How To Wash Newborn Hair For The First Time

As a parent who has welcomed her bundle of joy, the radiance on your face as you peer into the face of your jewel of inestimable value is heavenly.

It is ok to feel anxious about how to play your motherly role especially if you are a first-time mother and some of your questions might be on how to raise your little one better.

Other questions that could also cross your maternal mind will center on the care of your baby’s hair. You may find yourself asking how to wash your newborn’s hair for the first time.

Worry not! In this article, we will educate you on how to wash newborn hair for the first time, how often to wash the newborn’s hair, and many more. Read On…

When Should I Start Washing My Newborn’s Hair

Washing a newborn hair can start immediately after birth. However, it is important to know that before your little one is handed over to you, the nurses most times give your baby his or her first birth to clean their skin before dressing them up.

So there is no need to be hesitant about washing your newborn’s hair, your baby has no need for daily bathing sessions and the washing of the hair may be necessary twice a week.

And this shouldn’t be determined by the amount of hair on his or her head, washing your baby’s hair should be done regardless of the amount of hair in other to get rid of excess oil.

The service of a washcloth and water can be employed if you feel there is a need for a little cleanse in between the hair.

How Often Should I Wash My Baby’s Hair?

There is no specific number of times that you should wash your newborn’s hair but two times a week is okay.

Frequent washing may seem to be helpful because it helps in removing the excess oil on the head and such actions help in making the scalp healthy but do not give in to such idea, you do not have to wash frequently.

There are times when you do not need to wash the hair, all you have to do at those times is to simply dip a sponge in water, squeeze out the water and gently clean your newborn’s hair.

How To Wash Newborn Hair For The First Time: Practical Steps

newborn hair

Research has proven that one of the major concerns and challenges of mother’s especially first-time mothers is how to wash their newborn’s hair for the first time.

The following guidelines would give you basic practical steps on how to wash your newborn’s hair.

What you need:                                                                  

  • A clean tub or sink.
  • A towel.
  • A washcloth.
  • Soft brush
  • A moisturizing, baby-safe shampoo.

Practical Steps To Follow

  1. Your bathroom must be clean and comfortable having the appropriate temperature and you should ensure that everything you need to give your baby a good bath and to wash his/her hair is next to you to avoid being stranded once the bathing session starts. Do not leave your baby unattended in the bathtub during bath time.
  2. Wet his hair, then rub some shampoo in between your palms, and gently apply it on his head, ensuring that the scalp is touched.
  3. While washing your baby’s hair, gentility should be the watchword remember that your baby’s head and scalp are still soft and tender. You can get this done by using a soft brush or sponge.
  4. Do not press the soft spots on the top of your newborn’s head very hard.
  5. Avoid keeping your newborn wet for too long. Once you are done with cleaning, make sure that you quickly rinse the hair and then dry using a towel.
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Drying Baby’s Hair – Is It a Must?

Drying your baby’s hair after a bath is completely up to you. Some parents prefer leaving it to dry naturally, while others may do otherwise. If it’s cold out, you may decide to get it done immediately.

Babies can emit a lot of body heat through their heads. However, your baby can overheat if his/her head is covered for too long. Purchasing a hooded towel is a great way to take your baby from the bath to your changing room without them getting the chills.

Additionally, if you prefer doing more than merely letting your baby’s hair dry naturally, here are a couple of methods and they include using a towel to stroke your baby’s hair gently to soak up any remaining water.

You can also try blow drying or use a soft brush too by simply stroking it several times after patting it with a towel to remove any excess water.


If you decide to use a hairdryer you have to be very careful because hairdryers can become very hot and could burn your baby’s sensitive skin.

Benefits of Washing Baby’s Hair

Washing your newborn’s hair comes with whole lots of amazing benefits because not only would your baby’s head be clean but your baby would also enjoy the following benefit.

1. Could Prevent Ringworm

Ringworm is a common infection of the skin which appears mostly on the scalp in children and babies.

