between 36” to 43” in height, the width should be 20,” and the length should be 26’.

If your dresser meets these dimensional requirements, you can consider converting it.

When Should I Stop Using A Changing Table?       

Always keep nursery supplies within your reach but out of your baby’s reach.

It is recommended to stop using you’re changing table when your baby reaches the age or weight limit as recommended by the manufacturer, usually age 2, or 30 pounds (13,607 grams).

Wind Up

I am sure that answers to your question of how tall should a changing table be have been answered.

You must use a changing table that fits into the standard dimension, as failure to use one with the standard dimension may be uncomfortable for you to use.

The chances of bending when your changing table is below the standard dimension are high and can lead to back pains.

So, we strongly advise using one that fits into the standard dimension.