170+ Unique Samoan Baby Names (Pacific Islander Baby Names)

Are you looking for a cute unique name to gift your little one? Recently, more and more parents are searching Google for Pacific Islander and Samoan names for their kids.

In fact, the Pacific Islanders did more than just sell their breath-taking vacation experience to the world – they also sold their names.

The Pacific Ocean consists of three main groups of islands – Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.

The Independent State of Samoa is the official name for Samoa. Previously, it was known as Western Samoa. A Polynesian island country, Apia is its capital city.

In this post, we’ve gathered 25+ Samoan baby names (for both boys and girls), 28 Polynesian girl’s names, 30 Polynesian boy’s names, and Tahitian baby names, so you don’t have to dig around.

Unique Samoan Baby Names 

40 Samoan Girl’s Names 

1. Ala: This is a Samoan girl’s name that is short and sounds very sweet. It has a regal meaning as well. A name of three letters whose meaning is said to be “excellence” or “high ranking.”

2. Amataga: In Samoan, Amataga means “Omega” or “Beginning”

3. Arihi: Arihi is another lovely Samoan girl name, both in sound and in meaning. The word has the meaning “kind” and “noble,” which represents a caring, dignified, and compassionate soul. 

 4. Asoese: A name like Asoese is quite uncommon, but it definitely has a beautiful complexity to it. In Samoa, Asoese carries the meaning of “different day,” making it a unique girl’s name to consider.

 5. Atamai: This is a Samoan name that means “Clever”.

6. Elei: The name Elei beautifully reflects the Samoan tradition. The name has rich cultural roots. In addition, it is also known as block printing, in which designs are printed on wooden blocks, which are then inked and pressed on the fabric.

7. Emere: Emere is a name that is mystifying in its beauty. The meaning of this Samoan girl’s name, Emere, may not be particularly appealing at first glance, as it means “rival. ”

8. Elisapeta: This lovely name is the Samoan version of Elizabeth.

9. Fetuilelagi: Fetuilelagi is a great Samoan girl name if you’re looking for something unique and intricately complex. Fetuilelagi means “star in the sky,” and it is one of the island’s traditional names.

10. Fiafia: If you have a beautiful and happy baby and like Samoan names, you should think about naming her this. Fiafia translates as “Be happy.”

11. Filemu: In the Samoan language, Filemu means “Peacefulness.” This name can also be used for a boy child.

12. Fiva: This name controversial baby name means “fever.” It is the Samoan version of the Russian name “Thebe.”

13. Kenese: This is a Samoan girls’ name that means “Genesis.”

14. La’ei: The name La’ei is daintily elegant while also conveying an innate sense of style. This name is derived from the Samoan term La’ei, which means “love of clothing.”

15. Lagi: This beautiful name in the Samoan language; means “Heaven.”

16. Lalago: The name Lalago combines the meanings of “chief’s pillow” and “prophet’s staff.” It’s a unique alternative to the name “Lolita,” and for cute nicknames, you can go with “Lola” or “Lai.”

17. Lanuola: Lanuola is an enchanting name you should consider when choosing Samoan baby names for girls. This name is said to compose of two words from the Samoan language: “Lanu,” which means “color,” and “Ola,” which means life.

18. Loimata: In the Samoan language, Loimata means “tears.” Many interpret it to mean tears of joy.

19. Luni: In the Samoan language, Luni means “June.” It is a common name for babies born in June.

20. Lupelele: The meaning of this name in the Samoan language is “Flying Dove.”

21. Lupesina: This is a combination of two Samoan words, ‘Lupe’ and ‘Sina’, which means “Dove” and “Silver.”

22. Manaia: In the Samoan language, Manaia means “Nice.”

23. Manamea: This is a beautiful name for a baby who is nothing but a Sweetheart. It simply means “Sweetheart” in the Samoan language.

24. Masina: This name is said to be very popular with girls and boys, though the “a” sound at the end gives it a softly feminine touch. Masina holds the meaning of “moon.”

25. Mataalii: This name is the Samoan language form of Māorian name ‘Matariki’; it can be interpreted to mean “creativity, curiosity, charm, friendliness, cheer, and social life.”

26. Natia: The name Natia is said to come from a longer Samoan last name. It carries the enigmatic and interesting meaning of “hidden treasure or secret” and would make for an intriguingly lovely name for your bundle of joy.

