Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot – A Complete Buying Guide (2023 Review)

When considering Snuggle Me organic or Dock a Tot Loungers, your top priority should be looking beyond the price difference.

These comparisons are because there are a ton of similar products in the baby gear manufacturing industry with similar performances.

You can only know the difference when you pitch one against the other, which is why many who consider getting either a snuggle Me organic or dock a tot lounger entertain such comparison between Snuggle Me organic Vs Dock a Tot.

Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot

When it comes to baby loungers, Snuggle Me and dock a tot is amongst the top loungers.

Both have become household names and are in high demand, but in comparison between Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot, we will understand what makes one stand out from the other.

Below are the similarities and differences between the two popular baby loungers.

Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot: Similarities

1. Both were created to encourage co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is one thing many parents love to do. They can afford to get a good amount of rest while having their young ones nicely tucked beside them. Until recently, these two loungers offered the same option of co-sleeping.

2. Both are washable

The snuggle me organic and dock a tot have machine-washable padding, making their maintenance more straightforward.

3. Both are highly rated

Since they offer almost the same function, both loungers are highly rated and in high demand.

Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot: Differences

Even amongst siblings of the same parents, there are differences; this is the same with Snuggle Me and Dock a tot. Although both are very popular and share some similarities, they vary in many ways.

1. Age recommendation

Both come in two types and are closely related in age recommendation with just slight differences.

The snuggle Me infant lounger is suitable for babies between 0 to 9 months and 9 months to 3 years for toddler loungers.

While the Dock a Tot  Deluxe (lounger for infants) is suitable for babies of age 0 to 8 months and 9 to 36 months for toddler loungers.

2. Size

Even though both Loungers are closely related to age recommendations, their size allowance differs.

Snuggle Me Organic is seemingly smaller than Dock a Tot, making it less fit for large babies. It also doesn’t give room for growth or allow the baby to wiggle freely as compared to Dock a Tot of the same kind.

The Snuggle Me comes in infant sizes ranging from (0 to 8 months) and toddler sizes ranging from (9 months-3 years).

Dock A Tot also comes in two different sizes: a Tot Deluxe and a Dock a Tot Grand.

3. Material

The difference in the fabric is one of the most noticeable features in both loungers. The snuggle me organic is made from organic cotton, while Dock a Tot is made from conventional cotton.

The difference between both cotton fabrics is one is more eco-friendly and safer (organic cotton) than the other.

4. Shape

Snuggle Me Organic is made to look like a rectangular doughnut, while Dock a Tot appears more curved.

5. Design

Snuggle Me Organic is designed to keep the baby snuggled up and warm. It has no padding at the center but thick pillows by the sides that can be pulled up to close the baby warmly.

On the other hand, Dock a Tot comes with padding at the center and is more spacious.

Although it has high side bumpers that may obstruct the baby’s view, the paddings are super soft and comfortable.

6. Comfort

Both loungers are super comfortable, but in comparison, one overpowers the other.

While Snuggle Me organic is very warm and gives the babies the feeling of still being in their mother’s womb, some parents have affirmed that it causes heat and doesn’t permit the baby’s movement.

Whereas Dock a Tot is spacious enough for babies to move their limbs in it while still comfortably snuggled in the soft paddings.

7. Ease of cleaning

Snuggle Me vs Dock a Tot; which one is easier to clean? Thankfully, both of them have materials that are machine washable.

The Snuggle Me loungers and covers can be machine washed using a cold, gentle cycle.

You can also put the cover in the dryer on low heat or no heat. After cleaning, hang the lounger up to dry.

Cleaning the Dock A Tot is the same thing as cleaning snuggle me. You don’t have to put on gentle settings. As for the cover, toss it in the washer and dryer.

If there are baby spits or blowouts on the cover, you can toss it in the washer, and it’ll be ready in no time.

The pad should be hand washed and allowed to dry completely. As for the tube, shake it out to fluff it back up. You don’t need to clean it.

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Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot: Pros and Cons

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

When it comes to affordability, the snuggle me organic Lounger takes it.

