Kendamil Vs Kendamil Organic (A Complete Buying Guide 2023)

Parents who feed their babies any Kendamil baby formula can agree that the brand is strategic in manufacturing products that accommodate all babies worldwide. 

If you’re getting to know about the brand, you may wonder if there are any differences between Kendamil Vs Kendamil Organic and the best.

Organic and Classic products of Kendamil differ by the origin of their ingredients. All the Kendamil organic ingredients, including the milk, are sourced entirely from Organic farms, which make up only 1% of the world’s farms in the case of dairy. 

To satisfy your curiosity, however, we’ve made a comprehensive comparison between both products to highlight the differences to help with any difficulty you may be having trying to switch from one product to the other.

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Kendamil Vs Kendamil Organic

Kendamil is a British baby formula brand backed up by over 60 years of scientific research on babies’ nutritional needs.

It is recognized as the best baby formula in the world due to the positive reviews from parents who use it, also judging by their strict principles of using organic ingredients in their products.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly baby formula for your baby, Kendamil baby formula should be among your options. 

Organic and Classic products of Kendamil differ by the origin of their ingredients. All the Kendamil organic ingredients, including the milk, are sourced entirely from Organic farms, which make up only 1% of the world’s farms in the case of dairy. 

Generally, there’s not much difference since both products are made with the same ingredients and provide the same nutritional value.

This is why we’ve highlighted the features that make the UK brand stand out amongst others and why it is recognized as the best baby formula in the world.


  • Kendamil baby formula is the only Vegetarian formula in Britain
  • It doesn’t include palm oil
  • It uses plant-based omega 3 DHA from marine algae
  • It includes naturally occurring Milk Fat Globule Membrane MFGM
  • Whole milk is a primary ingredient in their products.


· Organic skimmed milk

· Organic whole milk

· Whey protein powder

· Organic demineralized milk

· Organic galactooligosaccharides

· Calcium citrate

· Sodium citrate

· Calcium lactate

· Magnesium chloride

· Organic vegetable oils ( rapeseed, sunflower, coconut)

· Oil from the microalgae Schizachyrium

Nutritional Information

Nutritional ValuesPer 100gPer 100 kcal
Vitamin A 40578
Linoleic acid4200808
Pantothenic acid3.60.63

Method of Preparation

Here are easy steps to prepare Kendamil baby formula for your baby.

  • Wash your hands and sterilize the feeders and other utensils you’ll use to prepare baby formula.
  • Boil drinking water and leave it to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Measure the amount of water you’ll need in the bottle based on the manufacturer’s instructions (30ml)
  • Using the scoop in the formula pack, scoop and level the amount of formula appropriate for the water you measured.
  • Do not use your hand to level the powder. Instead, use the edge of the formula container to level the powder.
  • Use a sterilized teaspoon to mix well. Avoid shaking the formula to prevent air bubbles.
  • Cover the bottle with a sterilized teat and leave to cool down to body temperature to avoid scalding.
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All Kendamil baby formula products come with a feeding guide and instructions on preparing baby food. 

However, all babies are not the same. Some may require more food than others. Hence parents should feed on demand.


  • Kendamil baby formula is the only Vegetarian formula in Britain
  • Palm oil intake in infants leads to malabsorption of minerals, especially calcium, causing weaker bones.
  • They discourage plant endangerment through their palm oil-free products.
  • The formula is 100% organic
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Very creamy and tasty
  • No issues of gas, indigestion, or constipation
  • It is soy and gluten-free


  • No probiotics

Is Kendamil Classic Different From Organic?

Kendamil Organic is made from locally sourced ingredients that are 100% organic. The formula milk is sourced from organic farms with grass-fed cows, which, compared to global statistics, make up 1% of the world’s farms. 

To follow in their footsteps, it’ll take about two years to convert inorganic farms to organic farms considering the changes required in terms of soil quality, animal feed, and how the animals are treated.

Kendamil Classic, however, is equally great and offers a wide range of minerals and vitamins, including Vitamins A, C, E, and other micronutrients a baby requires in the developmental stages. 

Kendamil Classic offers three products to cover three major stages of an infant’s life as they grow. There is:

Kendamil Classic Stage 1

This product is made to cover from birth up to 6 months. You can use it alongside breast milk or as a standalone food since it perfectly mimics the mineral composition and whey(60%) to casein (40%) protein ratio of breast milk.

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Kendamil Classic Stage 2

The product has a whey-to-casein ratio of 50:50 and can be used as a follow-up formula to prepare the baby for the final stage. It is suitable for babies within 6 to 12 months.

Kendamil Classic Stage 3

Also known as ” Toddler milk,” the product ushers both the parent and the baby into solid foods with a whey-to-casein ratio of 20:80. 

It has a higher percentage of iron and calcium than stage 2, for stronger bones and immune system.

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How Long Does Kendamil Baby Formula Last After Opening?

All Kendamil baby formulas come with inscriptions of the manufacturing and expiry dates on the base of the formula cans or the back of the box. 

But to be safer, once open, use all baby formulas within 4 weeks of opening.

Also, ensure to keep all baby food in a cool, dry place. Also, keep out of reach for children before and after opening. 

You can keep it on clean shelves or in airtight containers or bags to prevent contamination or spillage.

Why is Kendamil Frothier?

If you pay attention, you will notice that Kendamil formula is thicker than other brands because Kendamil does not use emulsifiers or inhibitors to prevent foaming. 

Even though this may be uncomfortable for some parents, it is for the best since Kendamil does not use cheap vegetables, bulking agents, and skimmed milk in their products.

How Long Can You Keep Kendamil Baby Formula After Preparation?

You can feed your baby formula immediately after preparing it so long as it is not too hot to prevent scalding. 

But you can also refrigerate baby formula to use later. You can store formula like other foods, but remember that stale food can cause food poisoning and endanger your baby’s health.

Especially in the early stages of their lives, babies’ immune system is not strong enough to fight off certain organisms. 

And stale food can be a perfect environment for growing bacteria and fungi. Discard any baby food that has lasted more than 24 hours and sterilize the bottles used to store it before preparing fresh formula for your baby.


There is no significant difference between Kendamil Vs Kendamil Organic, since both products are of the same quality, their origin of ingredients is the only thing that differentiates the products.

While organic uses only organic ingredients, classic does not. However, both have maintained a record of capturing babies’ taste buds throughout Europe and beyond.