27. Nuanua: In the Samoan language, Nuanua means “Rainbow.”

28. Olaga: In the Samoan language, Olaga means “Life” and it is a very beautiful name for a baby girl.

29. Olioli: in the Samoan language, Olioli means “Joy.”

30. Onosaʻi: This name means “Patience” or “Be Patient” in the Samoan language.

31. Penina: This is one of the most famous Pacific Islander Baby names, it means “Pearl” in Samoan.

32. Rongomai Whenua: This is a peculiar name for a baby and it means “Earth Mother”. Don’t you just love the name?

33. Salamasina: This name has no interpreted meaning, but it is believed to be named after an ancient personality who was known for her strength and goodwill.

34. Samaria: This monicker is said to be a biblical name in Samoa, and this Christian name is said to have the meaning of “good Samaritan.” Some say that Samaria also has the meaning of “sacred.”

35. Samoa: This name is directly derived from the breathtaking islands in the South Pacific. A longer variation that likewise leaves people enraptured is the name “Sinasamoa,” which is said to mean “white sands of Samoa.”

36. Saofa’i: Many consider this name funny and lovely at the same time, it means “Sit Down.”

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37. Sina: This is another popular Samoan name: It means “White” or “Gray-Haired.”

38. Talia: The name Talia is undeniably bewitching and irresistible. This Samoan baby girl’s name is said to come from “fa’atali,” meaning “to wait.” in Samoan.

39. Tama: The name Tama was originated from the name “Tamara,” a Hebrew monicker meaning “date palm tree.”

40. Teuila: This is a beautiful Samoan name for a famous flower called ‘red ginger’ in the English language.

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33 Samoan Baby Boy’s Names 

1. Alani: This lovely name means orange fruit.

2. Aleki: Aleki is a form of Alexander. This name is commonly used in Samoa, New Zealand, and Tongo, Aleki.

3. Alofa: This lovely name means ‘Love’.

4. Artorian: Another lovely Samoan name which means ‘Available’.

5. Aulani: Meaning heavenly messenger or traveler.

6. ‘Auli’I: This cute name simply means cute.

7. Enele: There is no known meaning for this name. it is believed that the name migrated with foreigners who visited the Pacific Islands a long time ago.

8. Fetu: This powerful name means ‘God of the nigh.

9. Fetuao: This cute name means Star.

10. Haych: This is a common nickname in Samoa, and has been slowly accepted as a name given to babies from birth.

11. Hemi: This is the Samoan form for ‘James’. James means ‘Supplanter’.

12. H’eu: In Samoan, this name means mischievous

13. Iakopo: This is the Samoan form for Jacob, and it means the same meaning as James, which means ‘Supplanter’.

14. Iosefa: This name is the Samoan version of Joseph. meaning “he will add” in Hebrew.

15. ‘Iwalani: This powerful name means “Heavenly frigate Bird or Heavenly man-of-war Bird.

16. Keola: In Samoan, Keola means “Life”, it can also be translated to mean “Health.”

17. Laki: When translated from Samoan to English, Laki means “Lucky.”

18. Maleko: This is the Samoan version of Mark which translates to “Male”. Many believed that the name originated from the famous Roman god of war.

19. Malosi: In Samoan, Malosi means “strength.”

20. Manuia: In Samoan, this name means happy.

21. Noa: The Samoan meaning of Noa is “Just”. It is also the Samoan version of Noah, meaning repose, rest.

22. Puleleiite: This name is translated to mean “Management” or a “Ruler”.

23. Semis: This name is a form of James used in Samoan territory.

24. Siaosi: The name is the Samoan form of George, which translates to “farmer” or “earth-worker”.

25. Sione: If you like the name “John”, but want a different version, then Sione is your best; because this is the Samoa version of John.

26. Taito: This is a cute biblical name, Taito is the Samoan version of Titus meaning “Skill” or “Knowledge”.

27. Tala: In Samoan, Tala means “story”. Also, the currency of Samoan is Tala; 100 Sene makes 1 Tala.

28. Tamati: In Samoan, this name means twin

29. Tuala: In the Samoan language, Tuala translates to “Towels”. Surprisingly, a one-time Samoan Ambassador to Belgium and current Director of the CBS (Central Bank of Samoa) goes by this name.

30. Tusitala: This is a literary name and it means “teller of tales” or “story writer”.

31. Uati: This is another interesting name that means “to watch”.

32. Vaea: This is a powerful name I am 100 percent sure you will love. It is not a popular name, meaning “King” and “Chief”.

