How To Use A Boppy Pillow (A Complete Guide)

Do you have Boppy Nursing Pillows? Did you know that it can be used for way more than just nursing? Well, Boppy nursing pillows are super popular and one of the must-have items for new parents.

They are on almost every baby shower registry, along with the colorful, patterned covers that come along with them. They give adequate support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding moms, positioning the baby correctly for good feeding.

Read on to learn all about the Boppy Nursing pillow, how to use a Boppy Pillow, and safety tips to help ensure you know how to use your pillow properly.

What Is A Boppy Pillow?

A Boppy Pillow is a nursing pillow that is a curved ‘C’ shape designed pillow with an opening in the middle.

It is convex and can be wrapped around your belly. It is mainly used to prop the baby up during breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Why You Need A Boppy Pillow

Nursing a baby can be hard on the back, neck, and shoulders. Maintaining a proper posture when you’re tired is difficult, and when you spend hours a day cradling a little one to your breast, it’s easy to get lazy.

Most women buy a Bobby Pillow to use it as a positioner while nursing their baby, but there are other important roles a Boppy Pillow can be used for, which are:

  1. Baby’s tummy time.
  2. An aid for sitting for your baby.
  3. The boppy pillow helps alleviate the impact of nursing on the shoulders, neck, and back.
  4. A boppy pillow on your lap helps you lift your infant higher up, closer to your breast.  This prevents you from having to slouch over to breastfeed.
  5. It serves as pregnancy and postpartum sleep support for mom (never for baby).

How To Use A Boppy Pillow For Nursing Support

  1. Firstly, sit in a comfortable place where your back is well-supported.
  2. Place the Boppy pillow on your lap, around your waist.
  3. Place your baby on the Boppy pillow resting on their side, facing your body.
  4. Ensure your baby’s mouth is even with the breast you plan to nurse from. If it’s not, cradle the baby’s head and upper torso in your arm to bring them to your breast and let your armrest on the Boppy pillow.
  5. Then nurse your baby.
  6. Do not lower your torso or breast down to your baby. If your baby is not positioned high enough, raise them by adding another pillow for support below the Boppy Pillow, or lift them with your arms.
  7. Finally, you may also use the Boppy Pillow in conjunction with the football hold. In this hold, the baby will be placed along the side of your body (with their feet pointing toward your back).

How To Use A  Boppy Pillow For Tummy Time

The Boppy Pillow is an excellent alternative to traditional tummy time. Here’s how to use your Boppy safely for tummy time.

  1. Firstly, place a blanket on the floor.
  2. Then put the Boppy Pillow on top of it.
  3. Place your baby inside the curve of the “C” in the Boppy Pillow, with their arms and shoulders propped on top of the pillow.
  4. Now place toys in front of the pillow to hold the baby’s attention.
  5. Allow the baby to play in this “tummy time” position until they show signs of tiredness which is being unable to hold their head up, crying, fussing. This can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on your baby’s age, strength, and development.
  6. Supervise your baby at all times. If your baby’s arms and shoulders slip off the top of the pillow at any time, reposition them.
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How To Use A  Boppy Pillow For Bottle Feeding Baby

  1. First, you must sit comfortably where your back is well-supported.
  2. Then place the Boppy Pillow on your lap, around your waist.
  3. Now place your baby on the Boppy, resting on their back.
  4. Cradle your baby’s head and upper torso in your arm. Allow your arm to rest on the Boppy.
  5. Feed your baby with your free hand.

Bear in mind that you should never use the Boppy to prop up a baby to allow them to feed themselves. Babies who cannot sit or hold their bottles are not developmentally ready to feed unassisted and can choke.

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How To Use A  Boppy Pillow As Sitting Aid For Baby

A Boppy Pillow makes a great tool to help babies stay propped up in a sitting position before they have the core strength to sit fully on their own. Here is a guide on how to use your Boppy as a sitting aid.

  1. Firstly, place the Boppy Pillow on the floor and never on a couch, chair, or elevated surface).
  2. Then put the baby in a sitting position in the center of the “C” shape of the Boppy Pillow. The baby’s back should be against the curve of the pillow, and his/her legs pointing toward the opening.
  3. Now move the ends of the pillow in toward each other until the pillow is cradling a baby on both sides, providing sitting support.
  4. As the baby gains confidence, strength, and skill, move the ends of the Boppy Pillow away from the baby, so they are not as tightly supported.
  5. Monitor your baby while using the Boppy Pillow in this position. If your baby falls over at any time, reposition them or remove them from the Boppy. Also, note that babies can’t move themselves if they’re in a position where they can’t breathe well.

