Do Mothers Get Turned On By Breastfeeding? What Experts Say

Breastfeeding isn’t as simple as it seems. Whether you’re nursing your first, second, or third child, breastfeeding can still be a struggle. A lot of moms remember those early days of nursing as full of white-knuckle, toe-curling engorgement, and sensitive nipples.

To some people, breastfeeding arousal might be considered a taboo subject, but trust me it’s one topic that we cannot continue to ignore. As a breastfeeding mom, once your body becomes more used to nursing and overcomes the initial discomfort, you may develop feelings of breastfeeding pleasure.

So is it normal? Do mothers get turned on by breastfeeding? It certainly can. So if you’ve ever get turned on during breastfeeding, you’re not alone.

Read on to learn more about breastfeeding arousal, what it means, how to deal and interesting facts about breastfeeding.

Do Mothers Get Turned On By Breastfeeding?

Does Sex Increase Breast Size permanently

This is a weird question but yes, some mothers do get turned on by breastfeeding. I experienced a lot of discomfort at the beginning of my breastfeeding period, but later it became such a nice bonding moment with my child.

Naturally, my nipples are very sensitive and while I’m breastfeeding my baby I couldn’t allow my husband to touch me during sex because they were over-sensitive and the touch would make me uncomfortable.

Most time, while breastfeeding my baby at night I would feel some sort of arousal that felt kind of abnormal. The feeling was so strong that I had to turn away and channel my mind to something else or I had to stop breastfeeding altogether.

This arousal feeling usually happens at night when I had no distractions, so what I did was that I started distracting myself by looking at my phone while breastfeeding in the dark, and that helped!

Additionally, few scientific studies have also explored the phenomenon. While firm figures are difficult to find, scientific research suggests that between 33 and 50% of mothers have experienced arousal while breastfeeding.

According to Viola Polomeno, an associate professor who is also a sexuality researcher at the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing, breastfeeding arousal is very common, however, most women don’t discuss it.

She further stated that breastfeeding arousal happens more regularly than we think. “It goes with all the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth.”

Polomeno also believed that arousal during breastfeeding is connected to the breasts’ natural response to physical stimulation and the surge of oxytocin hormone which occurs when nursing the baby.

In most cases, the emotional attachment of bonding with your newborn, and being able to sit and relax, also boost breastfeeding pleasure.

Having said that, getting turned by breastfeeding doesn’t mean you’re sexually attracted to breastfeeding or your child if you feel turned on while breastfeeding. Don’t worry about it, it’s biology, it’s just the way your body works.

If your breasts are one of your erogenous zones in the bedroom, especially if they are fondled or suckled, then it stands to reason that breastfeeding could trigger those arousal feelings.

This may be one of those sensitive topics no one ever discusses, but it can happen. As a concerned mother, if you’re worried about how it will affect your sex life, talk to your husband/partner.

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By keeping expressing your feelings with your partner, both of you can feel more comfortable and you can feel less alone and restrained by it.

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Other Interesting Facts About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding isn’t as straightforward as “baby sucking on a nipple.” Breastfeeding can create a lot of unexpected biological quirks and emotional reactions, leaving many first-time moms blindsided.

According to women’s health experts, here are some interesting breastfeeding experiences that can help you prepare which you may not have heard about.

Your Nipples Might Hurt

Breastfeeding might look simple, but usually, the experience can be quite painful during the first few weeks or months.

Getting your newborn to latch onto a breast at all, let alone correctly, can be a daunting task, and the usual 8-12 newborn feeding sessions a day can leave the mother’s nipples feeling sore and raw.

This uncomfortable feeling can range from slight tenderness to cracked and bleeding skin. When you add the pain with the tedium and exhaustion of taking care of a newborn and you can start to understand how tough nursing a baby is.

Most women notice that their breasts become stiff in about two weeks, but it’s very important to get a baby to latch on properly. If the pain persists between feeding, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider.

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Both Partners Might Sexualize It

Although the human breasts take on a very different role in providing nutritional benefits for a baby, however, things may not have changed much for your husband/partner.

There is every chance that your partner may develop a special fondness for those breasts, and seeing them when you’re breastfeeding the baby may turn him on naturally.

If this feels uncomfortable for you, be open to tell your partner not to watch. But if you otherwise, then go ahead and welcome the company and the attention during feeding sessions.

More so, as discussed earlier breastfeeding moms can get turned on too. The sexual arousal that occurs while breastfeeding is usually common too.

A lot of moms enjoy breast stimulation in their sex lives with their partner long before they even have a baby, and these erogenous zones do not stop feeling good when it’s touched.

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Breastfeeding Might Cause Cramps

Your baby’s sucking might stimulate the release of the oxytocin and prolactin hormones. Oxytocin is responsible for uterine contractions.

Although the feeling can be quite uncomfortable, these cramps (also known as “afterpains”) are usually normal, and necessary to press the uterus back to its pre-birth size.

Bigger Breasts Doesn’t Mean More Milk

Naturally, your milk glands are the main thing that matters when it comes to milk production, not your breast size.

A mother with an A-cup can make a similar amount of milk like a mother with a double D; she just has less fatty tissue compared to glandular tissue. There are other evolutionary theories while males may be attracted to larger breasts.

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It Burns Calories

According to some experts, it takes about 500 calories for a nursing mom to produce 24 to 28 ounces of milk which an average mom makes each day.

That is what might be compared to a sizable brownie (or if you’re eating healthier about 20 medium carrots). Burning about 200 and 500 extra calories for each milk production every day is normal.

Breastfeeding your baby alone usually isn’t enough to get through leftover pregnancy weight, but alongside exercise and eating a healthy meal, the extra calories burned do add up.

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Hearing Your Baby Cry Could Make Your Breasts Begin To Leak

The release of breast milk, also termed the let-down reflex, usually occurs after the baby starts sucking for about 2 minutes. The sucking activity triggers the release of oxytocin hormone, which stimulates milk supply.

Some mothers feel the let-down reflex as a thrilling or warmth. Furthermore, other stimuli can trigger oxytocin production besides sucking, such as looking at a picture of your baby, thinking of your baby, listening to a recording of your baby, or even hearing any baby cry, not necessarily your own, can trigger a let-down reflex.

Breastfeeding Can Make You Feel High

A lot of moms report entering a relaxed, calm mood during breastfeeding, which helps them bond more with their babies.

Some moms even say they experience euphoria, a breastfeeding high (often called milk drunk) brought on by the release of oxytocin and prolactin hormones which is often triggered by the baby’s suckling behavior.

According to Penelope Cruz, breastfeeding can be quite addictive. It’s difficult when the day comes when you have to stop.”

You Can Still Do It If You Have Breast Implants Or Nipple Piercings

A lot of moms with breast implants can still breastfeed their babies successfully. Cuts made through the armpit or underneath the breast tend to meddle with breastfeeding the least.

While cuts around the areola (the area surrounding the nipple) can increase challenges with feeding, like reduced nipple sensitivity or blocked milk ducts. Implantation below the pectoralis muscle typically leaves your milk glands in check for future nursing.

Although, it’s advised not to breastfeed with pierced nipple, however, the opening it leaves shouldn’t interfere with breastfeeding. Breast milk comes from many openings at once; therefore any additional opening created shouldn’t cause a problem.

Keep in mind, for any new piercings created there is an increased risk of infection. Therefore make sure they are fully healed before attempting breastfeeding.

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I hope this article has given an in-depth discussion to answer the question “Do mothers get turned on by breastfeeding? Now you’ve known that it’s completely normal to feel aroused while breastfeeding, and some facts about breastfeeding that you may not have known.

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