How To Raise Graco Pack N Play Mattress (A Simple Guide)

With a baby on the way or a baby already here, thousands of thoughts like how to raise Graco pack n play mattress must be running through your mind every day about how to adapt to living with the presence of a new baby.

Pack ‘N Plays are designed for all of these reasons and even more. As you should know, “Pack ‘n Play” is the name of Graco’s brand of playpens.

Although, the term is now commonly used by parents to describe playpens in general.

A Pack ‘N Play is a portable baby crib that compactly breaks down and can be tucked into a bag for travel. In other words, it is mobile.

It is a perfect solution to your worry about leaving your newborns and toddlers unsupervised as you work. Follow these steps if you want to raise a Graco pack n play mattress.

  • Push the tab button down to lock it in place
  • Unclip the tab to lower the mattress
  • Finally, take the pad you used in the previous section and place it in the bassinet.

Read on as we discuss everything you need to learn about Graco pack n play, how to set it up and how to raise Graco pack n play mattress.

Graco Pack n Play: The Best Play Yard

We’ve established that a pack-and-play is a great safe space for your child to be left unsupervised, but most do not usually come with very comfortable mattress pads.

Since they are often used as sleeping surfaces for the little ones, buying a quality, firm, and the safe mattress is important.

Most parents who have given birth to one or more kids are accustomed to the Graco Pack and Play brand and can boldly say a thing or two about it being one of the best pack and play for children.

But if you’re a new parent or a parent-to-be, you might not be very familiar with this term. So we’ll be talking briefly about the Graco Pack and Play and how to raise Graco pack n play mattress.

The Graco Pack and Play is a portable baby crib that is mobile as well as safe.

One of the reasons parents love this play yard is because it is one of the most popular baby play yards used in keeping babies safe from harm while they cater to other things.

The play yard allows the child to safely move and play with their toys. It has mesh sides too, which is very important as the parent can see whatever their baby is doing at any point in time.

Another reason this play yard is popular is as a result of its versatility. It can be folded up and is great for traveling with a baby, one of the features that sets it apart from a crib.

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It is also extremely handy for mothers as it requires zero skills to set up. Just by reading the manual, you should know what to do.

How to Set Up a Pack N Play: Easy Steps

The process is simple and shouldn’t take a few minutes. But you would have to be thorough because you’re not going to frequently have your eyes on your baby while it’s inside, and any mishap can cause a lot of trouble for you and the baby.

The first thing you want to do before setting up the pack-n-play is read the instruction manual included on the exterior of the carrying portion, or anywhere you find it. You have to find it somewhere.

You’d have to ring the seller immediately if you don’t. Keep in mind any special assembly instructions to get the job done faster.

Because I believe peculiarities exist with different brands, and you’d have to thoroughly go through what that brand you have chosen to trust has told you to do. Don’t overlook that.

Once you’ve looked through the instructions, the next thing is to undo the straps that hold the entire pack-n-play together.

After undoing the straps, inside, you’ll find a carrying bag, a bassinet, and the pack-n-play itself.

Ensure you go through these materials and line them up with what the manual book says you should receive with the pack-n-play.

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How To Raise Graco Pack N Play Mattress?

pack and play

That’s what you want to know; trust me, it is not as difficult as it may sound. I could go through the process in not more than two to three sentences, and all you’ve got to do is take a good look at your Pack N Play and get things running.

Follow these few practical steps to raise or lower your mattress without trouble.

  • Almost all packs and plays have a raised portion in the center with a pull tab. Push the tab button to lock it if you want to raise the mattress.
  • Lowering the mattress, unclip the tab and place the pack-n-play mattress on the bottom. You can do this when you’ve locked in the bottom section.
  • Ensure that there are no gaps where your baby could easily be stuck or trapped in.
  • A quick one for those with small babies; you might need a bassinet, which varies depending on the company you purchased the pack-n-play from. Fix at least two rods into each other on the bottom and move ahead to clip the bassinet onto the sides of the pack-n-play with the clips you’ll find. This will raise the pack-n-play from the base.
  • Lastly, take the pad you used in the previous section and place it in the bassinet. For added security, ensure the padding is properly secured to the Velcro.
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And that’s all! If you’re having a look at your pack-n-play while reading this, it will be a lot easier for both of us.

Why Do You Need A Pack N Play?

One of the main reasons parents choose a pack-n-play is to keep their children entertained.

Most parents are always preoccupied with one thing or the other, which may require their full attention.

In the presence of this, they cannot play with their child. Setting the child in his pack n play with his favorite toys will surely keep the child distracted for a long while.

A pack-n-play also provides your children with a safe and secure place to keep themselves entertained.

They do not have to wander too far and end up in danger in their secure play yards, saving you from constant worrying.

The pack-and-play can also serve as a portable space if your baby needs to catch some sleep somewhere other than their home.

As a parent, you must ensure you choose the best pack-n-play if you intend to have your baby sleep in it because there have been situations where children experienced suffocation in the play yard, and you most definitely wouldn’t want that for your child.

One amazing thing about the pack and play is that they provide various parenting accessories.

Having a pack-n-play, you probably don’t need to get a bassinet, changing station, and playpen.

Pack n play provides it all. Your child can also enjoy it for the first stage of their growth and development, saving money in the long run.

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You’d need to know when your baby doesn’t need the mattress raised anymore, and you are probably asking when it’s time to move the mattress to the bottom level.

This is a little formula you can use. When your baby can push up on their hands and knees, it is the perfect time to lower the pack-n-play mattress.

Usually, the average weight recommendation is 15 lbs. However, if your baby begins to push up before the 15lbs mark, it’s best advised to lower the Play n Play.

By now, you should understand how to set up and raise Graco pack n play mattress, or maybe you’ve already got yours up and running.

These are helpful tools for parent productivity so you can accomplish a lot while keeping your baby busy and entertained.