It provided warmth and comfort on a budget and compared to the Dock a Tot lounger, but like every other human-made item, it is not perfect, which brings us to the Pros and Cons of the snuggle me organic Lounger.

Key Features:

  • Organic cotton and polyester fillings are used in Snuggle Me Organic loungers to improve breathability and temperature regulation.
  • The lounger has a curved design around your baby’s back with a center sling design. The raised sides of the pillow simulate a cuddling feeling for your baby. It can make your baby feel like they’re held in your arms, which helps calm your baby.
  • They are machine washable.
  • The products are sustainable and ethically made from organic materials.
  • You can always replace the cotton cover.
  • Organic puddle pads, made of breathable fabrics, can help with small leaks, spills, and accidents.
  • The brand offers a 60-day refund guarantee for loungers purchased from their store. No hassles.
  • The products are made in the US.
  • It comes with an easy-to-remove snug cover.
  • All products are fully enclosed and do not have buckets or straps to hold your baby in place. This kind of design eliminates the possibility of your child being injured by broken or faulty straps.


With your infant lounger, you can use the following baby accessories: Puddle pads (elastic fitted moisture barrier), Cotton covers, Swaddle blankets, and Feeding support pillows.


  • It is a perfect solution for babies who find it difficult to sleep without being held. This is due to its warmth, which gives the illusion of them being in a womb.
  • Due to how it suspends the baby in the middle, it gives them maximum relaxation.
  • It makes it easier for babies to enjoy the view of their surroundings.
  • It has a machine washable cover.
  • It is affordable
  • It is ideal for tummy time.


  • Your baby can quickly outgrow it since it doesn’t permit much growth.
  • It doesn’t have enough space to allow your baby to wiggle freely.
  • Its material is not breathable and can cause heat to your baby. 

Dock a Tot Lounger

Many parents have attested to the goodness of using Dock a Tot.

It is not just super comfortable, but it has more room for growth than the snuggle me organic, but it also has its Pros and Cons.

Key Features

  • The products come with a flat center and tube-shaped raised walls that help to prevent your baby from rolling over.
  • The product is designed in Sweden and made in Europe.
  • The product is designed to grow with your baby, with a buckle at the bottom that you can open for more length.
  • It features child-safe zipper pulls.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty period.


You can use the following baby accessories to match your child’s lounger: Cabana kit (with a sunshade), Toy arch and toy set travel bag for your baby gear and lounger, Base protector, and Additional covers.


  • Unlike the snuggle me organic, which has no padding at the center, Dock a Tot lounger has comfortable padding at the center, increasing the comfort it offers and reducing heat.
  • It has enough space for your baby to wiggle freely.
  • It has a broader age limit compared to snuggle me organic and will not be quickly outgrown.
  • It is made of breathable fabric


  • It is expensive
  • Its high side paddings may block your baby’s view from observing his surrounding.
  • It is pretty spacious to provide the womb-like feeling babies need to feel more comfortable.

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Snuggle Me vs Dock a Tot – FAQ & Safety Tips

Whether you choose to Snuggle Me or Dock a Tot, you should have some basic knowledge about baby loungers and how to use them the right way.

What are the AAP’s Sleep Safety Guidelines

In the US, up to 3,500 infants die every year due to sleep-related reasons: SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), accidental strangulation or suffocation in bed, and ill-defined deaths.

That’s why the AAP advises providing your baby with a fully secure sleeping surroundings:

  1. Co-sleeping is not recommended, but the AAP suggests room-sharing so you can easily keep an eye on your child.
  2. Try swaddling, but you must do it safely. You need to swaddle your baby’s arms snugly, but leave the hips and legs a little loose so your baby can stretch and move.
  3. You should swaddle your baby until up to two months old or when your baby starts to roll over independently. Toddlers may be too active and could get trapped in the swaddling blanket.
  4. Using a white noise machine or soft lullaby music can help soothe your baby and help them sleep better.
  5. Try pacifiers. Research has shown the use of pacifiers may reduce the risks of SIDS. Even though there is a long-standing debate over pacifier use, the AAP recommends its use.
  6. Put your child to bed in a supine (face upward) position.
  7. According to AAP safety guidelines, do not put your baby on a too soft bed.
  8. Put your baby to sleep on a firm surface free from blankets, soft toys, pillows, and other baby items that can cause suffocation.
  9. Avoid exposure to illicit drugs, alcohol, and smoke.
  10. Do not use baby loungers, rockers, strollers, or car seats as a sleeping space for the baby.
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Do I Need A DockATot?

