Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant: Can I Drink It & How Safe is it?

The love for tapioca pearls while pregnant isn’t abnormal as many women tend to crave a lot while pregnant, and tapioca pearl is one of them.

One of the things that a pregnant woman must consider while trying to satiate her cravings and desires is the safety of her developing and unborn child so that the child is not affected by what the mother consumes.

So while you can drink tapioca pearls while pregnant, there are certain things you should consider regarding consuming Tapioca pearls during pregnancy not to jeopardize your unborn child’s safety.

This article discusses everything concerning tapioca pearls while pregnant, and it will help you decipher if you can continue with the consumption of tapioca pearls while pregnant or not.

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Tapioca: Everything You Need To Know

Tapioca is one of the dietary staple foods consumed in many countries of the world, and its source is from a root vegetable, cassava root, where its starch is gotten.

Tapioca can be used as a substitute for wheat and other corn-based product, and its fiber content is high and contains quite a considerable amount of nutrients.

Tapioca contains carbohydrates, and as a result, it is a good source of energy. In addition to its carbohydrate content, it has nutrients like vitamins, fiber, protein, and fat though some are in small or minute quantities.

Tapioca from which tapioca pearl is made is gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free.

Tapioca is also cholesterol free, and as a risk, there is no fear of it being a trigger for atherosclerosis which is a pointer to a heart attack.

Tapioca benefits pregnant women and contains nutrients like dietary fiber, calcium, manganese, folate, and iron.

Can I Drink Tapioca Pearls while pregnant?

Yes, but you have got to consider certain things while making this decision so that you do not jeopardize the safety of your unborn child.

The consumption of tapioca pearls while pregnant can be encouraged if you can prepare your tapioca pearls. 

Also, you should avoid consuming a lot of commercially prepared tapioca pearls or if you are not sure of the processing and packaging process of your vendor.

Since tapioca pearls on their own are tasteless, vendors of tapioca often add ingredients that might be health hazards to your unborn child, like lots of sugars and colors, to make them tasty and attractive.

So if you are sure that your tapioca pearls are free from added sugars and colors, then you can enjoy them as they will have no adverse effects on your unborn baby.

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Is Tapioca Good For Early Pregnancy?

Tapioca is usually good and can be consumed during early pregnancy. It doesn’t have any side effects on the mother, nor does it have any on the unborn child.

But you must be very careful of the tapioca you consume, ensuring that it doesn’t contain added sugar and syrup.

Most vendors of tapioca often add things that might injure your unborn child, like lots of sugars and colors, to make them tasty and attractive since they are fully aware that tapioca pearls are tasteless on their own.

So if you are sure that your tapioca pearls are free from added sugars and colors, then you can enjoy them as they will have no adverse effects on your unborn baby.

Are There Any Concerns For Consuming Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant?

When taken once in a while, there is no concern for the consumption of tapioca pearl while pregnant, but once it becomes one’s primary source of nourishment, there is cause for alarm.

Tapioca pearl mainly contains carbohydrates because cassava root is its source. And since it is deficient in other nutrients, it may even have other nutrients in smaller quantities.

Another cause for concern also lies in the preparation of the tapioca pearls. It could become harmful to mother and child if it is poorly processed.

Once tapioca pearl is poorly processed, the cassava’s linamarin compound is still present, which is very poisonous to health.

Once consumed, it is one of the significant causes of cyanide poisoning, and the effect on mother and child can be disastrous.

Also, tapioca pearls are not recommended for the pregnant diabetic patient because their high carbohydrate content can complicate issues in pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Drink Tapioca Pearl Drinks While Pregnant?

A simple answer to this question is YES. You can drink tapioca pearl drinks while pregnant, but on one condition.

It would help if you only consumed tapioca pearl drinks that you are sure of in the processing and packaging to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

It is advised that while pregnant, you should purchase your edibles with tapioca pearls from well-recognized supermarkets and vendors rather than from local sellers, as many local sellers ignore the cyanide content of the tapioca pearls.

You should pay attention to the processing pattern to ensure that the cyanide content of poisonous cassava is reduced to the acceptable standard and eliminate the chances of the mother or child or both being adversely affected.

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Health Benefits of Tapioca Pearls

Although tapioca pearls are cassava products, they have several health benefits. They do not contain grains or gluten, making them perfect for people who have gluten-related illnesses.

If you want the best results, mix the tapioca pearls with coconut and almond for a more balanced diet. Medical experts advise pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to use it instead of corn-based products.

The high concentration of resistant starch in tapioca pearls helps prevent inflammation and bacteria growth in the gut. It is also an energy source and improves metabolism.

In addition to being high in calories, it contains no cholesterol, so it will help you gain weight healthily.

Also, tapioca pearls contain calcium and iron, which help to keep bones and teeth strong. It also has a low sodium concentration, which reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Alternative Ways To Use Tapioca Pearls

1. As a Thickening Agent

Tapioca pearls make a great thickening agent for soups and sauces because they provide excellent thickening power and give the meal a unique taste and feel.

In addition, it is perfect as a thickening agent because it blends perfectly with all types of soups and sauces.

2. As Baking Recipe

You can use tapioca pearls with almond flour to make the most delicious grain-free bread and snacks. You can try it out.

Make homemade flatbread using tapioca pearls and top with your favorite toppings for breakfast or dinner your family will never forget. 

3. As Binding Agents

Tapioca pearls are the best binding agent if you want to make the best bread and snacks. Not only are they natural, but they also help to improve the texture of your dough when used as a binding agent.

Tapioca pearls work best because they trap moisture in the dough and prevent sogginess. You can also use it to make snacks like burgers and pizza.

4. You Can use it for Puddings

Make a pudding with tapioca pearls this weekend, and you will never use anything else for puddings, desserts, or snacks again. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

How To Store Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant

Tapioca pearls are best stored to preserve the flavor and keep them fresh for use. However, as you already know, you can use them for more than just teas and drinks.

So, you can buy them in large quantities, but ensure you store them in the right ways. 

Here are the best ways to store your tapioca pearls while pregnant.

  • Tapioca pearls can be stored at room temperature for two to four hours if they have already been cooked.
  • You can store the cooked tapioca pearls in a refrigerator for 36 hours. However, it is best to store them in syrup first.
  • Uncooked tapioca pearls can be stored in your refrigerator or kitchen for months without going bad.
  • If you have leftover uncooked tapioca pearls, remove the excess air from the plastic bag before storing them, or keep them in an airtight container.
  • You should use your cooked tapioca after a few hours. Also, ensure you use your leftover uncooked tapioca after a few days.

How to Make Colored Tapioca Pearls

The natural color of tapioca pearls is white, but you have probably noticed that supermarkets and stores also display colorful tapioca pearls.

So, how can one color tapioca pearls? If you are planning a party and want tapioca pearls to match the theme, or you want a unique color, tapioca pearls are a great choice. 

All you need to do to make your topical pearls a particular color is boil them in a pan and add food coloring.

Once all the pearls are colored to your taste, sieve them out and allow them to cool before adding them to your drinks.

Wind Up

I hope the article has been insightful and your question on tapioca pearls while pregnant has been answered.

You can have tapioca pearls while pregnant if you so desire and crave it provided you adhere to the conditions highlighted above.

While satisfying your cravings for tapioca pearls, ensure that you do not have people with diabetes nor any history of it in your pedigree because of the high carbohydrate content and low contents of other nutrients in tapioca pearls.

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