How To Use A  Boppy Pillow For Pregnancy and Postpartum Sleep

A Boppy Pillow can be used to help in the comfort of pregnant or recently postpartum mothers while they’re sleeping. The elastic C-shape of the pillow is great to place under an expectant mom’s pregnant belly to provide extra support while she is sleeping on her side.

As you may know, most women struggle with hip pain or discomfort in their symphysis pubis toward the end of their pregnancy.

The symphysis pubis is the ligament that connects the two halves of the pubic bone, which open during childbirth to allow the baby to exit the uterus.

During late pregnancy, the body produces hormone relaxin which causes additional stretching in these areas of the body, which results in significant discomfort.

Additionally, the Boppy Pillow can be used to keep you comfortable during this time; by placing it between your knees or thighs when sleeping, pressure and stretching are reduced; this helps you sleep better.

It is also the case during the postpartum recovery period, where you need additional hip, pelvic, or abdominal support while you are sleeping. Always remember, do not use a Boppy Pillow for baby sleep.

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Safety Tips To Explore When Using A Nursing Pillow

While nursing pillows are versatile pieces that can serve you and your baby well in many situations, they can give serious dangers if you misuse them. Below are a few safety tips to explore when using a nursing pillow.

Use Only Under Direct Supervision

If your baby is enjoying some playtime on their tummy or propped up in the reclined position, always stay by his/her side for the entire time they are using the pillow.

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Like any other soft surface, a nursing pillow can pose a significant threat when it covers your baby’s face.

Even if you think your baby is strong or grown enough to move their face independently in the event of trouble, it is best advised to play safe, and never allow your baby to use the pillow without your full attention.

Never Use The Pillow for Infant Sleep

As mentioned earlier, your baby is at risk of suffocating if they turn their face into the pillow. A propped-up baby can easily slide downwards during sleep and inadvertently move their head into a dangerous position that can compromise their breathing.

Therefore, whenever your baby falls asleep during propped-up playtime, move them to a flat, safe sleep area. Always remember a nursing pillow, or any pillow at all has no place in your child’s crib, bassinet, or cradle.

Do Not Use On Elevated Surfaces

Although setting up your little sitter on the couch might be pretty tempting, the snug safety of a nursing pillow can lend an extra sense of security.

However, babies seem to have a way of diving or tipping over when you least expect it; this makes placing them on an elevated surface unsafe.

Keep Many Covers On Hand

It’s good to have a few different covers that you can easily change and often wash, especially if you plan to use your nursing pillow both for yourself and when caring for your baby.

While most nursing pillows can be washed with a machine, the washing and drying process can consume a few hours. So by having many covers you can quickly change in between, this makes it much easier to keep things clean and sanitary.

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How Safe Is Using A Boppy Pillow?

Boppy Pillows are safe to use as long as you use them correctly. No matter how you choose to use them, never leave your baby unsupervised when placed in or on the Boppy.

However, babies may doze off and look comfortable curled up in a Boppy Pillow, never you allow them to sleep in or on it. So, if your baby falls asleep while playing on the Boppy, do not hesitate to move them to a crib or bassinet immediately for safe sleeping.

Finally, never you leave a Boppy in a crib while a baby is sleeping, as baby’s cribs should be empty of all blankets, pillows, crib bumpers, and other suffocation risks.

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There are many pillows out there you can use, but a Boppy Pillow is designed to provide comfort while nursing, feeding, and propping. Other cushions might slip, and that can be quite uncomfortable.

The reason why many mothers are choosing the Boppy Pillow is because of its many uses as you only need one to do all these tasks. This item can be comfortably used during pregnancy and after delivering your baby.

Also, this pillow helps relieve the stress from your body as you breastfeed, use it during bottle feeding, tummy time, and helps to support the baby in sitting and for postpartum sleep.

Tell us what do you like using your boppy pillow for? If you know other ways on how to use a Boppy Pillow, kindly share your ideas with us.