Feeling Unattractive During Pregnancy (12 Helpful Tips For You)

It is very understandable why you may be feeling unattractive during pregnancy because pregnancy comes with many mental, psychological, and physical changes.

You’re emotionally involved in the whole process and aware of the changes in your body. And sometimes, these changes create a part of you that you find unattractive.

Funnily enough, this feeling is common among pregnant women, so if you’re no longer finding yourself as pretty as you looked before, understand that you’re not alone in it. Hopefully, these tips will help you feel better.

Feeling Unattractive During Pregnancy

As a woman, you’re born into a society with an upheld standard of beauty. From the same month, you’re born to when you become conscious of your environment. Society has already laid out rules for what beauty should or should not be.

These rules may not be said out loud, but they’re subtly embedded in every sector of society. From how you walk, talk, and dress to the things you eat and how you eat them.

All have standards set for a beautiful woman, and some of these standards include your physical appearance, skin tone, size, and facial features.

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not respect society’s set standards.

Why Do Women Feel Unattractive During Pregnancy

It’s not strange to see pregnant women feeling unattractive during pregnancy; with the rollercoaster of emotions and drastic changes their bodies go through, you can’t blame them for feeling that way.

This feeling is almost inevitable because so far as women continue to get pregnant, these changes will always happen.

Women experience a surge of emotional imbalance during pregnancy and will not necessarily look bad to feel unattractive.

Your emotions are all over the place, and you barely control them. One minute you’re excited about something, and the next, you’re moody; all this leads to emotional drainage, making one feel worked up and ugly.

Also, some women experience an acne breakout during pregnancy, leaving them feeling less attractive.

While some women are fortunate enough to maintain a smooth face and clear skin, not all women have this advantage.

Finding yourself in the former category can leave you feeling less pretty, especially when you know you could have it better.

Weight gain, stretch marks, and swollen feet, amongst a host of other issues that come with pregnancy, can affect any woman’s self-esteem.

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How To Handle Feeling Unattractive During Pregnancy

No matter how you fit into the beauty standard, you’d experience changes contradictory to these rules once you’re pregnant.

You begin to deal with acne; you put on more weight than you desire and deal with stretch marks. And it is very understandable why you will want to still fit into society’s standard of beauty while still pregnant because of the pressure.

However, there are better ways to deal with the feeling so that it doesn’t affect your self-esteem.

Understanding that it is okay to feel unattractive during pregnancy is the first step to the solution. The next step on how to handle feeling unattractive during pregnancy includes the following;

1. Acknowledge your insecurities

You could start by standing in front of your mirror to see better what you feel insecure about and writing them down; this is a way of accepting that it is okay to feel unattractive.

You have acknowledged that it is normal not to fit into what society considers beauty by accepting your insecurities.

This way, you have reduced the pressure on yourself by a significant percentage, and you’ll be able to see yourself differently.

2. Focus on the positive side of your body

The same way you acknowledged your insecurities is how you ought to recognize your strengths.

Also, stand in front of a mirror, note the beautiful things you admire, and write them down. This might not even out with the number of things you’re insecure about, but at least you’ll understand that your body is not completely ugly.

3. Eliminate the standards you have set for yourself

You may have saved up pictures of pregnant models you wish to look like. These are part of the issues; comparing yourself to someone else with a different reality than yours will only have you feeling less about yourself.

Delete the pictures or videos of any models you believe are prettier than you are. It will help you focus more on yourself.

4. Cancel out assumptions that people think you’re ugly, especially your partner

One of the things that may be a cause of worry to some pregnant women is the assumption that their partners no longer find them attractive. Unless their actions strongly suggest so, or you’re told, cancel all beliefs that you’re ugly.

5. Invest in makeup 

Always try and look good not just for your husband but also for yourself.

Beauty experts believe that making up is a great way to make women feel good and attractive, especially for unattractive women during pregnancy.

So, you should invest in a new lipstick color or follow a makeup style that you like on youtube.

6. Channel your energy into doing things that make you happy

Read books or watch commercials. Listen to your favorite music. Shop for new fancy items that you admire. Go to a spa to pamper yourself.

You could also do some outdoor activities like taking a five to ten minutes walk or taking some time each day to practice yoga whenever you feel uncomfortable.

These activities can help fill your body with energy and make you feel the same as before pregnancy.

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7. Avoid things that make you feel more depressed

Are you getting your daily pregnancy fit, or are you following a pregnancy Instagram account that makes you feel self-conscious whenever you see pregnant women who are perfectly airbrushed?

You should stop following such social media accounts and stop subscribing to magazines until your baby is born. It is also best to stop looking at your full-body mirror.

8. Don’t make drastic changes to your hairstyle

A rare advantage of pregnancy is that it produces pregnancy hormones, which allows the body to lose less hair than usual (your hair doesn’t grow, it just loses less than usual).

People with thick hair often find it challenging to manage since it becomes difficult to comb, and they may cut it shorter.

An excellent way to manage this situation is to utilize a headband or clip. Keep in mind that these changes are not permanent so try not to make any drastic changes to your hair.

Alternatively, you can seek the help of a trusted hairstylist to find the right hairstyle.

9. Take care of your skin

A pregnancy hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on a pregnant woman’s skin or make her look like a teenager. For example, your complexion may look very good or dark, rough, and drier.

If you are experiencing skin problems like sunburn, you should consult a dermatologist to determine the best over-the-counter product or home treatment.

10. Write down your daily affirmations

Write out daily affirmations for yourself and recite them every morning before you step out for the day. This will help you to deal with the day with a positive mindset.

11. Join a pregnancy support group

This is a very practical option that will make you more aware of several other women like you, which will make it easier for you to eliminate the feeling.

Also, know that the changes in your physical appearance are not permanent, and once you’ve had your baby, all that fat can go, and the acne can be treated.

Having this in mind would make you love yourself more irrespective of pregnancy changes.

12. Pregnancy is just a phase 

Don’t forget that pregnancy is one of the phases of life as a woman. Your body will undergo several changes before and after birth and may likely not be the same again.

As you go through this phase, you should try and be strong. The way you look today does not determine your worth.

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Feeling unattractive during pregnancy may seem like a common issue. Still, it is more profound for many women than it should because some of them have little access to the knowledge of the changes that come with pregnancy, what to expect and how to deal with it.

But reading through the article should give a comforting realization that pregnancy should not be a dreaded experience but rather an exciting journey for the couple involved.