How To Get Desitin Out Of The Carpet (7 Easy Steps)

As a new parent, dealing with stains will most likely be part of your life for the next couple of years. You’ll do most of the cleaning until your baby starts doing certain things alone.

How to get desitin out of the carpet is a normal question to ask, especially if you use desitin on your baby.

It is common to have baby creams smear over surfaces, especially on carpets where they’re placed.

As you are busy with things around your house, your baby may squeeze the cream out of the tubes or poke his fingers in the container of cream.

Here are steps on how to get Desitin out of the carpet.

  • Get your cleaning materials ready.
  • Scope the stain, then blot with a towel.
  • Pour a tablespoon of baking soda on the Desitin and allow it to soak up.
  • Spray the area with grease-fitting carpet stain residue.
  • Work on the stain again. Then vacuum the area.

What is Desitin?

Desitin is a cream most babies use to soothe or treat diaper rash. It has Zinc oxide as its active ingredient, responsible for the whitish residual stains it leaves when in contact with fibers.

It is thick and white and doesn’t get absorbed into the skin when applied, leaving the area looking whitish for a long time. 

This long-time stain on the skin is advantageous since you won’t need to reapply it for a while. 

But it can be disastrous when it gets in contact with a fabric or carpet; it leaves a whitish stain if not quickly cleaned.

How To Get Desitin Out Of The Carpet

Zinc oxide, the active ingredient in Desitin and many other diaper rash ointments, does not hesitate to leave a stain behind on any surface it comes in contact with, be it smooth or rough surfaces. 

Surfaces like carpets, clothes, or curtains that quickly absorb grease can easily be ruined by the smeared Desitin if not adequately cleaned up immediately. 

To avoid dealing with the much trouble of cleaning up Desitin, place a changing napkin or diaper mat underneath your baby’s butt when diapering. 

But as a mom, you can’t be careful enough to avoid dealing with stains now and then, and since most of the stains come from the baby’s activities, knowing how to get Desitin out of the carpet will be a helpful skill.

To properly clean up after a smear, here are the steps to take whenever you wonder how to get Desitin out of the carpet.

Cleaning Ingredients

Baking soda

Since Desitin causes grease stains, baking soda or cornstarch can absorb oils and grease. It will prevent the grease stain.


In addition to baking soda, you also need a degreaser

product to remove oil and grease. Most people use dish soap, but that won’t

work for Desitin. Diaper cream is serious. Degreasing your carpet with Goo Gone is an effective method.

Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar

Using white vinegar or alcohol when removing stains can change the game. You will save bulk by using these ingredients instead of commercial cleaning products. 

What You’ll Need

  • Spoon or stiff object
  • A small bowl
  • Wipes or paper towels
  • Vacuum 
  • Spray bottle
  • Dry towel

 Step 1: Act Quickly

The best way to effectively clean up any stain is to take quick action. Except you don’t know when it got there, but immediately you do, try as much as possible to clean it up. 

This reduces the chances of it getting absorbed into the fabric it is spilled on and may prevent any residual stain. 

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Be it poop stains, food stains, or smeared lipstick and Desitin, cleaning it quickly reduces the chances of having any stain on the surface it has been smeared on.

Step 2: Scoop Up

Use a flat, thin and stiff object like a debit card or flat plastic rule to scoop out the quantity of the spilled Desitin as possible. 

Hold the debit card or plastic rule on one thin edge, place the other end of the thin edge opposite to your fingers directly on the carpet close to the smeared Desitin, press the card hard into the carpet, and push forward to scoop. 

While pushing forward to scoop out the Desitin, do not drag the card on the carpet; else, you risk spreading the smeared Desitin.

Step 3: Blot with a Towel

Using a dry towel or rag, blot the residual Desitin until it is reduced.

Use one edge of the rag to blot and if it’s saturated with Desitin, move to the other edge and blot. 

Please repeat this step until you have taken out as much of the Desitin as possible and it can no longer be absorbed.

Step 4: Pour Baking Soda

Pour a tablespoon of baking soda on the Desitin and allow it to soak up the residue for about 30 to 45 minutes, and scoop out the soaked baking soda. 

