What Happens If You Drink Your Breast Milk? What Experts Say

Are you wondering what happens if you drink your breast milk? We all know that the majority of the world’s populace is overworked, overstressed, and underpaid.

Circumstances like these can lead women to do everything they can to feel good or have more energy: from energy drinks to coffee naps.

However, some women will go to the extreme for an extra boost, like switching from drinking a cup of coffee to drinking their breast milk or asking their nursing friends for some breast milk.

While mothers may reap slight benefits of the healthy nutrients found in breast milk, according to several lactation experts, moms who drink their breast milk are rare. Read on to learn what experts say about drinking your milk.

What Happens If You Drink Your Breast Milk? What Experts Say

What Happens If You Drink Your Breast Milk- experts says

It’s quite normal for a lactating mom to want to drink her breast milk. A mother’s breast milk is just like liquid gold. Drinking your breast milk is quite rare but some women love to do this especially if she’s lactating more than baby needs.

Women involved in a nursing relationship with their partners (like me and my partner usually do) are more likely to not only breastfeed their husband but also love to drink their breast milk says Claire a nursing mom.

Recently breast milk has to turn to be one of the new healthy foods like quinoa or kale, with a lot of people saying that it helps improve the skin, boost your immune, and be used as a contact solution.

Fitness freaks or athlete even say it helps them build muscle, and also people undergoing chemotherapy says it helps alleviate side effects.

All these benefits sound good, but if the idea of drinking your breast milk or someone else horrifies you, it’s seemingly not as bad as you might think. According to Sabina, she told VICE, when I tasted my breast milk it tasted sweet, almost like a watery horchata.

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Unfortunately, there is this aftertaste that reminds you of what you’re drinking indeed breast milk.

As unappealing as that gnawing reminder may be, it pales in comparison to the positive effects, says Sabina. She further stated that when drank her breast milk, she felt “more energetic, more lucid, and purified.

According to breastfeeding expert Alba Padró, the effects of drinking breast milk are mostly perceived and not measurable. Breast milk consumption is only beneficial for babies.

However, she further admitted that breast milk can help people undergoing chemo treatments. While for the rest of us it’s best to stick with getting a good night’s rest and taking multivitamins.

According to Dr. Myron Peterson, a pediatrician, and director of medical affairs for Cato Research in Boston, who has been in the field for a very long time, he says “I’ve never heard of anything like drinking your own milk” However, there’s no danger to it, but it’s just kind of rare.

Parrot, a mom of two recalled her experience, she says it was quite sweet and palatable. My partner and I use to drink my breast milk each time we both had colds (which our 3-month-old daughter did not appear to even develop symptoms for).

It helped soothe our sore throats very well. Also, we both did some research and found that there are some incredible immunological cells present in breast milk.

It was also helpful in relieving my husband’s digestive problems which is indeed a positive effect.

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Other FAQ’s

Can Adults Drink Breast Milk Too?

Yes, it ok for adults to drink breast milk. Naturally, breast milk is enriched with complex sugars that help develop babies’ immune systems.

Experts also believe that the healthy nutrients found in breast milk may help adults with diseases like Crohn’s, arthritis, and autism, and hopefully, someday, be the key to prevention.

Is It Ok If My Husband Drinks My Breast Milk?

Yes, it’s completely Ok to breastfeed your husband, boyfriend, or partner. It’s not strange or wrong if you want your partner to breastfeed, or if your partner wants to have a taste of your breast milk while breastfeeding the baby.

Can Drinking Breast Milk Help with Cold?

Breast milk is a strong immune Booster, it is believed that if you’re ill and drink breast milk, it helps boost the immune system and shorten the length and severity of a cold.

We hope this article has given in-depth knowledge to answer the question of what happens if you drink your breast milk. Now you’ve known that drinking your breast milk is completely fine.

However, whatever concerns it is that may be bothering you about drinking your milk or someone else’s, make sure to discuss it with an expert.

By sharing it with a professional, you would understand that whichever decision you make, is in the interest of you, your partner, and the child.