What To Eat To Get Pregnant With Twins Faster

When a baby is born, it brings immense satisfaction and twin babies are twice the fun and make you feel on top of the world.

Yet, not all parents are of the same view. Some are scared of the thoughts of having twins or more babies at the same time, while others parents may desperately need to have twins.

If you and your partner are in this second category thinking of what to eat to get pregnant with twins faster, then this article is for you. Your gene is not the only thing that would do the trick, but also you’re eating habit.

In this article, we have recorded down different foods believed to increase your fertility, so you have a higher possibility of welcoming two pairs of tiny feet in one go.

What To Eat To Get Pregnant With Twins Faster: 8 Natural Foods You Should Eat

natural foods to eat to get pregnant

The natural way is the most ideal, and if you and your partner are planning to have twins, you should make a few adjustments to your diets.

If you’ve always dreamt about having twins, eating the following foods may make your dream be a reality. Here are 8 natural foods to increase fertility for conceiving twins:

1. Yam

In one of the investigations, it was noticed that in Nigeria, people of the Yoruba clan have a high rate of twin births. It was observed that it was as a result of a significant amount of yams in their diet.

Yam is a rich source of progesterone and phytoestrogens, and this may lead to hyper-ovulation. Hence, it was reported that the high amount of yam in their diet was a reasonable cause of twin or multiple births.

In Igbo-Ora, another town located in Oyo State, Nigeria. The diet of locals is very rich in yams and this has contributed to a twin birth rate four times higher than the global average.

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2. Maca Root

Consumption of Maca root is beneficial for couples who are facing fertility issues. Moreover, consuming Maca root is recommended to women who wish to have twin babies, as it can help their fertility.

Although there isn’t a lot of proof available that supports this claim, it is worth trying out. This root can be consumed in either raw, dried, or powdered form.

3. Cassava

cassava for twin pregnancyDuring ovulation, most women release one egg and twins are conceivable if the egg splits into two after fertilization or if two separate eggs get fertilized.

Reports have shown that eating cassava, a plant with a tuber root may help a woman release excess eggs during ovulation, leading to more babies. Though, chances are that the twins may not be identical but fraternal as two eggs get fertilized.

Interestingly, the diet of the Yoruba people in Nigeria is also in cassava, a research was carried out at the University Teaching Hospital Lagos for their multiple births suggested that a high level of a compound was found in the Yoruba women and the peelings of the tuber are responsible for the high level of multiple births.

These substances are generally linked to release more than one egg, which usually leads to twin pregnancies. That implies that there is conceivably an ecological factor that encourages the high level of this chemical compound,” a specialist gynecologist at the hospital explained.

4. Folic Acid

This is one of the main requirements for your developing child, and your doctor may recommend a folic supplement alongside other vitamins during your pregnancy. Avocado, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus are also good sources of folic acid.

Aside from this, it is recommended that women who are attempting to get pregnant should take folic acid every day to increase their chance of conception.

Scientists have observed that taking a higher quantity of folic acid may increase a woman’s chances of having twin babies.

You may take twice the recommended dose to increase your fertility if you are trying to conceive twins. However, make sure you speak to your doctor before doing so.

5. Dairy Products

In 2006 Dr. Gary Steinman found that women who eat animal products, particularly dairy, are five times more likely to have twins than women who consume lesser milk or dairy products. In other words, if you want double the trouble, stock up on milk and cheese.

Some studies believe this result originates from the use of insulin-like growth factors. This kind of protein is found in cow’s milk and can also be gotten from other animal products.

When you consume more milk, your ovaries have a higher possibility of releasing more eggs, thereby increasing the chances of conceiving twins.

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6. Okra Leaves (Abelmoschus esculentus)

A long time ago it was discovered that the town of Igbo-Ora, Oyo State, Nigeria was the twin capital of the world; the local’s revealed one of the secrets of their multiple births – okra leaves.

The indigenes said that a species of okra leaves, locally known as ewe ilasa, is responsible for making women who use it in their diet give birth to twins. According to the community leader in a 2013 meeting, he said, “We eat a lot of the okra leaf or ilasa soup.”

Another indigene also said that “There is no man or woman in this town who doesn’t know how to eat okra soup. We cook the leaves called ewe (ilasa leaves) regularly than any other soup”.

Here is a video showing you how to cook ilasa soup

7. Pineapples

By chance that yam and cassava are not your things. Fortunately, vegetables and fruits, especially, pineapples, can give you twins.

Women who would want to welcome twins are being asked to include the core of pineapple in their diet.

The presence of bromelain, which is a type of protein found in pineapples helps with ovulation and fertilization.

8. Beans And Grains

Eating enough beans and grains can help increase your chances of having twin babies because such foods are a great source of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are fiber-rich and are lower in sugar than their kinds, simple carbohydrates.

Consuming food rich in complex carbohydrates does not only prevent child defects in babies but is alternatives to women who might want to have twins, according to experts.

If you are underweight, it is recommended that you gain some weight because studies have shown that overweight ladies have more chance of getting pregnant with twin babies.

More so, it observed taller women are more likely to give birth to twins, as compared to women who are shorter or have an average height.

If you are breastfeeding and you are planning on having a twin, then it is best advised that you continue breastfeeding.

This is because breastfeeding a baby increases your chances of having twins, by 9 times! Yes, you heard me.

Furthermore, having twins may likely depend on your nationality. For example, African women have a higher chance of giving birth to twins, in comparison to Caucasian women; while Hispanic or Asian ladies are less likely to have twin babies.

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Alternative Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins

There are sure medical methods to increase your chance of conceiving twins. However, you must consult your doctor while considering these methods:

1. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

During IVF, eggs from the woman are collected and fertilized by her partner’s sperm, in the lab. When the embryos are formed, one or two are transferred to the woman’s uterus, to bring about a positive pregnancy.

However, it is seen that transferring multiple embryos may result in having multiple pregnancies (or twins). Thus, you can choose IVF treatment to increase your chances of having twin babies.

2. Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs increase the number of eggs released by the ovaries, to boost the chance of conception. More so, this increases the chances of multiple eggs being fertilized, resulting in fraternal twins.

As fertility drugs must be taken in a specific amount, based on your physical and medical health, it is best advised to consult a doctor before trying this method to conceive twins.

Most likely several factors may affect your chances of giving birth to twin babies. Nevertheless, you can try for twin babies by trying some of the above suggestions mentioned.

If you want to know more about what to eat to get pregnant with twins faster or other ways to conceive twins, consult your doctor.