33. Vasa: In Samoan, Vasa means “Ocean” or “Sea”.

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Polynesian Baby Names

28 Polynesian Girl Names

1. Alanah: This name means “Precious”, it is also interpreted to mean “Awakening”.

2. Allana: Another two-meaning Polynesian name, meaning “Precious” and “Awakening”.

3. Alanis: This name means precious, awakening

4. Aleynah: Another famous Polynesian name that means “Precious”. It is also interpreted to mean “Awakening”.

5. Alohilani: This name means bright sky.

6. Anuhea: This cute Polynesian name means “Cool Fragrance”.

7. Kaile’a: A traditional Polynesian name that means “Joyful Sea.”

8. Kaloni: A great name that means “The heavens.” It has also been translated as “Sky” and “Royal One.”

9. Kau’i: This is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, meaning “True Beauty”.

10. Kahiau: The meaning of this Polynesian name sounds pleasing to hear, it means “To Give Generously with the Heart”.

11. Kaneeta: This Polynesian name means “Sound.”

12. Konane: This is a powerful Polynesian name that translates to “Glow like moonlight”.

13. Halia: This name means “Remembrance of a Loved One”. It is a great Polynesian name.

14. Leiko: Every girl child will love this name. It means “Little Flower.”

15. Leilanie: The meaning of this name in the Polynesian language is “Flower of Heaven”.

16. Loe: This beautiful Polynesian name means “King” or “Queen.”

17. Luanne: This beautiful Polynesian name means “Enjoyment.”

18. Luane: Every lady – young or old, will love this name. It means “Enjoyment.”

19. Lou-Ann: This lovely Polynesian name means “Enjoyment.”

20. Maluhia: This lovely Polynesian name means “Peace”.

21. Malia: Another of the most popular Pacific Islanders’ baby names, it means “Of the Sea.”

22. Mahina: This beautiful Polynesian name means “Moon” or “Moon-Light”.

23. Meilani: This Polynesian name was created to be a name; it means “Created Name.”

24. Napua: This beautiful Polynesian name means flowers

25. Nohealani: This Polynesian name means “Beauty from Heaven”.

26. Oke: Another lovely traditional Polynesian name that means “Deer lover”.

27. Nana: Nana has a lot of meanings. It means “Star” in the Polynesian language.

28. Mohala: This is a beautiful and rare Polynesian name that means “Petals Unfolding”. It is also translated to mean “Shining Forth.”

30 Polynesian Boy Names

1. Abich: This famous Polynesian name means a nobleman

2. Alaula: Light of dawn

3. Atamai: Knowing all, an intellectual man.

4. Aulani: The name means “King’s Messenger”.

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5. Aulii: This is a Polynesian name that means “Delicious”.