If the procedure in step 3 did not take out most of the Desitin, you might have to make a paste out of the baking soda with water before applying it to the stain. 

Use the same method of a pressed debit card to scoop out the baking soda paste and blot it with a towel.

Step 5: Spray the Area with a Grease-Fitting Carpet Stain Remover

After using baking soda on the carpet, you may find grease residue. So you need to degrease the stained area with an adhesive remover like Goo Gone

This product comes in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it on the carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

Step 6: Work on the Stain

Use a clean, dry towel to blot out the remaining particles of the baking soda and carpet stain remover until the stain is completely taken out. 

Step 7: Vaccum

Vacuum the area with a vacuum cleaner, and your carpet is clean again. In cases where you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, wet the edge of a towel and dry-scrub the place and allow it to air dry.

Fill the spray bottle half with water and half with vinegar. Spray this mixture on the affected area of the carpet and set it for some time. 

Afterward, use a clean cloth and dab the affected area. This should eliminate the stain. 

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How To Take Out Gum From The Carpet

Creams can be found smeared in carpet fibers and sticky gums. 

And why we can’t outrightly blame toddlers for this since they don’t chew gum, they’re responsible for many of the stains in unimaginable areas, and it is prevalent to find chewed gum on the carpet in the home.

To take out the gum from the carpet and apply peanut butter to the gum, the oil in the peanut butter will help to take care of the stickiness in the gum.

Then use the same debit card method of scooping out Desitin to take out the peanut butter.

Once the peanut butter is out, you can use a carpet brush to scrub the gum.

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You can substitute the peanut butter with any non-staining grease or oil, and it’ll perform the same work as the peanut butter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you leave the Desitin out on a carpet?

Desitin’s oil and petroleum elements can create a slippery feel on carpets. The zinc oxide gradually becomes belch, destroying the fiber’s color.

Over time, the grease may damage the rug by causing stains and molds. To prevent damage, you must act quickly.

How do I remove the smell of Desitin? 

Foul odors can create an unpleasant smell in your home. When using baking soda to absorb the Desitin, it mops up the odor and smell. So it doesn’t take any other additional steps to remove the smell.

How long can you use Desitin?

Stopping the medication before recommended date may result in a return of the infection.                 

It is advised you don’t use this product longer than prescribed. Talk to your doctor if your baby’s condition lasts after seven days of treatment or if the situation worsens.

Can Desitin cause a rash?

A severe allergic reaction to this medication is rare. However, you should consult your doctor if you notice any symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, including rash, itching, or swelling (primarily of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, or trouble breathing.

Is Vaseline better than Desitin?

In Desitin, Zinc Oxide forms a barrier on your baby’s skin, protecting it from diaper rash and healing quickly when irritated. 

If you notice that regular Vaseline or Aquaphor isn’t helping, Desitin can often help with milder to more severe diaper rashes.

What is the difference between blue and purple Desitin?

The blue one contains 13% zinc oxide, while the purple one contains 40%. The purple one has a higher concentration. 

Which Desitin is the best?

We recommend Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream. This product contains 40% zinc oxide, a skin-soothing ingredient that reduces redness and irritation. 

What is better than Desitin?

Zinc Oxide is a component of the active ingredient. First and foremost, zinc oxide is the main active ingredient in both of these brands, and this ingredient is hands down the best thing for treating diaper rashes. 

Boudreaux contains more zinc than Desitin, with a zinc content of 16 percent versus 13 percent.

How do I get Aquaphor out of the carpet?

Cover the Aquaphor stain with a thick layer of baking soda. The baking soda absorbs the Aquaphor, lifting it from the upholstery fibers. Allow the baking soda to work its way into the stain with your fingers and sit for 7-8 hours/overnight.

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Getting Desitin out of the carpet is a must-have skill for every parent or caregiver. 

And not just Desitin but other spillable substances, too, because once you’re a parent, there are no escaping cleaning stains from time to time. 

It could be oil stains on curtains, food stains on clothes, or Desitin stains on the carpet. 

But while some stains are easier to clean than others, Desitin is not such easy to clean stains, which is why it is good to know how to get Desitin out of the carpet to prevent it from staining the carpet once spilled on it.