170+ Modern Islamic Baby Girl Names (And Their Meanings)

When trying to select Islamic names for your baby, you want to go for the most befitting to the ears.

But as a Muslim, the Qur’an is very particular about summoning one on judgment day by their names, hence you may want to consider the meaning of your choice of names and how befitting it is to the Muslim faith.

We have compiled for you some modern Islamic baby girl names to bless your baby with within this article. Read on…

Modern Islamic Baby Girl Names

Here is a list of very unique and beautiful Islamic names and their meanings in alphabetical order.


Aaliyah: It represents one with high social status

A’adab: Perpetual hope

Aaina: Denotes a mirror

Aaira: A woman who is notable and commands respect

Aamira: Someone who commands a princess

Aalina: Person who is beautiful and gentle

A’dab: A hopeful person

Abeeda: The loyal worshipper of God

Abia: A woman who is fully formed

Adara: As pure as a virgin

Adeeva: Pleasant gentleness of a woman’s touch

Afaf: Simple and chaste

Ahad: A woman who is known to always keep her promise

Ahlum: Very quick-witted and sharp

A’ishah: To have life or be living prosperous

Almaas: Also implies a girl shining like a diamond

Amaal: The bringer of hope to the world

Ameera: The worshipped and exalted one.

Amtulah: The favorite servant of God

Amyra: A highborn girl

Anisha: Means either a mysterious person or a very good friend.

Aida: The returning one

Asheeta: A charismatic person or someone desired by many

Asma: This means quality of excellence

Ayesha: Wife of a prosperous prophet


Badai: Wonder, Marvel

Badra: Meaning a full moon

Baashima: The contagiousness of a smile

Badreeya: A woman appearing like the glow of a full moon

Badyah: Admirable, Knowledgeable

Bareeka: Beauty of a blossoming flower

Bahamin: Meaning an emerging spring that yields water of life

Benazir: Meaning a great leader or a princess

Batul: A calm, silent, and pious girl

Bilkis: Another name for Queen Sheba

Bisma: Meaning polite and obedient


Calina: Meaning Moorish princess

Caria: The Beloved

Cancadanc: The light of Allah

Caspara: Keeper of the treasure

Chellam: Pampered, Cared for

ChudarOli: Brilliant


Daaria: A river whose flow never recedes

Daima: Someone who would be present all through her life

Dalilia: Delicate and gentle

Damira: Long live the world

Dania: Meaning God is my judge

Deemah: The beauty of rainwater

Dayesha: The essence of being alive

Dunia: A woman’s power of bringing life to the world


Eila: An Oak Tree, Earth

Eira: Snow

Elham: Denotes inspiration

Esita: Desire

Elijah: Beautiful, Sweet, or smart


Faakhira: Someone who is excellent at what she does

Fadela: Excellent

Fadilah: Generous

Faham: Understanding, Intelligent

Falak: The beautiful sky that glows with the light

Fara: A very popular name for a girl who always brings happiness to her

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Farida: Daughter of the most precious one

Fateen: A girl with captivating eyes

Fatima: A very common name which is the name of a prophet’s daughter, it also means Chaste

Fauzia:  A woman who is always victorious

Fayroz: The beautiful shade that comes with the turquoise color

Fayza: A victorious woman

Feroza: Soothing nature of turquoise color

Franchelle: Someone who is captivating

Furat: The sweet taste of water


Gabina: Someone who is so sweet like honey

Gamila: Beautiful

Ghania: Someone who is rich and self-sufficient

Ghaaliya: Fragrant

Ghadia: Morning, cloud

Ghushan: The tender branches of a tree

Gohar: Jewel/diamond

Gulnaz: A shining flower

Gul jan: Flower life


Haadiya: The gift of righteousness that comes from the Lord

Haameda: Someone who praises Allah

Hajna: Meaning favor, grace

Hanaan: A just woman

Haaniya: Someone who is happy

Hayat: Life

Hidaya: An obedient daughter

Hina: A popular name referring to the henna

Huda: The correct way to lead a life


Ibtihal: Prayer, Invocation

Idai: Awakening, love

Ikrima: A female pigeon

Iilham: A girl who is an inspiration to many people

Imaan: The virtue that comes with one having faith

Inaaya: A lady who is concerned with the well-being of others

Inaara: God sent gift

Inbihaaj: A cheerful young lady

Intisaar: Victory

Irsa: Journey of the night


Jamila: A beautiful lady

Jahanara: A woman meant to rule the world

Jaleela: A girl who manifests illustrious deeds.

