What To Do With Used Baby Bottles (8 Creative Ideas)

When you think of the best ways to get rid of baby gear, you may wonder what to do with used baby bottles because of how much you might have spent acquiring them.

Throwing them all away when they’re still in good shape might be the last thing on your mind.

Things like feeders and baby bottles become insignificant once babies start eating solid foods, but you can’t possibly throw all that valuables away.

Here are some ideas for what to do with used baby bottles you’ve been hoarding all this while.

What To Do With Used Baby Bottles

There are many things to do with your baby’s bottles, from recycling to giving them out to converting them into little DIY art pieces. The list is endless.

But to be specific, here are some suggestions of what to do with used baby bottles.

1. Recycling

You can recycle your used baby bottles if they’re still in good shape after use.

How to recycle used baby bottles

Plastic baby bottles come with production numbers, and if you’re grouping them according to their numbers, this may seem tedious. You can group them according to their types.

Some curbside recycling programs accept glass, so you’re safe if your baby’s bottles are made of glass. Just take off the nipples and rinse out the food from the bottles.

Then drop them in the bin, and they’re ready for recycling. Recycle with your recycler or call for it to be picked up.

2. Give out to charity

Asides from the rubber nipples, plastic bottles can be given out to charity homes, especially if they still have a new look.

Nipples should be thrown away because of the high chance of containing germs from food previously sucked.

3. You can use them as snack containers while traveling

Some baby bottles are big enough to hold some cereal while traveling or going to work.

You can use the baby bottles as cereal containers since they’re light and easy to carry around and can fit into your purse easily.

4. Can be used by your kids to feed their dolls

Kids may want to play mum and dad sometimes. This is a great choice for them to use the old bottles as their doll’s milk bottles.

5. You can use them as measuring cups both for liquid and grains

Some bottles come with measurement limes on their sides. Even after you’re done feeding your baby with the bottles, they can be very useful when you want a precise measurement of liquid or grain.

6. You can sell it

Some organizations buy old baby gears that are still in good shape. You can resell your baby’s old bottles and make some money for them. Also, rubber nipples should not be sold along with the bottles.

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7. You can give them to a friend who’s expecting a baby but lacks the resources

If you can afford to get new bottles as a gift for your friend’s baby shower, it’ll be a nice idea but if you cannot afford to get new bottles, select the baby bottles that are still in good shape, wash them and have a near New look as a gift for your friend.

8. You can use them as miniature flower vases

Flowers with shallow roots and small stems can be planted in old baby bottles.

Watch how to use an old baby bottle to create flower vases in your home


If you’re still expecting to have another baby, you can reuse plastic baby bottles and only replace the nipples.

The same way you can give out used baby bottles is the same way you can preserve them for another baby if you’re planning on having one. It helps save you a lot of money.

How Long Can Baby Bottles Be Used?

How long it takes to use baby bottles depends on how well you use them.

Many suggest that baby bottles should be changed after 4 to 6 months. Still, if you have a durable bottle without scratch lines from overuse, you can use it as long as it serves, only replacing the rubber nipples occasionally.

Can You Share Used Baby Bottles?

Yes, you can share used baby bottles so far as the nipple is not included because, after a long time of usage, the rubber nipple may be damaged from the baby’s nonstop biting and chewing.

Baby bottles are like the regular plates we use in our homes, only for baby’s liquid food.

If you’re done with your baby’s bottles, they are still as good as new, you can share them with someone who may need them.

Before giving out the bottles, ensure to wash the bottles thoroughly with warm water and soap to remove any bacteria that may have grown from long-time usage.

Other FAQ’s

Can Plastic Baby Bottles Be Recycled?

Anything plastic can be recycled so definitely, your baby’s plastic bottles can be recycled also.

If you have a recycler in your house, you can take it for rinsing and shredding once you no longer consider using them; otherwise, check the pack the bottles came in for any recycling directions.

What Happens When You Reuse Old Baby Bottles? 

If the bottles were properly stored before you reuse them, then there’s nothing to worry about.

But if they weren’t properly stored or cleaned, your baby stands the risk of getting infected from the buildup of an old formula, which may make him very sick.

What To Do With Old Baby Formula Containers 

Empty baby formula containers can store spices and other food items in the kitchen.

They can also be used as snack containers when traveling. Some formula containers are resealable and airtight, making them good storage containers for things that do not need exposure to air.

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Things like granulated sugar, baking flour, chocolate powder, powdered milk, cereal, and cookies.

When Should You Discard Baby Bottles?   

If the bottle had cracks, chips, or breaks, there was a chance the child would be injured; thus, you should replace the bottle. To avoid this, you must use special glass bottles.

Is It A Good Idea To Keep Old Bottles?

Bottle nipples or bottle liners can be reused if they are made of very new material and do not contain BPA.

A large gap in the baby’s spacing, on the other hand, may necessitate the purchase of replacement measures. If by chance that your nipple is contaminated, you should replace the bottle nipples.

Is It Possible To Recycle A Plastic Baby Bath?

Give this baby bathtub a home. Your recycling program’s rigid plastics are not in the bin and are held together with reinforced steel beams; they are so weak and rigid that they do not break.

What Plastic Bottles Aren’t Recyclable?

There is no way to recycle any plastic material (or plastic particles) containing food residues. Plastics, like all recyclable goods, must be of high quality.

Can Tommee Tippee Bottles Be Recycled?

Yes, you can. PP (polypropylene) can be happily recycled. This makes Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti-Colic containers an excellent choice.

Is It Possible To Recycle Baby Formula Boxes?

Some household collection schemes accept food and drink cartons as recyclables.

Is It Bad to Dispose of Glass Bottles?

Because this is hazardous waste, it is also disposed of in the trash. If you don’t like the original glass, wrap it in paper and plastic-seal the fragments. Containers with broken contents are not permitted in recycling bins.

What is the Best Way to Dispose of Empty Glass Bottles?

  • This item’s contents may be used or consumed.
  • Large containers should be placed at the end of the recycling line if you recycle bottles.
  • If you find a lid, throw it away…
  • When you see foil, a plastic seal, or a stopper, please remove it from the container and throw it away.
  • A plastic container can be left empty with the pouring spout attached.

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The list of what to do with used baby bottles is inexhaustible, as some are from personal innovations and creativity. You could use some as pencil holders or rinse out paintbrushes while painting.

Aside from that, you can give them to charity homes or care centers.

All these ideas are another way to get rid of baby bottles, especially if you do not intend to make money from selling them.