Horror Games While Pregnant (How Safe is it and Fun Things To Do While Pregnant)

Like the movies and books we read, video games also impact our psyche and imagination.

If you’re a fan of video games, you’ve most likely played all the genres, from thrillers, fantasy, actions, and even horror games.

But as an expectant mother, you may wonder if it’s okay to continue playing horror games while pregnant, in the case of horror games being your favorite type of games.

This article explains why you should not play horror games while pregnant.

Horror Games While Pregnant

Gamers are very loyal when it comes to playing video games. No matter what is at hand, they find a way to include video games into their schedule, no matter how tight.

Some play it for fun, some play it as a form of recreational activity or entertainment, and for whatever reason, video games impact those who play them.

The effect of video games could be positive or negative, depending on the situation. For instance, horror games can make a child more violent if not well checked. Because after the games, they may try to act out the characters they saw in the game.

As a pregnant woman, what affects you can directly or indirectly influence your unborn baby.

Although scientifically, no proof says playing horror games while pregnant can deter the development or impair the growth of the fetus in any way, you should be mindful of the effect it has on you since the baby’s life depends on you.

Is It Safe To Play Horror Games While Pregnant?

Any video game is okay to play while pregnant unless it puts you into fear. Horror games or competitive games could cause an adrenaline rush, increasing your impulse.

Usually, with an increased impulse, your breathing becomes slowed and labored and, in some cases, uncontrollable vibrations, which can cause body weakness and even a rise in body temperature.

And with the baby in you, you do not need anything that will make you feel anxious or drained.

While there is no direct link between playing horror games while pregnant and the unborn baby, pregnant women are advised by medical experts to avoid activities that will bring them the stress of any kind.

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This is not just about physical stress but mental and emotional stress. Horror games can be fun and thrilling, no doubt, but the gush of adrenaline can lead to increased blood pressure, which is unsuitable for her and the baby.

Instead of playing games that can trigger an adrenaline rush, pregnant women are advised to play games that can calm their nerves and make them feel more relaxed and horror games aren’t so relaxing, so it may be better to substitute them for other types of games.

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How About Watching Horror Movies While Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Like horror games, horror movies also trigger a rush of adrenaline and may lead to issues that could have been avoided.

Scientifically, watching scary movies or playing horror games while pregnant can not harm your baby since it is not the one watching, but it can cause the mother a lot of discomfort and stress.

Formerly, there were some beliefs about watching horror movies while pregnant. While these beliefs stemmed from intangible sources like cultural beliefs and mere care for the unborn baby’s welfare, they remain questionable.

One such belief is that a pregnant woman will most likely birth a baby to look like the characters in the movies she saw while pregnant.

So if a pregnant woman watched horror movies, her baby would come out looking like the monsters in the film.

So pregnant women had to avoid looking at scary people in order not to birth scary-looking babies, which is just a myth and defies the concept of genetics and heredity.

The second belief was that the loud sounds from horror movies could trigger some reactions in the mother’s tummy, affecting the baby.

Going by anything worth believing, this sounds more believable than the first but asides from the fact that it is born out of genuine concern for the baby, there’s no clinical evidence to back it up.

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On the contrary, babies are shielded by the amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb and, therefore, cannot be affected by the loud sounds from outside.

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How To Stay Entertained While Pregnant

The main idea behind video games is entertainment; other reasons are just bonuses.

While you may enjoy playing a lot of horror games before pregnancy, there are some activities that you can engage in that will equally keep you entertained and excited like video games; they include the following;

  • Read a book from your favorite author. If you’re not much of a reader, you don’t have to worry about it. Start slowly and then pick up the pace gradually. Read books on parenting, pregnancy, and home decor. Any colorful book that can make you feel calm.
  • Make time to visit your family and friends for a picnic or a stroll in the park.
  • Create a timetable for a skincare routine to pamper yourself more and stick to it. Include weekly exercises and drinking a lot of water during the day. This will help you stay healthy and look forward to doing something every day.
  • Join a Pregnancy support community and connect with other pregnant women. This will not just be a fun activity, but it’ll help you network more.
  • Start a new project. You could get a plant for your unborn baby, give it a name, and begin to water and trim it.
  • Join an online yoga class and do gentle exercises from time to time.


Medical experts do not encourage playing horror games while pregnant because, just like scary movies, horror games can trigger adrenaline rush and cortisol.

A hormone that will eventually lead to increased blood pressure and sugar level is not good for your health.