Janan: Means heart and soul

Jannat: It means paradise

Jahara: It means adorning the world

Jasmine:  The aroma of a Jasmine flower.


Kaia: Means stability

Kaadira:  A woman who is capable of achieving anything she wants

Kaarima: An extremely gorgeous girl

Kainat: Means entire universe

Khatija: Someone whose trust can be easily won

Kiah: A new beginning


Laakia: someone as precious as a treasure

Leena: A soft woman with a warm heart

Lubaaba: Means innermost essence

Lulu: Pearls


Medeeha: Someone who is praiseworthy

Mahaala: The power of femininity

Mahira: An intelligent woman

Malala: Refers to the strength in grievance

Mallika:  The queen of all mankind

Mehar: Someone who is benevolent

Meher: Benevolence


Nabeela:  A Noble person

Nabila: Happiness

Naadiya: The bringer of all that is new

Na’imah: Peace or tranquility

Nausheen: The sweetness of a young lady

Nazia: A daughter who brings good news to her family

Neema: God’s blessing

Nope: The shining light from God


Qadira: Capable

Qahira: Victory in all attempts

Qamara: Moon

Qirat: Meaning beautiful in recitation


Raadva: Mighty and tall as the mountain in Medina

Raaya: A friend for life

Raisha: A lady who resembles a young gazelle

Reeda: A staunch devotee of Allah

Reema: A very beautiful and popular name that means a thick forest

Rehma: A kind-hearted and passionate person

Rihana: Sweet basil

Ruhani: Means divine

Ruhee: Means one who touches the heart and soul

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Sabeen: Morning breeze

Sadaaka: A charitable person

Sadiya: A girl who is fortunate in every situation

Saida: A woman who brings good fortune

Salima: A flawless woman

Sarah: A princess

Shadaan: A cheerful person

Shaaheen: As Royal as an eagle

Shakira: Name of a popular singer which means gracefulness

Shareem: A loyal lady

Shakufa: A flower that is emerging beautifully

Siddiqa: A girl that always keeps to her words

Sofia: A very common name that means very intelligent and wise woman

Sumaaya: The one who brings endless Joy


Tabana: bright moonlight

Tabina: To be bright or to shine

Taheera: An exotic name for a chaste woman

Tahira: Pure and chaste

Taleeha: The seeker of knowledge

Taima: The sound of thunder

Tehzeeb: An elegant young woman


Vida: The quality of obviousness in life

Veeya: Wealth


Wabisa: Something bright

Wahida: Someone who is unique


Yamaama: This means the agile nature of a dove

Yameena: Refers to a lady who has been brought up the right way

Yasmin: An alternative way of spelling Jasmine, also referring to the Jasmine flower


Zainab: Referring to a prophet’s wife

Zaira: Means rose

Ziya: Means light

Zoya: A beautiful name that means a girl that is truly alive

Tips For Choosing Beautiful And Meaningful Names For Your Baby Girl

When choosing modern Islamic baby girls’ names and their meanings, one thing to remember is that girls love cute names that are easy to pronounce. So you may want to choose a meaningful name that your baby girl will grow up to love.

  • Browse the meaning
  • Consider your family tree
  • Choose names that can be easily pronounced
  • Choose names that are made of two syllabi
  • Pick names that can be easily shortened into a beautiful nickname

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Names are our first identities before anything else, it is what we’re known as before any other qualities we may possess as a person.

When choosing modern Islamic baby girl names and their meanings for your daughter, have it in mind that for as long as she lives, that is what she would be called except she decides to change it later as an adult but for the years she is still a child, the name you have chosen for her is what goes around with her everywhere.

As a Muslim, you may also want to consider the doctrines of the Islam faith as regards choosing names for your daughter in order not to go against the Islamic laws against certain names while looking for very modern and beautiful names.