6. Alefosio: This strong name is the Tongan form of Alphonso and means ‘eager for war’.

7. Feleti: This means “Name from Tonga Language.”

8. Halia: This name means “Memorial.”

9. Isileli: A boy’s name that means strength

10. Ipo: This is another Polynesian name with a “Sweetheart” and “Lover”.

11. Kaipo: This famous Polynesian name means “Sweetheart.”

12. Kalani: This beautiful name is interpreted to mean “The Heavens”, “Sky,” or “Royal One”.

13. Kalei: This name means “One who works for the King.”

14. Kamea: This name means “Precious One” in the Polynesian language.

15. Kanoa: In the Polynesian language, this name means “The Free One”.

16. Kapena: This name is translated to mean “Captain.”

17. Kaili: This is a popular name for a Hawaiian deity. The name has no translation.

18. Keanu: This is the name of a famous Hollywood actor; the name means “Breeze”.

19. Kealii: This is one of the famous Pacific Islanders’ baby names, and it means “Chief”.

20. Keiki: The meaning of this name is “Child.”

21. Konala: This Polynesian name is significant; it means “World Ruler”.

22. Liko: In the Polynesian language, this name means “Bud”.

23. Loe: The meaning of this name is “King.”

24. Mana: Another beautiful Polynesian name that means “Spirit.”

25. Manawanui: This name is interpreted to mean “Stout Hearted,” “Patient,” and “Determined.”

26. Makani: Almost the same meaning as Keanu, this name means “Wind”.

27. Moke: The name translates to “Born of”.

28. Nalani: A boy’s name that means “Heavens.”

29. Palila: This name means “Bird”.

30. Lilo: This name means “Generous One.”

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Tahitian Baby Names

10 Tahitian Baby Girl Names

1. Farahinano: This popular Tahitian name translates to “the Flower of Pandanus”. A popular tropical plant in Polynesia.

2. Hauata: This is a cute Tahitian name that means “Cloud of Peace” or “Peaceful Cloud”.

3. Hautiare: Another cute name for flowers, which translates to “the sweet flower” or “sweet flower”.

4. Heiana: This cute name means “Brilliant Crown.”

5. Heiani: Meaning “Crown of the Sky.” It is very popular in Hawaii.

6. Puaiti: This Tahitian girl’s name means “little flower”.

7. Raiana: This is a beautiful Tahitian name that means “starry sky.”

8. Raina: This is a beautiful Tahitian name that means “calm sky.”

9. Nuihau: This beautiful Tahitian name for boy or girl which means: “great peace.”

10. Vahinearii: This is a beautiful Tahitian name that translates literally as: “the queen”.

10 Tahitian Baby Boy Names

1. Aitoarii: This is a strong name meaning “Royal Warrior”.

2. Aitonui: This is similar to the Aitoarii; meaning “Great Warrior.”

3. Ariihau: Another powerful Tahitian baby name which is composed of “Arii,” meaning “King,” and “Hau,” meaning “Peace” or “King of Peace.

4. Hiroiti: This name of Tahiti means in Reo Tahiti: “little king Hiro,” the name of the Polynesian God.

5. Manea: This Tahitian name for boys simply means “beautiful”.

6. Nui: This is a boy’s name; when translated from the Tahitian language, it means “Big”.

7. Oro: This is a name of a Polynesian god.

8. Tamaroa: Tahitian name translated as “big boy.”

9. Teanuanua: This Tahitian name refers to “the rainbow.”

10. Teri’i: Tahitian name (masculine), which can be translated as: “humility” or “humble.”

10 Tahitian Mixed Baby Names for Boys/Girls

1. Aimataarii: This beautiful mixed first name can be translated as “royal wink” or “wink of the king” in Tahitian.

2. Hanihei: Nice name for boy or girl, literally meaning “darling crown” in the Tahitian language

3. Haumana: Mixed Tahitian name composed of two parts: “Hau”: peaceful / peace and “Mana”: power/spirit, this name evokes: “peaceful spirit”, “spirit of peace”, or “power of peace”

4. Heinui: This is a nice Polynesian name for girl or boy, meaning: “big crown.”

5. Nuihau: Tahitian name for boy or girl, which means: “great peace.”

6. Taraihau: This Tahitian name can be translated as: “extend peace.”

7. Tauahere: Symbol of a union, this beautiful name means: “our love” in the Tahitian language

8. Teuira: means flash in the Tahitian language

9. Tiaitau: This mixed beautiful Tahitian name means “long wait.”

10. Vaihau: This beautiful Tahitian name means “calm water.

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Cook Island Baby Names

7 Cook Island Baby Girl Names

1. Meilani: Meilani is one of the widely heard Cook Island baby names, influenced by Leilani or Melanie.

2. Nooroa: This famous Cook Island name; it means “Stay Put” or “Remain Still”.

3. Silivia: This unique and appealing name means ‘woman of the woods,’ quite fitting, considering the region.

4. Tereapii: This is a traditional Cook Island name for “School”.

5. Teina: The meaning of this name is “River”.

6. Teremoana: This name means “High Sea Navigator”.

7. Ngatupuna: This name means “Long Cloud”.

8 Cook Island Baby Boy Names

1. Amiri: Amiri is a simple and straightforward name, which translates to ‘rock. ‘ It’s amongst one of the known rising baby boy names in Cook Island.

2. Hehu: The name has a Maori origin name, which translates to ‘rescued by God.

3. Rua: If you like a nature-inspired baby name, meaning ‘lake

4. Moeroa: This name means “Success comes easily to you”.

5. Miimetua: This beautiful name literarily means “let the bones lie” when translated. It means “Make Peace”.

6. Ngatokorua: This is another beautiful name; it is translated to mean “Unique,” “Visionary,” or “Different.”

7. Upokoina: This lovely name has a lovely meaning, too; it means “Good-Natured.”

8. Teokotai: I love the sound of this name; it means “The Main One.”


If you’re looking for Samoan baby names to give your newborn, this article has listed unique Pacific Islander and Samoan names and their meanings alphabetically to make your search easier.