DockATot is probably the most expensive baby lounger on the market. It may be beneficial when you need to multi-task, and it can provide a comfy space for baby playtime and tummy time, But it is not a must-have.

However, you can go for Snuggle Me or another cheaper DockATot alternative if you are low on budget. 

Is Snuggle Me Safer Than DockATot?

Snuggle Me seems to be safe for lounging and playing as DockATot.

It has a bit more breathable material – its organic cotton is eco-friendly.

Because it’s a bit narrow and tight, it might prevent rolling a bit better, but it also may limit the baby’s movement.

According to AAP sleep safety recommendations, both the Snuggle Me and DockATot are not safe for sleeping or napping.

Can Snuggle Me Be Used In Crib?

You should not use Snuggle Me in a baby crib (or bassinet). There is no padding in the center of this baby lounger, so it takes on the firmness of any surface.

Use Snuggle Me only on a flat and firm surface or floor. Do not place it on a sofa or your bed. Also, remember, it is not designed for bed-sharing or co-sleeping.

Is Snuggle Me Safe For Sleeping?

According to AAP safety sleep guidance, Snuggle Me is not safe for sleeping, just like DockATot and other baby loungers.

Baby should not sleep in the Snuggle Me lounger – if your child falls asleep in it, move them to a safe sleep space like their own crib or bassinet.

According to pediatricians and baby sleep experts, I know that many parents use baby loungers for nap time and overnight sleep, but this is not safe.

Your baby should sleep in their own space, preferably in a crib or bassinet, on flat, firm surfaces, without loose blankets, pillows, or additional bedding.

Moreover, AAP advises against bed-sharing and co-sleeping, increasing the risk of SIDS and suffocation.

Is it Ok for a newborn to sleep on their side?

No. Babies should sleep on their back until they can roll easily from back to stomach to back.

Does snuggle me organic fit in Moses’ basket?

Yes, the basket must measure 29×18. Always watch your baby in the SnuggleMe, basket or no basket.

When should I stop swaddling my baby?

When your baby can free his arms from the swaddle, it is time to wean him from swaddling gradually.

You can stop swaddling your baby when he can roll on his own. This milestone typically occurs between 2 and 6 months.

If your baby unwraps herself completely, you should stop swaddling.

However, swaddling helps prevent an accidental roll to the stomach, leading to suffocation in an infant.

Which Is Better: Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot? – Final Verdict

The final decision between Snuggle Me vs DockATot will boil down to choosing what seems more comfortable for your baby. 

Pick Snuggle Me baby loungers if you like:   

  • A hypoallergenic product made of organic materials
  • A lounger that can mimic a cuddle
  • Brands with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can return the item if you are dissatisfied
  • A product with no straps and buckles, which may lead to safety issues
  • A lounger with an easy-to-remove cover that may top with puddle pads to keep the pillow part dry
  • A budget-friendly product

Pick DockATot infant loungers if you like:

  • Certified to European Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 to ensure no toxic or harmful chemicals are used
  • A product that has gone through all kinds of tests to ensure your baby’s safety
  • A brand with a one-year warranty
  • A more stylish lounger with a broader range of colors and prints available
  • A lounger with a more substantial, padded center, which might be more comfortable for your child
  • A lounger that can grow with your baby
  • Additional accessories, such as a cabana kit with a sunshade or an arch with toys

The friendly debate between Snuggle Me Vs Dock a Tot may not end anytime soon as both loungers have something essential to offer your baby.

While Snuggle Me provides warmth and comfort at affordable rates, Dock a Tot gives more room for growth and fun time.