How To Fix A Baby Swing That Won’t Swing (5 Problems & Their Solution)

Are you concerned that your baby has stopped swinging, and you’re thinking of how to fix it? It may be fine if you have the warranty card. 

But what if the warranty time has passed? This article is for you if you find yourself in this difficult situation. 

In this blog post, I will discuss how to fix a baby swing that won’t swing.

Baby swings are one of the essential items for parents with infants at home, but they usually work perfectly for just a few months before problems arise. Among them, issues with the swinging mechanism are common. 

As a parent, it would be helpful if you knew the common reasons for the swinging problem and some basic steps to seek out the problem. 

Some possible reasons your baby swing won’t swing are alignment, battery problems, motor problems, and poor cleaning.

Read on as I discuss how to fix a baby swing that won’t swing most comprehensively, along with answers to other related questions.

What Is A Baby Swing?

It is a padded chair attached to a sturdy frame. Most baby swings swing side-to-side, but some can swing back and forth. Some modern swings feature both types of swinging. 

A baby swing creates a motion while swinging, mimicking the womb’s rocking motion. 

This wonderful baby gear is perfect for babies aged from newborn to 9 months old.

Benefits of a Baby Swing

  • A baby swing is an essential baby item for parents. They help parents with free time to do a task or even relax while keeping their baby safely in the baby swing.
  • It helps reduces the arm pain of the parents or caregiver.
  • Provides entertainment to the baby 
  • It helps the baby to sleep a long time.

How To Fix A Baby Swing That Won’t Swing?

A baby swing captivates babies in different ways. The baby swing has exciting features like music, vibration, lights, and, most importantly, swinging. 

Some parents, most times, complain that the swing doesn’t work.

Here are some of the reasons why your baby swing won’t work.

Problem 1: Alignment

If you set your baby swing incorrectly or unbalanced, the baby swing will stop swinging. You need to re-align the whole baby swing to fix this issue.

How to solve it:

  • Attach the four legs to the frame 
  • Pin the holes of the legs and the frame with screws tightly.
  • Put the rubber cover on the bottom of the legs to prevent further displacement.
  • Ensure the legs are perfectly aligned on the floor. 

Problem 2: Battery Problem

The maximum baby swing runs on batteries, so ensure they are fully charged if the swing stops suddenly. Replace the battery if you think there is a problem with the battery.

How to solve it: 

How to change the battery in the baby swing:

  • First, place the swing battery section on a swing housing
  • Then detach the screws in the battery compartment door with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the battery compartment door
  • Insert four “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries into the battery section 
  • Place the battery compartment door
  • Tighten them with the screws with a screwdriver
  • Check if the swing works now
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Problem 3: Motor Problems

This is one of the most common reasons for a baby swing that abruptly stops swinging.

How to solve it

Tools you’ll need: 

  • An automatic air freshener dispenser 
  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering Gun
  • Electrical tape


Take Out the Air Freshener’s Motor:

  • Using the screwdriver, remove the screws under the upper cover to expose the inner-electronics
  • Also inside, one will find screw-secured gears. Loosen those screws as well.
  • Remove the gears, and it will expose the appearance of the motor
  • Remove the motor by loosening it and cutting off the plastic clip 

Take the Baby Swing Apart

  • Separate the baby swing from the machine part by unlocking the screws.
  • Depending on the swing model and brand, one may need to remove the screws from various parts to get to the motor. 

Replace the Motor

  • Detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor with a soldering gun
  • Detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor with a soldering gun
  • Detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor with a soldering gun

Set things as before

Reversely follow the steps that you did. 

  • Attach the baby swing and other parts 
  • Screw the gear and other inner parts that were being detached back together
  • Tightly secure the screws of the upper part of the swing

Problem 4: Dirty Motor

If your motor looks good, clean it with a can of compressed air. This is a fairly simple process.  

Using compressed air, you can blow dust and dirt out of the motor, and once this has been done, turn on your baby swing again.

Problem 5: Weight limit

Most baby swings have weight limits that you must follow for the swing to work properly. 

If your baby’s weight is more than the recommended weight limit, it will not be able to swing. 

Ensure that the child in the swing is within the weight limit for your particular model.

Check the Swing

It is important to check that the motor and the swing work before placing the baby in it. 

If the swing isn’t working, you must go to the manufacturer to help troubleshoot the issue and offer recommendations for fixing it.

Additional tips:

  • Keep a hawk eye on the baby while the baby is on the swing.
  • Wait to place the baby swing on the table or any couch. It only takes a little displacement of the legs of the baby swing to cause a nightmare. Ensure it is on the ground.
  • Always use the safety harness to secure the baby to prevent a SID or accident.
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Read Also:


Why does the Graco baby swing keep stopping?

The Graco baby swing keeps stopping for several reasons. For instance, it would stop if the swing became unstable, so the electronic safety shuts off the motor. 

Always check the speed setting after a few days. Baby swings require a higher speed setting due to the growing body and weight of the baby.

How to slow down the swinging speed in a baby swing?

When the swinging speed is too fast for the baby to carry on, parents can slow it down by adjusting the speed setting on the baby’s swing. But most of the time, the baby’s weight determines the swinging speed. 

It may be necessary for the parents to wait until the baby gains the required weight to create a balanced swing if the baby is too lightweight.

When should a baby stop using a baby swing?

Baby swings usually have weight and height limits mentioned in their instruction manuals. 

Most baby swings have a weight limit between 25 and 30 pounds and a height limit between 25 to 28 inches. 

Parents should stop using the baby swing when the baby exceeds the recommended weight and height limit. This typically takes around the 9 months.

Why is my ingenuity swing not swinging?

If the sensor on the seat is not perfectly aligned with the one on the base, the light will blink and turn off. Ensure it’s perfectly centered, and try again!

What can I do if my baby doesn’t like the swing?

  • Talk to your pediatrician first.
  • Put the swing around your baby’s sleeping area. 
  • Make your sleep spot a dark place.
  • Put something in there that will create loud and continuous white noise.
  • Set up your baby monitor.

Wind Up

A baby swing is undoubtedly a life-saver for parents. The baby swing allows them to do their tasks while keeping the baby in it.

A baby swing also provides a variety of sound facilities, including swinging speed, music, and other sounds. 

Since these baby swings are electrically empowered, they can serve you until you stop having kids.

The parents can solve the problem independently if they know why the baby swing stops swinging. The processes are neither complex nor costly.

However, parents must remember that leaving their children unattended in swings can cause severe accidents, including brain damage.

To prevent unforeseen accidents, the baby should stop using the swing once they can sit unassisted.

With some basic safety tips, we provided detailed instructions on how to fix the swinging problem. We hope this blog post helps solve your baby swing issue.