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection caused by a group of fungi called “tinea.” and it is highly contagious

The mere sight of ringworm sometimes on your baby’s skin may be unpleasant and you may be able to prevent ringworm by regularly washing your baby’s hair and scalp.

2. May Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff looks more like a cradle cap, but it is a different condition and it can be caused by any or combination of the following

  • Eczema
  • An excess of oil
  • Dry scalp
  • A fungal infection

Dandruff is usually not harmful or contagious, but it can be itchy — especially if the cause is eczema or dryness. Making use of a moisturizing shampoo often can help ease the effects of dandruff.

In case, your baby has eczema on the scalp, it is recommended not to use shampoo. Rather, consult with your baby doctor and follow their advice. Your baby doctor may advise you to go for an emollient shampoo. These shampoos are soothing for a baby’s sensitive skin.

But if the cause is due to excessive oil, then you should try washing your baby’s hair and scalp more often.

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What about Sparse Hair and Thick Tangled Hair?

thick hair

Washing a baby’s hair may not be easy but the benefits of washing a baby’s hair frequently can’t be overemphasized.

The following guidelines below would provide you with tips on how to wash sparse and thick tangled hair.

1. Sparse Hair

  • A newborn with sparse hair might be a source of worry to the parent, but do not be nervous, there is no cause for alarm, some kids usually begin their earthly sojourn with a sparse arrangement of hair but later in life, they develop good hair growth.
  • If your newborn has sparse hair, then you should wash it once a week so that the scalp can get the required attention and be kept clean.
  • Remember that the oil that’s secreted on the scalp helps to keep it healthy as a result frequent washing is a strict no-no.
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2. Thick Tangled Hair

  • A hair conditioner can become a necessity if your child has thick or curly hair and keeps getting tangled, the conditioner can help prevent it from getting tangled.
  • If your newborn falls under this category, then it is pertinent to know that the use of shampoo is not necessary for every single wash. Water followed by some conditioner is sufficient.
  • Ensure that the conditioner reaches the ends and especially at the areas where the knots are higher if it is sprayed.

What If the Baby Does Not Like Getting His Hair Washed?

Sometimes your newborn may become nervous and jittery when the bathing session is approaching and this may be as a result of unpleasant incidence in the past.

All you have to do is to build his or her confidence back and ensure that the session is fun-filled so you both can be happy during the bathing session.

What Products Should You Use to Wash Your Baby’s Hair?

When making a choice of shampoo for your baby, please ensure that the product is baby-friendly shampoo like this one. You should go for one that has a pH value ranging from 4.5 to 6 because they’re best suited for newborns.

Practical Tips to Help You Make the Process of Washing Baby Hair A Lot Easier

Babies most times may not comfortable with the washing of their hair and they may be extremely fussy, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for not washing your newborn’s hair.

The following tips will help you have a hitch-free ride when washing your newborn’s hair.

  • The bath should be snappy
  • A no-tears shampoo with a good fragrance is preferable
  • Clean your newborn’s hair with a sponge
  • Make sure the baby lean with support
  • Gently massage the head when you wash. This may calm him.

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Other FAQ

When Should I Start Using Shampoo to Wash My Baby’s Hair?

Do not introduce shampoos to your newborn’s hair until your baby is around 2 months old or so.

What If My Baby is Bald?

Baldness shouldn’t be an excuse for not washing your newborn’s hair. Wash it once a week with less water since there’s no hair to hold the water so that scalp can be clean. While doing this, make sure your baby’s eyes are well protected all the time.


We hope this article has given an in-depth discussion to answer the question of how to wash newborn hair for the first time, and you have also learned that frequent washing of your baby’s hair isn’t the best idea for your newborn.

It is ok to wash your newborn’s hair twice a week and if you must use shampoo you should wait till your baby is up to two months and then use a nice fragranced baby-friendly shampoo that has a pH value ranging from 4.5 to 6.